Written by Illyana Helmy

It begins from the mid of 20th century where the Dutch biologist known as Nikolaas Tinbergen has discovered an odd quirk of animal behaviour. The animals in his experiments seemed to be flashier, prettier and most important was more attention grabbing versions of their natural environments. This situation defined the supernormal stimuli in which the stimuli were not precise. Apparently, the exaggerated imitation can develop a stronger pull than the actual thing, and this is the essence of the supernatural stimulus. As human, we can produce our own like candy that can become even sweeter than any existing fruits. The fact is that this comparison makes sense. People love sugar and people love sex as well. Both candy and pornography are super concentrated and have more natural sensory experiences.

In depth examination has been conducted and the results indicate that the pleasure of eating sugar is delivered the same way in terms of taste whether it comes from a fruit like strawberry or a piece of strawberry taffy. However, with pornography there is different sensory experience than the real thing since it is relying on sight and sound in place of touch. Hence between those two it is another distinctly supernormal stimulus in human which is called as food porn.

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The image is carefully arranged and filtered nicely that show a meal whether it is home cooked or restaurant served at its most appealing than ever.

anything that makes me drool – Amanda Simpson

The definition of food porn is part of senses that its visual experience of something which can make other people can smell and taste the meal. Based on the creator of the site Food Porn Daily, Amanda Simpson the word food porn represents ‘anything that makes me drool’. It is something that should create a desire that can never be satisfied. Throughout the years, in September 2004 photo-sharing website Flickr launched a “Food Porn” as one of the category. The images of food can only trigger the strong desire for real thing. By just looking at the images it may enough to cause an uptick in ghrelin, which is a hormone that causes hunger. As a conclusion food porn is more immediate and more visceral which makes us sit for hours thinking, ‘What turns your palate on?’ and ‘What is porny?’. Plus until today, in the case of food porn the researchers is still not sure what is the appeal in ogling of something that you can’t have.



Written by Mahathir Ahamad

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is probably the most talked about economic issue of the year, apart from our age-old favourite housing. Today the TPPA will even be the focus of protest marches around the country. So what is the TPPA? It is a proposed regional regulatory and investment agreement with twelve participating countries: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam. According to the partner countries the TPP is intended to “enhance trade and investment among the TPP partner countries, to promote innovation, economic growth and development, and to support the creation and retention of jobs.”

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) took five years and 19 rounds of negotiations before it was concluded on Oct 5, 2015. The deal is aimed at freer trade by reducing tariffs, improving markets access and setting common ground for labor and environmental standards and intellectual property protections. The twelve countries namely Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States and Vietnam represent 40 per cent of the world economy. The following are the chronology of events leading up to the signing of the TPPA:

  • 2006: Started off as the Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement with four countries namely New Zealand, Singapore, Chile and Brunei.
  • 2008: March, the United States joined the negotiations and 10 months later, Australia, Peru and Vietnam followed suit.
  • 2009: March, first negotiation scheduled for the new pact, included four more countries (total number: 8). However, the negotiations postponed due to the inauguration of President Barack Obama.
  • 2010: The first round in Australia in March, parties exchanged views and agreed to gather information and draft papers as well as discuss the participation of more countries. The second round of negotiations in San Francisco, California, June the same year whereby parties discussed the agreement architecture and the relationship between the TPP and the existing free trade agreements (FTAs). In the same month, the third round of negotiations in Brunei, whereby Malaysia joined as the ninth member of TPP. The fourth round of negotiations in Auckland, New Zealand, focus on creating the text for individual TPP chapters.
  • 2011: TPP kicked off its fifth round of negotiations in February in Santiago, Chile. Between March and December another five rounds of negotiations took place respectively in Singapore, Vietnam, Chicago, Peru and Kuala Lumpur.
  • 2012: Dallas, Texas, hosted the 12th round of negotiations in May. In the same year, the 13th, 14th and 15th round of negotiations took place in San Diego, California, Leesburg, Virginia, and Auckland, New Zealand, respectively. During the 15th round, Mexico and Canada entered the negotiations.
  • 2013: The 18th Round of TPP negotiations in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Japan formally joined the TPP negotiations on July 23 the same year. The 19th and final round of negotiations took place in Brunei. Thereafter, TPP leaders, ministers as well as chief negotiators held various meetings to iron-out and finalise the agreement over a period of two years.
  • 2015: On Oct 5 in Altanta, TPP ministers announced that they had concluded TPP negotiations and a full text of the agreement, consisting 30 chapters, were made public soon after. On Nov 18, the leaders of 12 countries sealed the TPP free trade initiative in the Philippines on the sidelines of a two-day summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. In Malaysia, the results of a cost-benefit study by the Institute of Strategic and International Studies and PricewaterhouseCoopers on the impact of the TPP was uploaded on the website of the Ministry of International and Trade Industry on Dec 3.
  • 2016: The text of the TPP Agreement (TPPA) tabled in the Malaysian Parliament on Jan 26. Among the 12 nations involved in the TPPA, only Malaysia had brought the TPPA to Parliament for approval before it was signed. After two-days of intense debate, both the Dewan Negara and the Dewan Rakyat approved a motion allowing Malaysia’s participation in TPPA.

