Written by Nazmi Suraya

Everyone has pain. Everyone has struggles. Some people just deal with it in different ways. Depression is a voice that is telling you to stop doing your usual habits in your surrounding and become the cause of your emotions to be struggling. It is not a joke as it can kill people if they do not know how to deal with it.

Most people think and take lightly about depression because they think depression is just something that people have it while in stress or just to seek attention from other people. Depression isn’t about darkness, stress out, crying at night but depression is all about the constant of being numb in emotions.

Not everyone can understand something that they don’t feel and cannot see such as depression due to the abstract illness happened in the brain. Some scripts in the neurons or hormones there inside the skull are imbalanced.

Depressed people need to go for consultation and take medicines so that every gear fit back right in. For each case of depression, doctors will prescribe different kind of pills because the levels of depression are different. If a pill doesn’t work in a period of time then another will be given. Experts can only diagnose patients, they will never know why or what cause them.

Depression is a serious matter. If you ever feel depressed by any problems, help yourself by seeking help from others. Do not keep it to yourself. This is because people can’t help you if you do not want to help yourself first.

You are the president of yourself. It will become worse if you let your problems lead to depression when you don’t confront or afraid to find the solution. Mostly, depressed people are insecure of what others have rather than being thankful of what they have. In this time, you have to be confident to yourself that it’s okay to be yourself and to have what you have now.

Other way to avoid depression is by sharing your problems with someone you trust. Reach out and talk to someone. Tell everything and mind that, people whom they trust also have to feel the responsibility and have the feel of humanity to help and listen to what they are struggling right now.

Watch our friends. The obvious ones can’t sleep, poor appetite, tearful. But they might hide the symptoms. So when depressed people open up to us, we also have to open up to them, because usually, depressed people tell their problems for the sake of sharing and expressing their thoughts. They do not really want us to help and to solve their problem. Just be there for them is enough.



Depression might be caused by traumatic history, or overloaded pressure and stress, loss of loved one, ancestral, bloodlines maybe even radiation or the changes that occur in these earth. Depressed people mostly tend to self-harm themselves, to them it feels great. For some reason, cutting with blade on the arm or the shoulder, just small cuts but visible ones, make them feel good. It numbs their depress pain.

This illness is bigger than we thought and the numbers are growing. We cannot help everyone. Only helps those who are happen to be around us. Make these people happy. Make them realize that people cares and loves them.

When they understand this, those logical thoughts will somehow fight back their depression and avoid doing something harmful such as self-cuts or even suicide. Don’t judge these people but how can we not, right? We are constantly thinking and it just nature that we do. So that is our fight where a fight to be a better version of ourselves.

For people with depression, please do seek help. Fight for your life. Find friends or family who support and help you. And try not to do anything that will corrupt you physically and spiritually. Again, depression is real. Remember what happened to Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and recently, the society has been shocked by the death of Kim Jonghyun of Shinee.

Even the most successful and idolized people in the world experience the disease and committed a suicide due to depression. So many artists spend their lives entertaining & bringing joy to others while hurting inside. This is because depressed people are scared to speak up about depression because there’s always going to be people who will shut them down for even trying to voice out, thus, let’s be more considerate of other people’s feelings and spread love not hate.

Lastly, we have religion to obey. No matter what religion you are, we have God to lean on and to listen. What’s the point of being a believer if you don’t know how to ask for help from God? Pray. He is the best listener after all. May God help us all.

A friendly reminder “Don’t let yourself suffer alone. Seek help”.

Help is near – go to Befrienders KL, it is a non-profit organization that provides free and confidential emotional support to those who are depressed and suicidal. +603-79568145 (24/7);

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