How to Appreciate Little Things in the Workplace


Written by: Aliya Soraya Shafiee

Have you ever wondered how often you appreciate others, even for little things? Have you ever felt not appreciated by others? How it feels like? Especially after you have done so much? In a workplace, positive energy sometimes come from appreciating others. Co-workers or an employer will feel appreciated when their work is recognized by others. That will bring up the most precious feeling especially after all the struggles one have faced in completing a task. Some might think it is hard to apperciate their co-worker or even employer, but actually it is not as hard as you think. So, here are some of tips on how you should appreciate your team members especially in building a strong working relationship.

Do no harm. Avoid devaluing others by questioning their achivements. If you have nothing nice to say about your co-worker’s achievement, you should remain silent. It may demotivate them if they are made to feel their contribution is not significant.

Start by appreciating yourself. You will find that it is difficult to appreciate others when you fail to appreciate yourself. Take some time, sit down and relax. Try to figure out what your achivements are in the team. Ask yourself, what can you feel proud about. If you have found one, you can ask yourself, is there any improvement that you can do for yourself and your team? Those questions hold your value.

Be alert when others are doing things right. You should be sincere in doing things. The more sincere you are in doing things (even it is diffifult in the first place), the better your skills will get and the more natural it will be. You will feel that the task is easier than before. As an example, start figuring out on the positive values, contribution and qualities that you have been taking for granted, especially among your team members. Then you should ask yourself, how have their uniqueness improved the team?

Be someone who appreaciates. When you recognize good values, you will tend to notice it when it is displayed by a fellow colleague. For example, your co-worker did something great on his project. Congratulate him by sending a handwritten note as it makes a bigger impression than an email. It is better than nothing at all.

Appreciating others will make you feel better than before. Especially about yourself and your working environment. It will make you feel happier and eager to perform better in your workplace.