Looking at the scenario mention above, the writers have decided to pick The Star Online representing for their local news and Cable News Network (CNN) for their international news on this issue. Thus, we will able to see the evidence related to the coverage, news direction and social implications among the society whom affected to this new economic approach.

The Star Online views: In their business section, it highlight what would be the contribution towards Malaysia’s economy growth. Malaysia’s Parliament authorized the government to sign and ratify the 6350-page Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). From this deal, advantages such cheap labor, Strategic partnership between participant, corporate interests and foreign investor, multilateralism and so on would contribute to national gross expansion and strengthening local currency. Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is projected to increase by US$107bil (RM444bil) to US$211bil (RM876bil) over 2018-2027, which would raise GDP growth between 0.6 and 1.15% in 2027, Hike in export growth is projected to be outpaced by increase in import growth – therefore trade surplus is projected to narrow between 4.3 and 5.2% of GDP in 2027 and Firms to benefit from access to US government procurement, greater digital liberalization and stronger enforcement of trade secret protection.

As we all know, United State is the main power who seems subtly control the agreement. Although the deal might highlight neutrality among participant, yet public need to understand the backbone and the real driver that would determine the future of the deal. The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) faces its biggest challenge with the election of its major critic Donald Trump as US president. The agreement will collapse without the participation of United States, as being clarified by Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, minister of International Trade and Industry. For TPPA to be ratified, it needs at least six countries, accounting for 85% of the combined gross domestic product of the 12 signatories and without the United States, there will be no TPPA.

CNN views: As one of the America’s most influential resources in news, CNN distinguish the benefits and the positive outcome in embarking the deal. It would create a free trade zone around the Pacific, bringing together 12 countries that account for 40% of the world’s economy. Critics say it will mean more U.S. jobs get shipped overseas. Advocates say it’ll expand U.S. exports and create more well-paying jobs here at home.

The deal will be a major issue in the presidential election. Already candidates such as Bernie Sanders on the left and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on the right have come out opposed to it. Hillary Clinton, whose husband pushed free trade deals including NAFTA while he was president, has yet to take a position on the TPP. The deal still needs the approval of Congress before it takes effect in the United States.

The informative discussion published in CNN in order to explain the pro and cons of the deal. There is fierce debate on whether free trade deals are good or bad for American workers. Critics of the deal argue TPP will provide unfair competition for U.S.-made goods from businesses that use low-wage workers overseas. The Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank, estimates that NAFTA, directly cost the U.S. at least 700,000 jobs in its first 20 years. However, the TPP could mean lower prices for U.S. consumers and businesses. If the deal means that manufacturers here can use cheaper imported parts or raw materials they’ll be more competitive. Economists who support free trade argue that can improve a nation’s wealth, even if some low-wage jobs are lost overseas in the process.

One thing that attracted me in preparing this report is that previously, CNN does not cover or highlight any news regarding TPPA in their news portal, since August 1st until 31st January 2015. But now that the TPP has become a major factor in the presidential campaign, that silence is finally ending. Media Matters for America studied cable news coverage of TPP negotiations from August 1, 2013 to January 31st, 2015, and found that the agreement was mentioned just once on CNN and Fox News during that period. One explanation may rest in who owns these media conglomerates. During the month of July 2016 alone, the TPP was mentioned 455 times by CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC; about six times as often as during the entire 18-month period.

