Technology Evolution In Today’s Human Life

Written by Afiqah M.Rozi

It is undeniable that the development of today’s technology is evolving at a warp speed. This can be evidenced by the many innovations created over the last two decades that the world has seen, from a simple gadget to that which can rock the world.

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In reality, technology has existed since time immemorial, the ancient Roman era. The development of technology is growing dramatically and continues to evolve until today. The advancement of technology today cannot be avoided anymore. Inevitably, we have to follow in parallel with the technological development otherwise, we will not be able to compete internationally.

Technological development began with the invention of computers that has made our day-to-day life changed entirely. Despite the emergence of the computer, smartphones have been dominating our daily life so much so that we cannot live without the gadget.  It allows communication between individuals unhindered by distance and time. And technological developments of today reached its peak when we are confronted by the invention of the Internet in the middle of our lives.

Technology has caused a magnanimous impact in our daily lives, but it also has a significance effect on politics and economy.Democracy and the right of expression are

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increasing. This is because various channels of distribution and presentation enable individuals to voice their opinions and their rights. The technology led to changes in the socio-cultural.


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Social media is one of the technological developments that have played major role in the way people communicate and socialize. Beginning with Friendster and Myspace era, the epoch of Facebook and Twitter, as well as the latest Google Plus. Media social has become the powerful platform used by millions to interact, communicate with others around the globe to find new friends, spouse, business, disseminate news and information, transmits images, to the extent that it can be used to oust a regime.

Currently, the Internet and mobile phone technology are advancing, the social media, too, is growing speedily. Accessing Facebook or Twitter, for instance, can be done anywhere and anytime by simply using a mobile phone. It is so fast that social media has now become a major phenomenon of the flow of information in every nook and corner of the world. Because of its speed, social media has begun to appear replacing the conventional mass media role in spreading the news.