How Technology Changed Marketing on AJ De’Parfum, Shah Alam from Malaysia and International Level

Written By: Nur Maizatul Akhma Binti Ab Latif

Background of company

Today, fragrances can be found in the form of scented candles, bath product and others. There are numerous reasons why people wear perfumes. People wear fragrances because it stimulates sexuality and desire. Other than that, there is a strong connection between fragrances and memory. Normally people recognize people from their people from their perfume brands.

Based on this reason, Puan Nurul Akmar Zulhairi, founder of AJ De ‘release their own brand perfume. She chooses to market fragrance because of the wide prospects, and optimistic. She also thinks there’s great opportunities in that field. She has a great experience in the online business of various types of products from head to toe for three years, so she was determined to venture into this business.

Located at No.14, Jalan Uranus AH U5/AH,Taman Subang Impian, Seksyen U5,40150 Shah Alam and has 10 employees that give so much effort to make AJ being recognize. AJ De ‘Parfum has its own uniqueness as it has over 40 international fragrances for men and women. After conducted research and using her own formula, AJ De Parfum released after a year. According to Puan Nurul, AJ De ‘Parfum is 100 percent Bumiputera product and it indeed an exclusive international fragrance because of the smell like as original. Other than that, it’s enhanced with user-friendly and high quality. From that reason, there is also a great selection of perfumes.

Name: Wan Ziraida Binti Wan Musa

Position: Marketing executive

Company: AJ De’Parfum

Social media marketing is a good platform to promote business because it quick and easy for people to use it nowadays. In this digital era, new media is more reachable to people because people can easily access a single electronic media for example digital ads are everywhere. It also can be seen on the websites consumer visits, mobile phone, social media channels, and smart watch.

AJ De ‘Parfum has 400 agents nationwide. AJ Parfum are targeting sales of 100,000 bottles by the end of this year. Besides that, this target is driven by the addition of agents and enter the Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore markets..

Through this social media, it helps AJ Parfum to understand the current trend that happened among social networks users. Thus, it can give the benefits to advertiser to follow the current by following the current trends on social media in order to positioning their product and brand outside the Malaysia.

Kak Wan added , AJ De’Parfum use an english language in promoting their product through social media where it can be easier for people from all around the world to understand what they are actually want to inform the viewer about its product because through Facebook and Instagram it has a lot of people who come from various country. Thus, it can help AJ De’Parfum to expand their product to world widely.

Kak Wan also state, that social network sites are a platform for AJ to keep connecting and engaging with their customers and target audiences because the interaction between AJ Parfum and their target audience getting closer have direct interaction and relationship with one another. That was meant the social media has change the way marketers promoting their business towards target audience.

Instagram and Facebook as a tool for AJ Parfum Marketing

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