To conclude, media play important role in shaping the content direction towards their target audiences or to be general, the masses. The media itself also being control and shape by the owner or the gatekeeper, which is normally the backbone behind all the agenda and the manipulative hand that constitute the country. If the media said that apple can cure Aids, then the medical industries would be vanish and no value, even though it’s factual enough to persuade the public.


Written by Siti Murni

Human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labour, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others.This may encompass providing a spouse in the context of forced marriage, or the extraction of organs or tissues, including for surrogacy and ova removal. Human trafficking can occur within a country or trans-nationally. Human trafficking is a crime against the person because of the violation of the victim’s rights of movement through coercion and because of their commercial exploitation.

Local Media: The Star

The Star is an English-language, tabloid-format newspaper in Malaysia. It is the largest paid for English newspaper in terms of circulation in Malaysia, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations.It has a daily circulation of about 250,000.

International Media: The Guardian

The Guardian is a British national daily newspaper, known until 1959 as the Manchester Guardian. The Guardian is edited by Katharine Viner, who succeeded Alan Rusbridger in 2015.

Propaganda of the Event 


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Human trafficking has caused the number of suicides or deaths is increasing. According to The Guardian, the police had found the body in the Thai border who are suspected victims of human trafficking. There is the fact that excessive when a fisherman said he saw 13 dead. It is apparent illogical, as if he had witnessed the incident, why he had not reported to the authorities. In addition, there are conflicting info as the Malaysian police discovered the bodies of 24 people, but the fishing was only witnessed 13 deaths. It was not immediately clear if the body found when people Rohingya ethnic minority group in Myanmar, whose members have fled widespread persecution in that country.

Meanwhile according to other news, which is Awani News, Two Rohingya man was sentenced today to three years’ jail by the High Court here today after he pleaded guilty to charges of smuggling a migrant Myanmar to Malaysia last year. Judicial Commissioner Abu Bakar Katar ordered the sentence from the date they were captured by the General Operations Force on May 2. He said that during his stay at the camp between August 2014 to March 10, 2015, he saw a migrant died from illness or beaten. They, however, were arrested in the early morning the next day by police in Kampung Guar Musang, Padang Besar current local agents in two cars to Alor Setar. In his judgment, Abu Bakar said that the smuggling of migrants attracted worldwide attention.

Malaysia has detained 12 policemen suspected of human trafficking, two of whom are said to be connected to recently discovered jungle graves. The migrants are mainly Rohingya Muslims fleeing persecution in Myanmar – also known as Burma – or economic migrants from Bangladesh. They had earlier thought the graves each held multiple bodies, but Mr Wan Junaidi said it was “one person, one grave. Reports in Malaysian media questioned whether officials on both sides of the border were complicit. Thai police uncovered similar abandoned camps on the Thai side of the border earlier in May. It triggered a crackdown on human trafficking that appears to have led traffickers to abandon their human cargo on boats in the water off Thailand. The boats, crammed with hundreds of starving migrants, started coming ashore in Malaysia and Indonesia.


Image credit: theguardian Image source


Asia’s migrant crisis

  • Rohingya Muslims mainly live in Myanmar, where they have faced decades of persecution.
  • Rights groups say migrants feel they have “no choice” but to leave, paying people smugglers to help them.
  • The UN estimates more than 120,000 Rohingyas have fled in the past three years.
  • Traffickers usually take the migrants by sea to Thailand then overland to Malaysia.
  • But Thailand recently began cracking down on the migrant routes, meaning traffickers are using sea routes instead often abandoning the boats once at sea.

Chronology of the Event

In the year of 2005: Co-author of the book “Influx Viruses”, Aye Chan of a pro-military government, Mogh / Rakhine State, Rohingyas have been degraded as a dangerous enemy that must be eliminated from the face of the earth. Then, in the year of 2009: The increase in the number of Rohingya boat people at sea: “In the refugee camps in Bangladesh, which has long ceased to accept people, the Rohingya are now looking for a way to Thailand and then travelled overland to Malaysia, and Indonesia. Thai army has been accused of seizing hundreds of refugees, towing them out to sea and “leave them to die” without engine and almost nothing for food or water”. Moreover, in the year of 2014: Ethnic Kachin rebels in the north. Besides that, in the year of 2015: The government temporarily withdraw voting rights of Rohingya Muslims by the proposed constitutional referendum, following the street protests by Buddhists.

