Written by Mia Bazilah

i-Robot Ads

In 21st century the nation and society are becoming more matured and the mentality of the human thinking are too much different rather than previous ago. This is because the existence of globalization were brought a new phenomenon to all the nation and society to think beyond the boundaries.The cause of the globalization impacts, the whole world have their own thoughts, views, ideas, and also their own belief into a certain issues and every country has their own language as well as the way of they speak as well as the way they interpret and understand the meaning of it and also called as an international communication.

The way of media portray the issues by viewing for local media and international media regarding the crisis of the advertisement; i-robot ads.

The local media 

  1. The Star Online – “Malaysia Comes under Fire from Indonesian Ahead of Jokowi Visit”- Insulting ad against Indonesian maids triggers stern protest from Jakarta.; February 05,2015.

According to this article was explained the feedback and the emotions of the Indonesian that reflects with the advertisement of i.robot and also remind of Malaysian to ban the advertisement of irobot on the advertisement words “Fire your Indonesian maid now!” (thestar, 2015)

  1. Malay mail online – “Print apology or face lawsuit, Indonesia tells Malaysian robot  vac firm over “fire maid” ad”; February 06,2015

According to this article was explained the serious of the Indonesia ministry according to the insulting advertisement that make a bad image of the Indonesian maid and the representative of the Indonesia itself was demand request by telling the Malaysia must make apology to the Indonesian party by published the apology statement to the three local papers and to convince the Indonesian that Malaysia also concerned with the Indonesian emotions as well. (malaymail, 2015)

The international media

  1. Cirebontrustcom news and business – “Iklan Malaysia Hina Warga Indonesia, Menaker Tersinggung” , February 04,2015

According to this article was explained how the Indonesia portrayed this issues turns to make a chaos of the Indonesian of emotions and they was so mad with the advertisement that will tends to make a “crack” on the international  relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia. (cirebontrustcom, 2015)

  1. CNN Indonesia – “ Di Tengah Kontroversi Iklan Hina TKI, Jokowi ke Malaysia Esok” , February 04,2015

According to this article was explained the progress of the hot issues between Malaysia and Indonesia and regarding to this news as well explained the Prime minister of Indonesia; Jokowi  will face to the Najib regarding to the controversial advertisement. (cnnindonesia, 2015)

  • Indonesia News Online Tainment – “Lawatan Jokowi ke Malaysia , Inilah janji Malaysia pada Jokowi” , February 06,2015

According to this article was explained Malaysia was responsibility by taking an action to the controversial issues by doing an apology to the Indonesia nation as well and will take further action on the advertisement of Irobot Company that were located in Malaysia. (online, 2015)