Branded Handbag as Relationship’s Shield?

Written by Hani Zarina

What type of culture are we dealing with? Some people are ranked and being judged just by their appearances or what designer brands they are using. Does all the branded stuff define what’s within and our personality? Branded goods do not define the inner quality of anyone, but it is rather superficial. In the modern world today, there are a lot of external factors such as peers, type of lifestyle, etc that causes people nowadays to prompt looking on the outer layers such as Louis Vuitton handbags, Jimmy Choo’s shoes, Diane von Fürstenberg clothes or Christian Dior sunglasses.

article-0-1350545b000005dc-516_634x422There is study proof that women may buy designer bags to protect their relationships. A study done by Vladas Griskevicius, Americans spend over $250 billion on women’s luxury products in 2014, with an average woman possessing three new handbags in a year. Enough said we need to dive in into a woman’s feeling to understand and respect them better. The study quoted, “When a woman is flaunting designer products, it says to other women ‘back off my man.'” “The feeling that a relationship is being threatened by another woman automatically triggers women to want to flash Gucci, Chanel, and Fendi to other women,” research co-author Yajin Wang, a PhD student at the Carlson School of Management.

Personally, I think is, it is, of course, a big no for us to judge a woman based on their branded goods or handbags but nevertheless women who own designer handbag for sure have exquisite taste and knows how to lead their life with style and fabulously. Rather women who do not own designer handbags should think again and maybe consider buying them as self-reward as a woman can never have too many handbags in their life. Back to basics, to own an expensive branded stuff or to just own an ordinary brand, it is always your personal choice and not a decision influenced by others. So, women! Let us rock the world with our cool and expensive handbags and not forgetting our smart and intelligent brains.