Evidence of the Event

Cases of human trafficking around the country actually affected countries, such as Thailand. This can be seen when Thailand began to take precautions to keep improving relations between countries but it riled. This case also proven with a route determined in human trafficking. On 14 February 2016, 14 victims of human trafficking were found in Wang Kelian, Perlis, last May, was buried at the Muslim cemetery in Kampung Tualang, Pokok Sena on Sunday. Chief Coordinator of Funeral Funeral Rohingya, Kedah Islamic Council, Sheikh Fakhrurazzi Yub informed, all the remains of the man buried in one grave about 10 am and finished about an hour later. This proves the Rohingya issue still continues until now.

A Thai court has issued an arrest warrant for a senior army officer accused of being involved in the trafficking of Rohingya migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh. The warrant is part of efforts to close down smuggling routes through Thailand.On a purely human level, there are currently about 800,000 people in western Myanmar, denied the most basic of rights and discriminated against due to the circumstances of their birth. From a simple human rights perspective it’s a continuing outrage that should shame us all.Migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh have previously been detained in camps in southern Thailand before being sent to Malaysia. The warrant against the general was issued by a court on Sunday, police chief Somyot Poompanmoung was quoted by the AFP news agency as saying.


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Written by Erda Khursyiah Basir

Competing interest or sometimes refer as conflict of interest always take place in media. People would define competing interest is more likely about positive and negative matter whereby media need to determine for example to report or not to report certain issue due to some circumstances. Those circumstances which also can be referring as media considerations often relates to media report, either it bring advantages or bad implications especially towards their organizations. Most media are subject to the control of political institutions or even individuals as well as the advertisers which most of the time closely related to the commercialism issue.  Due to the ownership control, media need to follow the policy even bound to certain limitation to conduct their task as free-media. This control however had led to the issue of media ethics since media need to weight between ownership and ethics. Therefore, competing interest most of the time becomes a dilemma for media practitioners especially to make a best decision on certain issue. In order to cope with it, media should know about any competing interests they might have as it would help them in balancing those elements and to conduct their tasks appropriately.


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Written by Farahin Mustafa

On 8th November 2016, the whole United Stated went for poll to select their 45th president. It was a match between Mrs. Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state and U.S Senator (Hillary Clinton for America) and Donald Trump, a millionaire with zero knowledge on politics. Before this, Barrack Obama held the presidency for eight years and passed the position to Donald Trump after he won the U.S election 2016. Hillary Clinton represented the Democrats at first was seen to win the election when she got support from many celebrities (Scott, 2016) however, Donald Trump who represented the Republican passed the 270 electoral college votes and won the election even though there is no support from the celebrity. It was argue that the lost was caused by lower number of voter this year. Approximately 130 million America did cast their ballots according to the statistic. . In order to win the election, both Trump and Clinton need to achieve 270 college votes and in this election, Trump secured majority college votes, 360 votes while Clinton lost with only 232 votes this time (Duncan & Levett, 2016). Trump was popular with his propaganda “Making America Great Again” seems like the only factors that led him to win.


Image credit: Business Insider Malaysia Image source



Six weeks before the election, a debate was held between Trump and Clinton on September 20, 2016 at Hofstra University in the city of Hempstead on Long Island. The debate was hosted by Lester Holt, 57, the respected anchor of NBC’s evening news program and has been watched by 80.6 million viewers. The main issue for the debate was gender and national security. In this debate, it seems that most of the time Clinton hit Trumpt using all the statement that was made by Trump especially on the war and middle east country.  However, Trump manipulated it by saying that he against the war while the moderator agree with Clinton, Trump just igonored it. Trump won seats across the rural midwest, but he also won several swing states, including Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Trump collected 276 Electoral College votes, compared with Clinton’s 218 (Al-Jazeera, 2016).


Image credit: Blazingcatfur Image source

After going through all the articles and the headlines, I must say that Al-Jazeera is the best news reporting ever as they fear none in searching for the truth. They have much information and have the ability to relate all the events happen and come out with assumption. The assumptions then try to reveal the truth. Howeve, no exact sources was mentioned this is because they are not seeking for interview instead they are trying to match the puzzle. Even though Al-Jazeera failed to practice reasonable journalism but they succeed in pursuing the public interest and revealing the truth.


