Written by Mia Bazilah

In order to get the attention from the readers or viewers as well, the media have to do something that might be dangerous to their career or just keep in safe by doing a secure issues only with care to their career. For sure in Malaysia, there are no escape term by doing a story that might be dangerous of their career. And for sure also the government have their power to control the progress of the media itself rather than just give a fully powers to the media itself to published their issues by themselves. The reason why the government need to be monitored the media and also the progress of the issues that was created from the media practitioners as well is because of the serenity in the country itself  and trying  do not make any confuses about any issues that will manipulate the viewers’ minds. According to this study also were focused on the issues of El-Nino within year 2015 that were affected the whole world as well. This study will focus on the local media and also the international media that relates with the same issues with the different of perspectives.

The way of media portray the issues by viewing for local media and international media regarding the issues of El-Niño

The local media 

  1. The BeritaHarian(BH) Online – “El-Nino 2016 Bukan Sekadar Panas, Kering”; February 04,2016.

According to this article was explained how serious of the El-Nino phenomenon were affected to the whole of life in Malaysia in terms of the surrounding, the ecosystem of corals, the effects with the tourism as well, and also the media was explained the situation in a local area that faced with the El-Nino phenomenon and also the media how to prevent of the El-Nino and educate the readers in Malaysia to always get prepared on this coming El-Nino. (BH, 2016)

  1. Free Malaysia Today online – “This isn’t just El-Niño, it’s punishment from Allah ”; April 22,2016

According to this article was explained the attribution of the El-Nino phenomenon was a signal of the wrath of Allah on Muslims. This statement was given by the Kelantan deputy Mufti Nik Abdul Kadir Nik Muhamad and on his statement also mentioned the El-Nino phenomenon was cause of certain people refused to follow the Islamic law that will implementing the Quran. (fmt, 2016)

The international media

  1. Oxfam – “Global El-Nino and Extreme Weather – helps save lives” ; January,2016

According to this article was explained how the situation of the living of human that lives at the areas of the dry because of the El-Niño and this media was portrayed the sadness of the human faces as well as the bad situation by facing the El-Niño and need some attention to the world by doing a donation for helping them those are facing with the El-Nino phenomenon. (oxfam, global el-nino and extreme weather, 2016)

  1. DW top stories online – “ El-Nino – induced floods ravage East Africa ” , May 24,2016

According to this article was explained the sadness of situation in the country that had an extreme the El-Nino phenomenon and the media also exposed the picture of dry land, flood that effects the El-Nino phenomenon, the heavy rainfall and also exposed the need of donation to the country that had an extreme of this phenomenon. (DW, 2016)

The conclusion

The propaganda that used to the media as well sometime will ruin the nations as well and all parties in terms of the media, the society and the government must be tolerate by giving and receiving the information as well. The local media and international media needs to be matured somehow to deliver the message and have a huge responsibility to bring the readers by having the high level of knowledge and always has a positive minds as well.



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