The rise of Digital economy

Written by Samiyah Nur Hasyimah

The introduction of “year of digital economy” has opened the opportunity to people in Malaysia to expand their market to worldwide through “Digital Free Trade Zone”. Through this, we can see how advertising roles has changed the media landscape in Malaysia by using online digital platform as an alternative for advertiser to advertise their product and services.

The introduction of digital advertising has transformed the media landscape from traditional media to digital advertising where the cost of digital advertisement does not cost lot of money as much as the traditional form.

Advertising through social media platform can help the advertiser to understand the current trend that happened among social networks users. Thus, it can give the benefits to advertiser to collect information of current trends on social media in order to positioning their product and brand.

Social media can also help the advertisers to analyse its users’ data behavior and interest which can lead to good amount of unique and high number of traffic using paid advertisement such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram ads and also Youtube Ads. From that, we can conclude that digital platform does help advertising industry to expand its platform through social media.

This innovation has caught the attention of Malaysian Prime Minister, Dato Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, where the government has allocated RM162 million to Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) in order to boast Malaysian economy. This initiative has involved Jack Ma from china to play its roles as digital economy adviser for Malaysia. Thus, it opens the gate between China and Malaysia to get closer with each other in order to strengthen Malaysia-China economy.