Anger and Forgiveness

Written By: AppleFadila

Anger; One word that has constituted battles of emotions on some or even many mankind. A fight against anger is a sense of prevention from doing something that might initiate regrets later. Uncontrolled anger may cause violence, or even crimes, if it somehow takes over your self-consciousness or relevant thinking such of a rightful man’s.

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According to Mental Health Foundation, anger is defined as a physical and mental response to a threat or to harm done in the past. Anger takes many different forms from irritation to blinding rage or resentment that festers over many years. There are three components to anger which are physical component, cognitive component and behavioral component.

This article does not focus on anger management by scientific means, but rather focuses on the spiritual side; which is curing anger with forgiveness. And yet, some people might say, it is something that it is easier said than done. Some people might experience anger arising from causes that they once took close to their hearts. Sometimes, anger is closely associated to how emotions lurk among and between people.

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When a subject of anger is taken dearly to the heart, this might prevent them from even considering forgiveness as a calming solution. Some might even choose to live with the existing anger and prolongs it until it initiates vengeance. I view this as a threat to humanity and also a harm to human’s prosperous and stabilized state of emotions.

Giving forgiveness is the way a person can opt for a better continuance of life. This will also prevent any crimes and violence to occur in the community. A psychology website cites giving forgiveness can be done in multiple ways such as accepting the incident in which anger triggered you, acknowledge the growth you experienced as a result of what happened, put a thought that everyone makes mistakes and flaws and decide on whether or not you will tell the person that you have forgiven him or her.

In a nutshell, anger asserts a sort of threat to both the community and your own self calmness. Anger should be taken care of delicately so as not to affect anyone around you nor will lure you into violence or crimes. It is in the best favor if we could opt for forgiveness upon those who had hurt us or made us go furious. For all we know, by forgiving, we will find ourselves living with a more calm heart and changes the way of how we see life with a now-different perspective.

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Anger and forgiveness is a term whereby the former can be cooled down by the latter. We often ignite anger and forgiveness can be one of the ways to smash down the walls of furiousness and dissatisfaction, and leaves us with a more spacious room for the heart to fill in with new and memorable things. I end this article by a poem on Anger & Forgiveness for us to indulge our thoughts in. Thank you.