by Nasuha Yahaya

Do you thrift? Who amongst you loves thrift shopping? If you do, you’re not alone. Thrift shopping started to be a new trend which helps us to save more money not only for clothing, but also for our daily items such as furniture, electronic item and many more. Living on a budget is not as frightful as one thought. When it’s done right, it helps us to save more money while looking dashing at the same time.

Thrift shops are not as awful as you thought. You will never know what kind of treasure you might find while thrift shopping. Just like a treasure hunt! Before this, a few people in this world gain an advantage as they go thrift shopping where there was an incident where a man bought a bundle of thrift cloth with a lot of money inside it.

Based on my own experience, I always discover a lot of limited edition products with a reasonable price. For example, when I am studying in Kelantan way back before, I always go for thrift shopping and one day I found one of Vans X The Beatles Yellow Submarine which had been released back in 1986. Yellow Submarine was based on the iconic song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. This shoe had been released on time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ ground breaking first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The dealer gave me a reasonable price for a good condition shoes even though it is a really rare collection.

Source from https://www.vans.com/article_detail/beatles.html

Besides that, if you want to find a good quality and original branded clothing such as Uniqlo, Zara, Topman, Champion and many more brands with a cheap price, you can go to Jalan Raja Bot, Kuala Lumpur. There’s one place that you can easily find a branded stuff as low as RM 1 per item. From my own experience, I can easily get a cute skirt from the branded brand that cost me RM 1 only. Besides that, the thrift shop itself brings so many branded clothing lines from Korea and Japan.

Jalan Raja Bot

By purchasing a new look from any clothing store, you will probably run into other people who will wear the same outfits as you. But when you are doing the thrift shop, you also can develop a unique wardrobe, where the thrift shops have a much more diverse assortment of clothing. This means you’re less likely to find yourself wearing the same top or sweater as other people. Besides that, you can expect to see completely different products at your local thrift store for one week to the next.

You may not like every item or cloth in that thrift shop but by thrift shopping, you can at least have fun looking at ostentatious, retro, or just plain bizarre merchandise in that local thrift shop.


by Nurul Fathnie Rustam

Media plays the biggest role in our daily lives be it broadcasting, print or the new media, bring both negative and positive effect especially on children’s behaviour. Everything that children see or hear in the media early on in their lives affects them in certain ways.  Positive parenting role models indicate that in the best interest of our children, we should limit their exposure to violent acts. However, violence is one of the most popular forms of entertainment and you can get violence genre movies or video games easily. This is what the young generation is getting themselves involved with and most parents are not paying attention in this matter as for them, when their child is happy watching anything on the screen, it would be okay. Recently, with the help of internet and the technologies, people nowadays especially young kids can access to any forms of violence content easily.

It is being said that the exposure to media violence increases the risk of aggressive behaviour on certain children desensitizes them to more violent and it makes them believe that the world they are living now is meaner and scarier place to live in. When children consume too much of violent content, it will stuck in their head and they will tend to do any violent act just like what they have seen in the media. Study shows that, performing violent acts in video games are contributing more on children’s aggression than passively watching violent acts on television. This is because in video games, women are usually portrayed as the victim and the male character can do any violent and abusive acts on the female character. Just like what the famous game such as Grand Theft Auto is portraying. It promotes prostitution, theft and violent behaviour. Thus, if the children are overly consumed of violent act like this, this will contribute to any form violent acts in reality.

Children will misbehave and it is pretty normal for a child to have occasional outburst. However, repeated disruptive behaviors may signal a behavioral problem. This behavior may include repeated arguments, tantrums, hostility toward parents or authority figures and bullying behavior such as picking on small or younger children. It also includes causing or threatening harm to pets, other people or even themselves. In older children and teens, early sexual activity, smoking, alcohol and drug use can be signs of a problem. Skipping school and lying may also indicate a behavioral problem. According to Medline Plus, if a child or teen has a pattern of hostility, aggression or disruptive behaviors lasting six months or longer, the child may have a behavior disorder. Imagine having our children spending most of their times playing violence video games, watching 18sg or 18sx rated series, surfing violence stuffs on the internet without. What is worst? When we as parents do not even have ample time to spend our precious time together with our children until we do not have the idea with what are the things that our children have been up too behind our backs.

            Hence, in conclusion, as an adult be it as parents or even older siblings in the family, we should play the biggest role to keep on tracking what are the current obsession of our children or young siblings. We should know what are the games that they are playing, what kind of website they surf, who are their peers or stuff like that. It is not like we want to be overly protective, we just need to control their activities especially if it is involving any violence content. We know how kids can grasps anything that they see and listen quickly and precisely, hence we should be careful with that. Showing them violence acts via the media or video games, will only make it worst.

