How Apple Changed The Technology?

By: Salmie Shokordey

For years, Apple has proclaimed that it is the inventor of the future and nevertheless its products would always bring significant changes in world of hi-tech. Apple has been innovating the technology and becoming pioneer in the market before other technology company begin to adapt to the technology changes.

Before the world recognized iPhone as the super smartphone, Apple has invented the Macintosh which has actually defined the computer that we’ve been using these days. Long before the invention, computer is massive and complicated. Apple came out with a direct-manipulation interface which has brought computing to masses. Microsoft has even taken the core principles of the Mac’s invention which is simply what the computer we have been using nowadays.

The mastermind of Apple, Steve Jobs has also reinvented the music world through the invention of iPod. It is true that iPod does exist after years of invention of MP3 and CD players, but iPod has changed towards a better music experience. It is because of iPod too, distribution of music shifted from physical stores to download system. Yet, iPod also save the music industry when CDs and cassettes have been pirated across the world.

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Apple even came out with an iPod that can make calls, those that we called iPhone. iPhone has gone through many changes over generations and recently it is in its 7th generation. It is impossible for Apple to achieve what it is today without the Apps Store which has created rich phone apps, which allow the advance existence of what we called as ‘smartphones’. Before iPhone, BlackBerry and other smartphones at that time came out with Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Despite that, the only ‘assistance’ PDAs could bring during that time was to assist the users in using email only. Apple on the other hand came out with iPhone that turns out to be a computer in a form of phone with all its application. In fact, today’s Android system came out much from the iPhone; exactly the same like Window came from the Mac.

Apple also has made the tablets become reality just like what we watched in Star Trek. Windows came out first with the tablet, but as usual Apple came out to modified the tablet into more functional and user friendly device. iPad was also recognized as the fastest-adopted technology in history and just like the rest of Apple devices, other technology started to imitate iPad into a Phablets.

Recently, the launching of iPhone 7 also is seen as an attempt of Apple to try to change the technology again. Apple iPhone 7 came out with no audio jack, which has long becoming a necessity in every smartphone’s invention. It is seen as an attempt to widen up wireless technology as iPhone 7 users need to use AirPods for handheld. But this also will open up opportunity for the invention of wireless audio devices.

Though the removal of audio jack was criticized for being irrelevant because everyone do have audio devices that fits the audio jack, but Apple attempt in changing the technology is no doubt has brought a significant difference of technology experience over the years.