Al-Jazeera however cannot run from its nature to be protective when it come to Islam. Their articles are more onto putting hatred towards Trump. All the predictions also talk about whatever happens, U.S. will still screw the Middle East country. Differs than Free Malaysia Today, which the article keep the words selection to make the article wise, not to blame anyone, there is predictions but not showing hatred to Trump. Free Malaysia Today trying not to be biased because this issue have no relations with them, it just that it relates to Muslim country.

The truth is that no matter what Trump decided on the Middle East Policy, Palestine would be screwed. Trump actually considers his work as a play and war is deemed peace (Warren, 2016). Trump is actually was not consistent with his decision with his global vision. He wanted to fund the Israel but at the same time want to be with the Russian and making a deal with the Saudi Arabia. No one can predict what will happen next. Trump has no background in politics, what he knows is to manipulate people and get the power. He wants power and money rather than being respected. With his propaganda making America Great Again, Trump wanted his races to be great without taking into account how lazy the white man in America. They are at their comfortable level and Trump is trying to raise the lazy bone of whites.

In a nutshell, I must say that both newspaper have their own propaganda in searching for the news to be published for the readers. Al-Jazeera is seeking for the truth while Free Malaysia Today is just a news portal trying to publish news regarding the current issues. Both predicting what Trump will do when it comes to Middle East policy but none of them can really predict what will happen because the truth is Trump is inconsistent person, his global vision did not match with what he did now. Whatever happened is, Trump would screw the Muslim country. Even though he try to manipulate his statement during the presidential election debate, but that just only for seeking support. He still hates the minority.



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Written by Erda Khursyiah Basir

There are full of differences and diversity in this world. The way people look and see others may influenced by their own cultural perspectives as well as the way they were brought up.   When it comes to communication between different cultures, the questions arise is about how people in different cultures able to understand and make the communication success and achieve its goals? This kind of questions mostly take place in the workplace as there are many people from various background including race, ethnics and culture who work together  under one roof to achieve the company objectives.

The issues of how to work, manage and cope with the diversity of different cultures always arise in many organizations especially when it comes to the international companies who operates locally and involves local citizens and foreign people as well. There must be a different on how local people and foreign workers manage their works. For example when it comes to their approach to the rules, either they are rigid or flexible, the way they manage time and also about their informal and formal behavior.

Since we now move forward to the international and global business environment, there is a necessity even compulsory to learn about others cultural landscapes. The understanding on how different cultures trade and do their business as well as their marketing approach and strategies is important because it will contribute a lot to improve the people even organizations and make them able compete in the global world. The ability to learn on how different cultures communicate and manage their people will also provide better understanding on how to manage diversity of people accordingly. Once people can develop their cultural intelligence, therefore it become easier for them to communicate and mingle even understand across cultures. Therefore, it will help them for the betterment of their task for example in managing approach and marketing strategy for the organization.


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Written by Mia Bazilah

i-Robot Ads

In 21st century the nation and society are becoming more matured and the mentality of the human thinking are too much different rather than previous ago. This is because the existence of globalization were brought a new phenomenon to all the nation and society to think beyond the boundaries.The cause of the globalization impacts, the whole world have their own thoughts, views, ideas, and also their own belief into a certain issues and every country has their own language as well as the way of they speak as well as the way they interpret and understand the meaning of it and also called as an international communication.

The way of media portray the issues by viewing for local media and international media regarding the crisis of the advertisement; i-robot ads.

The local media 

  1. The Star Online – “Malaysia Comes under Fire from Indonesian Ahead of Jokowi Visit”- Insulting ad against Indonesian maids triggers stern protest from Jakarta.; February 05,2015.

According to this article was explained the feedback and the emotions of the Indonesian that reflects with the advertisement of i.robot and also remind of Malaysian to ban the advertisement of irobot on the advertisement words “Fire your Indonesian maid now!” (thestar, 2015)

  1. Malay mail online – “Print apology or face lawsuit, Indonesia tells Malaysian robot  vac firm over “fire maid” ad”; February 06,2015

According to this article was explained the serious of the Indonesia ministry according to the insulting advertisement that make a bad image of the Indonesian maid and the representative of the Indonesia itself was demand request by telling the Malaysia must make apology to the Indonesian party by published the apology statement to the three local papers and to convince the Indonesian that Malaysia also concerned with the Indonesian emotions as well. (malaymail, 2015)

