Written By: AppleFadila

We have all had
Not ignited
Not initiated

We look for ways
To put off the fire
But the sparks
Keep burning
Crashing down the walls
We built as comfort

Where can we seek calmness?
Anger left us flaming
Burnt selves need soothing

Can we attain full harmony
Behaving favorably
Decency of a kind
Portraying we are fine
Acceptance to a whole
Change from hot to cold?

Can be a meter of conscience
A monitor of self
An own scale
Of extent?

Could we control
The desire
The flame
The stress?

Can we go against
The pull
The force
The devils?


We are left
With no other than
To suppress
Not channeling
But fusing
The feels within

Are we fully cured?
Can we be free like birds?
Or are we our own demons?
A battle with no end
Agony is a friend

It is all a test
We could escape this mess

Hold our hearts
And feel
Touch our heads
And think

A put to put in first
Do we believe in forgiveness?

Copyright of AppleFadila
December 2015

Image Credit: liza23q.deviantart Image Source