Written by Halimatul Nabilah


Social media has evolved into such a powerful tool in the world. The biggest evolution is the live video function that Instagram and Facebook have applied to their application. This live streaming video started in 2016, but evolved in 2017 and is making a huge impact to everyone including digital advertisers and marketers. Prerecorded videos are still something vital in reaching consumers, but a business that uses real time videos has a much larger impact on the business.


Live video will become extremely famous in 2017 because it allows the brands to instantly engage with its users with any scripts, editing and the contents are authentic. Facebook is the reason for live video to become so famous because previously businesses are afraid to use that approach in fear of lack of control towards the content. But when Facebook decided to use it, everyone started to follow the trend. The founder and CEO of LOUD RUMOR, Mike Arce said that “Video is going to become the face of business in 2017,” because it provides marketing for fitness studios and gyms which definitely needs a visual representation to display the workouts. This also means that decision makers have to start making videos about their company with real people to catch up with this trend.

According to Heidi Besik, the group product marketing manager for Adobe Social, social media platforms like Facebook are challenging the traditional media in adding revenues to the business. In fact, bigger events will be more viewed using videos on social media. Hence, due to the preferences of the consumers on these types of media, brands will need to find a team dedicated to creating videos that shall assist in maintaining consumers’ interest towards their business, or else they might be left behind in this vast evolving technological world.