The international media

  1. Cirebontrustcom news and business – “Iklan Malaysia Hina Warga Indonesia, Menaker Tersinggung” , February 04,2015

According to this article was explained how the Indonesia portrayed this issues turns to make a chaos of the Indonesian of emotions and they was so mad with the advertisement that will tends to make a “crack” on the international  relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia. (cirebontrustcom, 2015)

  1. CNN Indonesia – “ Di Tengah Kontroversi Iklan Hina TKI, Jokowi ke Malaysia Esok” , February 04,2015

According to this article was explained the progress of the hot issues between Malaysia and Indonesia and regarding to this news as well explained the Prime minister of Indonesia; Jokowi  will face to the Najib regarding to the controversial advertisement. (cnnindonesia, 2015)

  • Indonesia News Online Tainment – “Lawatan Jokowi ke Malaysia , Inilah janji Malaysia pada Jokowi” , February 06,2015

According to this article was explained Malaysia was responsibility by taking an action to the controversial issues by doing an apology to the Indonesia nation as well and will take further action on the advertisement of Irobot Company that were located in Malaysia. (online, 2015)


Written by Erda Khursyiah Basir

Culture is an integral part of every society. It is developed through beliefs, faith, practices, customs, language, pattern of behaviour and the ways the person lives. Constitutes the elements of music, food, art, economy and literature of a society, it makes every society are different which gives them an identity and makes them unique from each other.

The culture values refers to what every society hold for very long time and considered as their part of life even the backbone of their society. For example, Baju Kurung for women is one of the popular cultures of the Malay traditions. However, Malay women especially the youngsters nowadays are no longer preferred to this kind of attire as they are influenced by the other cultures and society which also accepted by the majority community as up-to-date and more fashionable.


Image credit: Image source


The influenced on culture also lead to the structural change in society. For example, previously many countries were led by a King who will make any decision for every issue; no matter either it will bring the advantages or disadvantages to the society. However with the spread of culture from all over the world, every society now able to rise up and form their group in order to express their opinion towards certain issue especially when it effects their life.

The community group or members in the government departments also take part in a matter of ensuring that these structures and related institutions work for fulfil people needs. The other example is about the power of women in a family as a wife or mother. The structural change nowadays has also expanded the role of women as a decision maker for a family which previously believe controlled by the man or husband. This probably happened due to the culture change as women today also go for work and earn money for the family instead of staying at home as a fulltime housewife.

The influenced of western culture also cannot be denied has brings the huge impact to the local culture values. The western culture most of the time give their influence through the media especially the movie which consists many elements considered as not suit to a certain culture even for the majority Malaysian. This kind of influenced which sometimes consists of liberal thinking, the way they talk, the way they dress and the way they live, worried will lead to more culture taboo among Malaysian culture and society. One of impact from the western culture to the local culture is a culture acculturation whereby the local citizen trying to adjust themselves as what the western people looks, dress and even live.

Even though many believe that culture values as a powerful human tool that need to be preserve but it is easily changing even to be forget due to the current and modern approach or influence from all over the world especially though the globalisation. As culture does not remain stagnant, it also leads to the many changes in every society include customs, traditions, behaviours, perceptions and beliefs.

The structural change created by and reflects of members’ behaviours and interpretations towards certain issue. Societies and communities nowadays are controlled and structured by certain values, norms, and social pressures which due to the influenced by various culture especially the dominant culture



Written by Atiqah Ramli


Water source is the important element to human life. Clean water supply also will improve the quality of live such as avoid us from any diseases. Today, water supply will be considered as a part element that helps to generate the economy in each country. Water resource also has the high of commercial values in each country. Each country should take some action to control the use of water resource for long-term planning. Singapore is one of the countries that will consider as a water-stressed country as having lack of water resources. Singapore is highly depending on Johor in order to obtain additional water supplies to distribute to their citizen (Ruhana , 2007). Singapore’s water resources are very limited in where almost 50% of the Island Singapore used as a catchment area for this country. Share meets the needs of clean water sources in Singapore, the country gets water resources of the catchment area of Johor estimated 98,000 acres or 70% of the land area of Singapore.

