Samsung to launch new Smartphone Galaxy S8 & S8+

Written by Faizal Muhd Faxel Wel

After a tarnished reputation of Note 7 Smartphone last few months, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd launched a new Smartphone model Galaxy S8 and S8+ with fantastic design and wide display screen panel at New York, United States on March 29, 2017.

Samsung President of Business Mobile Communication, D.J. Koh believed this new Smartphone will become a new legacy for Samsung Smartphone after the incident of its Smartphone model Note 7 that had been condemned by the public. The reputation of Samsung has been tarnished due to the inconsistent incidents of Samsung Note 7 battery.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Photo credit: S8

This new Galaxy S8 will meet Samsung smartphone fans with 5.8 inches screen while the Galaxy S8+ comes with 6.2 inches in Infinity Display and no button design for both of the model. This new design is the new no button model by Samsung Smartphone.

Galaxy S8 and S8+ is a stylish, compact yet wide-designed smartphone. It also features Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which is the new smartphone technology used by Samsung. On the other hand, this new model also has upgraded some element of its specifics technology such as premium camera of eight (8) megapixel F1.7 Smart Autofocus as a front camera and 12-megapixel F.17 Dual Pixel Power for the back camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Photo credit:

Galaxy S8 also uses the 10nm processing which is the first technology of processing that smartphone industries use and that makes Galaxy S8 as one of the latest and fastest technology smartphones in town. Another few elements that Samsung has upgraded in the new product are; it is IP68 certified which allows the smartphone to be water resistant, the product is supported by 256GB MicroSD aside with 36GB built-in memory and wireless-fasting charger, which Samsung is quite well-known with recently.

This model will be open for public in Malaysia and the rest of the world on the 21st April 2017. This new model comes in midnight black, orchid gray, arctic silver, coral blue and maple gold in colours.