Women & Facebook (FB) Love Scams

Written By: Nurul Bazilah

Types of Victim

  • A victim must be a woman – “she”
  • A woman desperate of love
  • A lonely person and prefers a man as her listener
  • Knew each other by using social networking sites such as  Facebook

Truthful From Your Heart

“Do We Need To Do Something To Prevent The Syndicate Of Love Scams Via Facebook?”


“Do We Just Pray For The Best For The Victims Of Love Scams?”


“Do We Just Ignore And Pretend We Don’t Know Love Scams Exist In Malaysia?”


“Do We Have To Speak Out With Nothing About Love Scams?”


“Do We Have To “Switch Off” Our Minds On The Media That Exposed The Critical Arguments On Love Scams In Malaysia?”


“I Am Not Doing A Campaign But I Truly Care About The Group Of Females In Malaysia And All Around The World”.

A Symbolic Of The Love Scam

  • sad-but-true-internet-love-scams-6ecfccb2dc9734ed262a580011c69708
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    While Chatting, The Scammer Will Use English Language Rather Than Malay Language (Bahasa Melayu) Because The Victim At Hand May Think That The Scammer Is An English Man.

  • The Scammer Prefers To Chat In International Language With The Victims While They Are Communicating In Online Chatting.

Women & Love Scams In Malaysia

In Malaysia, the amount of cases of internet love scams increase from time to time. The level of manipulation of the victims’ minds is high and the scammers of internet love scams change their skills in different ways to persuade and encourage the victims.

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In the era of globalization, people love to use the social networking sites such as Facebook (FB). So by having a Facebook account, they are keen to know and be curious about other people they want to. There are a lot of benefits of using Facebook such as they can express their feelings, and Facebook also acts as a platform for them to find many new friends.

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The difference between women in the previous era and the women nowadays is apparent. The cause of change between different eras of the women is the way they implement their lifestyles in terms of the thoughts of their thinking, as well as their beliefs in other people. The women nowadays use social media as a trend to find partners as well as to find perfect lovers that will fit perfectly in their lives. There are also a type of women who tend to use social media as an important medium to find love. For example; women who live in the modern area and also who are being too sophisticated in their lives, they demand to find love by using social media. This is because they are keen to find love through social media rather than finding them manually such as by local acquaintance. This type of women is categorized as modern and sophisticated women and they keep pace with the era of globalization by using the social media as a platform to gain new friends.

Besides that, not only the scammers are focused on modern and sophisticated women

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but there are several types of victims that can be influenced into love scams such as ladies who are seeking for new relationships and dare to connect on virtual relationships with foreign men. Their mindsets on the connection with foreign men in social media is that it is awesome and they also feel proud to be their friends because they think foreign men are handsome and caring than local men.

And the other type of victims that can be influenced by love scams via social media especially the Facebook (FB) are the lonely women; those women don’t have special friends and prefer to be alone or maybe the lonely persons are women who have bad pasts regarding their loves or secret loves/crushes. As lonely women, they do not know of the right way in finding true loves and this may also be caused by the famous phrase “Love is blind”.

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Besides that, The Star (2016) reported RM 1bil was lost to online scams including the Facebook love scams. The number of the cases on love scams showed an increase for the past year and 90% of women were the victims of those love scams. (farik zolkepli, still falling for the con, 2016)


For sure in welcoming 2020, we have to face with the worst of love scams cases in Malaysia where the victims are mostly women. The cases of love scams in Malaysia show critical figures now but nothing was done as individual Malaysians to have prevented this. Thus, we need to start from now and think beyond our boundaries to what are the strategies of preventing women to stop believing in virtual relationships and become more aware of the surrounding. All Malaysians  including the Government , the Ministry of Women, the parents, the guardians, the society and especially the women themselves need to be together to prevent and help each other to find a solution by getting good outcomes to put a stop, or to at least put to the most minimum level on love scams via Facebook(FB). There shall be no scammers at all in the near future.



farik zolkepli, a. c. (2016). still falling for the con. malaysia: the star.