Advertising Industry in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Case Study of Pizza Hut Malaysia

Written by Nik Nabilah Nik Aziman.

The term of fourth industrial revolution was introduced by Klaus Schwab, Founder of Word Economic Forum that explains how this recent revolution is fundamentally different from the previous industrial revolutions that are transition to the new manufacturing process that made mass production possible by the usage of electronic and technology to automate production. Recently, fourth industrial revolutions build up on previous revolution; occurring digital revolution and are characterized by a combination of technology between physical, digital and biological spheres. This review concentrates on the advertising industry in the fourth industrial revolution focus on Pizza Hut Malaysia as a case study. As such, the nine pillars of fourth industrial revolution will be discussed to ascertain on how Pizza Hut Malaysia adapting several pillars for their marketing purposes.

Nine Pillars of Fourth Industrial Revolution

According to Liverpool City Region 4.0, it revealed that there are nine pillars in modern technology that are the main foundation of fourth industrial revolutions. The pillars are big data, augmented reality, simulation, internet of things (IOT), cloud computing, cyber security, system integration, additive manufacturing and autonomous systems. All of these pillars had created massive uncertainty in which government, educational institution and business enterprise had to look on the best way to reach towards this recent revolution. Fourth industrial revolution is basically on thought of cyber physical system upgraded from computer and automation industrial.

Nine Pillars of 4th Industrial Revolution – Source : LCR 4.0

Media Industry: How 4th Industrial Revolution Changes Advertising Industry

Media industries as well as other industries are findings the best possible ways to adapt to the fourth revolution industry. In recent year, media industry developed from the traditional to digital technology that transforms certain operation that require a knowledgeable and highly skilled human resources that enable to compete with each other. Abd. Rahim (1996) stated that the developments of advertising industry in Malaysia took similar steps with revolution happened in England and consist of advertising agencies, media agencies and publication agencies. The Star (2017) reported that media sector in Malaysia will face tough environment in 2018 due to ineffectual digitalization undertaken by certain media company in decreasing the adex rate.

In recent year, advertising field became undoubtedly advance due to the development of internet. However, this had brought a profound transformation in the ways of marketing and advertising. Some of the media companies adopt several pillars in order to help them transforming their operational potential. Augmented reality made popular worldwide and some of the business enterprise used it to make an interactive marketing strategies.

Pizza Hut Malaysia introduced their first digital restaurant adopting an augmented reality menu which can interact with customer. The interesting part is that the menu displaying food with animations that serve customers with better experience. Medium involving the connectivity through IOT is being a big help for marketer in sending, received and process the data. This pillar is adopted by Pizza Hut Malaysia since they are currently made a deal with customer through online purchasing. Online purchasing involves big data that the company will used it for improvement and further actions. Through online purchasing, the company can used collected data to identify trends, pattern and enable them to seek for improvement of their menus and services.

Source : Pizza Hut Malaysia

Source : The Ministry Experience

Corresponding to the World Economic Forum, it shows that Pizza Hut Malaysia are able to adapt with the fourth industrial revolution since they are regulating new technologies and adapting three pillar which are augmented reality, IOT and big data that can capture their benefits in order to promote their products. In summary, Pizza Hut Malaysia in promoting its restaurant and menus utilized technologies via their first digital concept store at Sunway Pyramid that used augmented reality, big data and IOT as a method of their promotional and services strategies. As cited by Churchill (2018), for manufacturer, technology is moving fast but new technology is what makes us successful.


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