Written by Erda Khursyiah Basir

Besides defined as all processes by which the peoples from over the world are incorporated into a single world society and global society globalization also refers to a process by which different economies and societies become more closely integrated, and concurrent with increasing worldwide globalization. Globalization closely relates with an element of neo-imperialism or new imperialism.

What is neo-imperialism? It refers to the dominance of some nations over others by means of unequal conditions of economic exchange. Neo-imperialism exist when one nation is dependent upon another because the weaker nation is unable to survive economically in the modern world without the aid of the stronger nation.  Therefore, somehow globalization somehow also can be refer as massive and active international communication that bring together different nations states throughout the globe for collaboration in terms many aspects especially social, political, economic, capital flow, foreign investment and any other commitments. Through globalization, every country joining and work together in certain aspects and viewing themselves as part of the world as a whole compared to their own national identity.


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Globalization also makes the whole world as one whereby the society may share or contribute or even used the same thing. McDonalds, Starbuck even the usage of social media like Facebook and Twitter are some kind or symbol of globalization as people from all over the world can used the same thing, the same brand and can communicate each other even in a long distance.

Globalization however perceived has bring the bad impacts on the local culture as society easily get influence on what they see and watch especially through media. Through the exposure of the western culture including their lifestyle, many of people nowadays are following that kind of living which considered as modern and up-to-date. The impact of globalization on economy for example like the implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) also rise concerned of some local traders and entrepreneurs due to the ability of the country to compete with the first world country to market  their goods and services. The worried is based on the huge and advance technology that the established country has compared to the others.

Many believe that globalization also affect the less powerful country to be controlled by the powerful ones. It also means globalization has increased interdependence of develop and third world country in the economic, social, technology, cultural as well as political towards first world country. If previously globalization was considered as an umbrella to protect people in one roof, however, now, it is more to symbol of hegemony of the powerful country to the less powerful countries.

As some people perceived globalization is a good thing for the whole world, as they can share and get the opportunity to use and ‘feel’ the same thing like other countries do, part of them however concerned on the impact of the globalization itself especially though the culture and hegemony of the first world country to the third world country.

Globalization give more power to the established country as they may lead even makes decision on the matter arise. If previously the stronger culture overpowers the other culture through war and colonialism, however globalization make this much easier as they just influence the way people think and shape their mind towards certain issues especially through media reporting.