Pets Adoption

Written by Fikri Ajlan

It’s quite saddening to see all those stray cats and dogs wandering around on the streets, without having a proper shelter and food. We can help them experience a new journey by bringing them to the animal shelters thus giving them a chance to be adopted. Pet adoption is no longer an uncommon thing in Malaysia since many people have given good feedbacks towards this project.

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Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is one of the non-governmental (NGO) organizations that protect the helpless animals from being harmed and they also provide a temporary shelter to the unwanted animals.Since SPCA receives more than 600 pets each month, due to limited space and funds, it has created inconvenience surroundings among the animals.

All the animals in the shelters are given good medical care from vets and being monitored by the staff to ensure their safety. The adoption fees range from RM50-RM100 and above for cats (inclusive of first vaccination, de-worming and compulsory neutering), and RM250 and above for dogs (inclusive of three vaccinations, de-worming and compulsory neutering). For those who are interested in adopting a pet, you can visit the SPCA website, or you can go to their office which is located in Ampang Jaya.

Remember, it’s a huge responsibility to adopt a pet. One must give full commitment in taking care of them. Through adoption, you are not only saving their lives but also giving them a new opportunity to live their lives with warmth and love.

Image Credit: Facebook Image Source