Basically, Singapore and Johor problem is referring to an agreement between the governments of Malaysia and Singapore. Water supply to Singapore has always been a political burden to Malaysia because it is regarded as advantageous in many ways, particularly Singapore extreme-cost, extremely low. This is mainly because Singapore only pays 3 cents per thousand gallons, while Melaka buy water from Johor at the rate of 30 cents per thousand gallons (Asyraf, 2013). However, in 2011 the first agreement with Singapore will expire, and Singapore does not intend to renew it. Singapore authorities rejected the renegotiation of the agreement as consider it a challenge Singapore’s sovereignty as an independent state. The Malaysian government also considers it does not challenge the sovereignty of Singapore, as it is contained in the terms of the original agreement.


Malaysiakini News Portal

Malaysiakini was published in 1999. Malaysiakini is one of the independent media that always been used by the public in order to get some latest information that happened around them. The advancement of technology have given some impact on the way people find and received the information. This independent media news portal was believed that their media agency will able to inform the citizen with current affairs, helping them to holds the government of the day accountable through the citizen, participation and voting decision. Since Malaysiakini was established from 1999 until now. Today, this independent news portal was grown up into Mkini group which includes business news portals, online video site which is, electoral information,, exclusive digital marketing advertising agency FG media, Kinibooks which is independent book that have launched this year and

Malaysiakini always takes such a great pride in its independence. This organisation strives their independently without depending by government or corporate influence by asking the readers to pay their subscription fee and a place that give some availability to other company to promo their product through online advertising. Both contribution from their readers and other organisation will helps this media organisation to stay established and grows up as media news portals among readers in Malaysia and worlds.

The Straits Times Singapore News Portal

This online news portal have supported the reader with the comprehensive coverage the worlds news such as East Asian News, Southeast Asian news, home news, sport news, financial news and news that related to the lifestyle. The updated information about the current issues that happen throughout the world make The Straits Times Singapore have the visitor that visit this portal.The style of reporting of the news such as the quality of the news, in-depth analyses and supported with breaking news will give the overview of the issues or event that happen in Singapore and also in worlds. The Strait Time Singapore also their own strength that have been consider as the world class coverage especially the current issues that happen in and out of the country.



Headline is the first elements that play such a huge role in attach the audience and also attract the audience to read the news article. Basically, most of people who are want to know the issues that happen around them by read the headline only and the percentage of the reader that read the whole article are less. Due to this problem the journalist need to find the effective way in order to attach their audience with journalist headline. The most effective headline news article is simple and short but the headline can give overview and references to the reader (Kevin , 2015).Based on this news article, the headline that have been written by the journalist is more catchy because the words that have been used is try to highlighted and try to portray on the truth situation that happen between Singapore and Johor. As example “Singapore supplies more water to Johor amid dry spell” (Malaysiakini, 2016). The writer has using that kind of words in order to attract reader to reads this article. The words actually simple but it gains the huge impact.


Chronology also the importance element that journalist need to highlighted in portraying the incident that happen. Through chronology, the readers will get the overview on the timeline of the cases that happen although they do not exist in the place where it happened. There are several aspect that journalist need to follow such as factual, objective, clear and complete with timeline. Basically through observing through both article between Malaysiakini and The Strait Time Singapore, both news portal have explain clearly regarding the issues that happen from the past few years until now. All the history of agreement also been stated in this news portal in order to make the reader understand the core of this issues.


The interview quotation in news article also the important the element that will grab the attention of the readers to read the news article. Basically, the interviewee in news article that suitable for journalist to interview is people who are become the victims in this issue and the responsible people to this matter. The expertise towards this issue also suitable because readers will interested towards the opinion from them based on the issues that happen. Malaysiakini news portal also being balance and also have gain some opinion from the opposition parties regarding this problem. Through this interview or quotes that have been made by journalist, readers also will compare and value the statement that has been given by the both parties. Compare to The Strait Times of Singapore, the journalist also gain some interview from responsible people towards this issues.


In news reporting, journalist has their freedom to express their opinion about any issues in writing the news article. But the message that have disseminate should have their limit and avoid from dropping any party. Message also the information that has been written by the journalist to make the reader aware with the situation. Malysiakini news portal have explain that to the reader in their news article that, if this situation cannot control properly it will give the huge tendency to give the impact towards the relationship between Singapore and Malaysia. In Malaysiakini article with the title “Johor need expertise to run and manage water resources. In this article, the journalist try to give some opinion on the issues the happen between this both of country and also try to state some solution towards this matter for the both country.


