Melaka is insta-worthy place

Written by Fiqa Jamal

Photography during vacation is always a hot commodity on the internet where users will upload interesting pictures of their vacation spots in their social media such as Instagram. ‘Insta-worthy’ means a picture with value, meaning or beautiful enough to be uploaded to the Instagram page. Insta-worthy pictures can influence followers to track the location and thus contribute to increase tourist arrivals and generate the economy of a destination.

In the era of a borderless world, the power of images which are uploaded to social media with either simple or catchy caption together with the use of hashtag (#) cannot be denied as it can attract people to visit the location. Nowadays, social media has become one of important medium in improving the tourism industry for present and future. The trend of sharing of photos on social media builds an online community network which creates an interaction of shared interests and activities amongst internet users.

If you plan to visit Melaka during this weekend and looking for a ‘hipster’ location, you no longer have to worry about it, because Melaka is indeed a place that is ‘instagram-able’ where it is already popular in social media. Wherever you take pictures around Melaka, it is always nice to upload the photos to your Instagram feeds and spoil your followers’ eyes, and get ready to receive a lot of likes!

If you want to take pictures at the architectural site of the building, Melaka has many traditional houses that you can visit such as in Morten Village, Chitty Village and some other villages. In addition to traditional houses, you can also visit buildings known as Chinese Mansion, Peranakan House, Baba Nyonya House, Chinese building or western-inspired buildings such as Colonial & Classic and Dutch Architecture.

These buildings are not only found in the area of Melaka City, but can also be found in rural areas, such as in Alor Gajah , Merlimau, Jasin and many more around Melaka rural region. Houses around the Jonker Street, Tengkera, Brisu have unique architectural structure. So, if you go there, what you need to do is to get ready of your camera, adjust the camera angle, capture and upload the photo to Instagram because the photo of the buildings will be definitely insta-worthy!

If you want to feel like the ‘hipsters’, you can walk along the Melaka River where on the left and right, the building walls are painted with vibrant paintings and colors. If you are adventurous person, there are also 3D paintings behind a building in Jonker Walk and around Banda Hilir, you can also spot the largest murals of ‘My Kliehl Heritage’.

Not only that, for those who just want to relax in hotel, you can choose unique hotels which offer nice interior design such as classic themed hotels in Melaka. Muzaffar Hotel, rated as six stars Hotel at Ayer Keroh has a touch of traditional luxury elements in it. Next, Rosa Malacca Hotel embodies classy interior decorating elements, rustic vintage decor with an architectural element of Europe in the cafe lobby room as well as rooms. Meanwhile those who want to get to know the ‘Melaka Peranakan Culture’ can stay in Estadia Hotel. This hotel has the element of Chinese Peranakan culture in every detail including floor, interior furniture, and crockery.

Other than the attractions of tourism products, there are some other popular attractions which are ‘insta-worthy’ in Melaka such as the Sand Dune Caper in Klebang, the sunset hours of the Melaka River or the Straits of Melaka Mosque known as Masjid Selat or Masjid Terapung, The Shore Sky Tower which tourist can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the highest building in Melaka and many more.

Apart from that, there are of hipster’s cafes around Melaka which also become favorite location of tourist in and out from Melaka. Each cafés have their own theme so, the tourists can enjoy the dishes and beverages, socialize with friends and family at the same time keep their wonderful moments to upload to the Instagram to share with the followers. The popular cafés in Melaka are Street Kitchen, Fix Daily, Le Que and many more. To find the top lists of cafes in Melaka, all you can do is ask the locals or ‘google’ the place and Waze will bring you to the right location!

Walking at Jonker Street at night is best night time activity for those who love to walk. Jonker Street is a popular place where you can shop around and buy souvenirs for your family and friends as well. For who loves to enjoy car boot sales, or preloved things, and bundle, you can visit Dataran 1 Malaysia, Klebang and Porto Historia in every weekend starting from 7pm till midnight. All of the places have a lot of moments to capture, with the decoration of the place and the views of lighting and the scenery, it will make you feel happy and it will attract a lot of likes in your picture, once you upload it. Try it now!

If you look at the Instagram photos trend today, the pictures of the food and the places of interest definitely caught the attentions of the followers and even received a lot of likes. This is because hand phone camera technology or mobile photography has grown so rapidly and it is said to be able to rival, or even greater than the DSLR cameras to help Instagrammers to produce ‘Insta-worthy’ pictures.

So, with this technology advancement together with photography skills and astonishing places here, take a lot of pictures around Melaka and perhaps, it could really help to attract people to visit Melaka and contribute to the local tourism industry.