The Spiral of Silence

by Shikhin Sazali

Growing up surrounded by sophisticated technology and environment, might as well expand and widen the way I think about something either about myself or the world around me. However, being a young grounded teenager, I wish I had the courage to speak for myself or even the community in making the place where we live in a better place for everyone involved. Seeing myself back to the past 10 years, a shy, quite and introvert girl, how I wish someone or something would have do something to encourage me to be like today’s Syed Saddiq, the current Youth Chief of the Malaysian United Indigenous Party who has been actively involved in many organization from a very young age and very well involved in speaking up not just for himself but also for the people. I admire his confident and courage in being someone who dare to stand up for something and how well he can speak in front of the public in pointing out his belief, perspective and point of views. The theory that can be related with this is, the spiral of silence that refer to the tendency of people to remain silent when they feel that their views are in opposition to the majority view on a subject that commonly happened because of the fear of isolation. There are many simple cases that we can see happening in school for instance, how many teenagers are afraid to point out their views during a discussion in class especially when their opinions are different from the rest. This where I think teachers and parents should play their role in being the great supporters and give encouragement for the kids in being true to themselves and outshine the hidden talent. Who knows, with good practice and exposure, this could lead them to be somebody in the future. The fact that how one word or even one image could lead to a bigger change on something shouldn’t be taken lightly. How Mahatma Gandhi has now become world inspiration for stood up for his believe even though at first, no one believes and support his movement. It is great how a picture of misery and hunger of victims in the Palestine could lead to a major movement that comes from different country in sending help in terms of food and medications. It is amazing to adapt the fact how one word could speak a thousand meaning and how it can really affect one nation either for good or bad.

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