In reporting the news article, the journalist also has their own agenda and propaganda that need to arcived by using their readers. Propaganda which is the information that has been written but there are hidden agenda that the readers does not know. Sometime propaganda will become positive and negative. Basically, the words of propaganda always refer to the political journalist or nationalist setting. The words of propaganda have been use start from World War II in order to promote the ideas (Shamsiah & Ahmad Sufian , 2014).Propaganda also the medium that have been used by the journalist to exposed the factual of the cases and opinion of the journalist that will influence the readers to motivated them in order to make any action or change the behavior (Renee & Sandra , 2015).  In other words, propaganda sometime depends on the motives of the journalist write up or raise up that issues (Cunningham, 2002). The propaganda that have shown by both news portal is to highlight on the people that involved in this issues and try to maintain and take care the reputation of the both countries. Both news portals have play the huge role to represent their country and become the mediator towards the issues that happen in their country to the readers.


Based on the observation and comparison from this two news portal, Malaysiakini are being balance in reporting this issues and the issues that have been highlighted basically on the action that have been taken in order to settled this matter and o voice out the problem of water supply on behalf of Johor citizen compare to The Straits Time Singapore that unbalance in reporting because all the statement that come out from this issues is all about to defend the Singapore and the same time to blame Malaysia. This is to show the propaganda that will used by the newspaper in order to give the bad reputation to Malaysia.


In conclusion, through observation and analyses for both newspapers from both side is the leaders of the two countries, Malaysia and Singapore are using the water issue is to raise the spirit of patriotism and strengthen the public support to the respective governments. Self-interest controversy exists regarding this, which does not provide any benefit to the people of many if not resolved. Unfortunately, this controversy is compounded further by other problems, such as the demands of the White Hill, the railway land in Tanjung Pagar, the reclamation of the Tebrau Straits and savings of Malaysian workers in Singapore. As a Malaysian citizen, we hope that this situation will be control properly from this situation became for the both countries and also for the sake of good relations between Singapore and Malaysia as well as peace in the ASEAN region, we urge the leaders of both countries submerge sentiment and act rationally. We sincerely urge the leaders of Malaysia and Singapore put aside their egos and immediately tries to find a solution through negotiations.


Written by Aqnees Zulkiflee

Everybody knows that youths today do not like to read newspapers or books and they are more likely to get all the information by a new media. Changes in new media and traditional media occur only in terms of communication channels. The difference is, youth prefer to use a medium that is fast and easier because it saves time and money.

A common person in the city usually wakes up check the television news or newspaper and up to date friends. We live in society that depends on information and communication to keep moving in the right direction and do something to fulfill daily activities like work, entertainment, health care, education, personal relationships, traveling and etc. However, with the new media technology, youth must be aware on making decisions. In our work we usually know what we do based on our experience and studies, however on our daily lives we rely on the media to get the current news any facts about what is important and what we should be aware. Youth should be careful on what they watch, by the line of technology growth.

Besides that, the mass media can also serve as a source of reference in the field of education and the rapid dissemination of information. In this case, the media can increase the level of public knowledge. Today, the media has an important stake in getting the community to combat violence, and crime. Media as a strategic force in disseminating information is one of social authority influential in shaping attitudes and social norms of a society. The mass media can serve the wise role model culture to transform public attitudes.

Nevertheless, the perfection of the new media still ranked as newbie, seems that the information posted still in doubt. They need to find information on the internet wisely because not all information is true and valid. The technology had change youth perception and they think, traditional media is out dated.

Because many of generation Y rely on social networking for seeking fast information such as political, economic and social issues. In forthcoming study, people do influenced by others’ opinions or by citizen journalist.  In specific, by reading or get sources from social media, they are not bias. The youngster todays, prefer to see the reality life rather than see the one side propaganda.

Social media news flows were experienced as one-sided, fragmented, and subjective, giving a biased, or even false, image of what happens in society. Accessing social media news flows was also framed as a reality outcomes.

In my opinion, possibility in 2020, I think users will continue to increase new media usage and the traditional media will transform in a digital format. Now, we do have online newspaper, e-book, and so on. Information comes to the user. The new media and traditional media is closely related to one another. The difference is how the user is using the media. Certainly, youths prefer the simple things, easily and quickly. The result found, they prefer to use new media for easier and faster to achieve than with traditional media such as newspapers and magazines.