Teaffani Gastronomy Canape Competition 2018

It’s a Wrap Teaffani Canape Competition 2018 was a successful event that was organized by Teaffani Catering on the 25th of November 2018! They have been in the market since 2011 and was the official food caterer for the DINNER IN THE SKY back in 2017. However, this year 2018, another breakthrough for them to be organizing a Canape competition for student as part of their CSR Program under “Education and Career Development Theme”.

Congratulation to Cindy Lee Xin Yi from YTL International College for the winner of the RM 1000.00 and also a Gold Medal. Moreover, Silver was won by Umi Asmat Binti Roslan of Silverspoon International College and Bronze was awarded to Siti Hajar Binti Ali From UiTM Puncak Alam who was judged by our Guest Judges Chef Doul and Chef Sufiz.  Congratulation to all the winners and a job well done to all of you, and those who did not win there is always next year!

Also, Teaffani Canape Competition was not all about Canape Competition however they have invited a guest speaker Chef Fadzly Che Omar from Gastronomy Association of Malaysia to give an insight on The Impact of Gastronomy upon Malaysian Culture. During this talk Chef Fadzly enlighten the students that being in the culinary arts field is not solely that you only can enter the kitchen. As there are other branches for them to venture in which requires people with great knowledge in culinary arts and gastronomy such as food writer, food stylist, food critique and many more.

Besides that, it is government initiative to expose and enhanced our Malaysian Cuisine to be at par with the other cuisine especially French cuisine and it can be as high standard and prestige as a fine dining quality food. Thus, this is where all students from culinary arts field task to constantly develop and enhance the quality and presentation of Malaysian Cuisine.

Lastly, Congratulation to Teaffani Catering! To be the first catering company that organized a Canape Competition to help the student get an exposure and knowledge on the Culinary field and helped broaden their horizon for their future career!

Towards A Better Social Media User

by Razween binti Md. Rashidi

Technology is having a rapid growth parallel to the human needs as well as the demand of this modern world. It is becoming one of the tools that almost all Malaysians need as it is making life easier compared to our grandparents’ days where communication and other inventions such as computer, tabs or even mobile phones were hard to be found because of the economical state at that time. Now, everything has changed as it is impossible to meet a person without a mobile phone and the access to the Internet.

Our former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi once said that Malaysians are still at the third-class mentality with a first-class infrastructure. In relation to this particular topic, Malaysians are given access to the Internet and we can freely browse and post anything that we like in social media such as Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram. Since we are given such freedom, most of us tend to take all those opportunities for granted. Based on a personal view as a social media user, the writer personally sees that some of us tend to spread and post negative comments towards other people. For example, if a person has posted about his or her achievement, some of Malaysians will comment that the achievement is nothing if the person does not acquire other skills. We tend to look at the negative side of that person than praise that person’s achievement. In fact, we tend to search for something negative that the person has. Malaysian Digest 2014 requoted words by Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia Chairman, Dr Elistina Abu Bakar said that Malaysians tend to neglect the things that they have to consider when sharing or posting things online. They do not think of the consequences of posting something negative that may offend other parties who have read what they have posted.

In order to have or to produce a first-class mentality, there are a few things that can be done so that social media users especially teenagers in Malaysia will be more aware about the consequences if they do not use the technologies wisely.

The first thing that can be done is by initiating an early education regarding the social media. This is where people who involved in structuring the education system in Malaysia should include an education regarding the usage of social media in moral subject syllabus for instance. They should know when teenagers started to expose or involve themselves in social media such as Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram. By knowing that, they can plan on what are the things that can be included in the syllabus. We are in a world where almost everything is having rapid changes. Moral class should expose a situation that is more than just by helping a mother to do the house chores at home. Most of the students have started to engage in an “online” world. They often triggered to explore everything by themselves. So, if there are no guidelines, they may be free to explore and express whatever they want.

In addition to that, another aspect that should be touched on in shaping the children’s mentality in using social media is the parents themselves. Parents is often associated with the behaviour of the children. Hence, it is very important for them to get to know the daily activities of their children whether online or offline. There is no such thing as parents should not be busybody. When parents want to know the activities of their children, it is not called busybody as parents are people who should be respected and they have the right to know the activities of their children. It is important for parents to make sure that the children are like their best friends but they can respect and listen to you at the same time. In relation to the topic, what parents can do to make sure that their children are using social media in a right way is by having a regular check on them. Ask them in the most convincing way in order for them to share with us what they have read or posted in social media. If there are something wrong that we want to correct them, do it in the most professional manner so that our action will not trigger the anger inside the children.

Another reason why parent’s role is important in shaping the children to have a first-class mentality in using social media is because a quiet child at home may be the loudest person online. Hence, it is very important to get to know the children inside and out. Sometimes, we can see that everything is fine on the outside but we should not let them keep everything to themselves and choose social media as a medium to express their anger as well as dissatisfaction.

In conclusion, if all Malaysians tend to post negative things online all the time, foreigners will have a bad reputation towards us as we are not aware of what we have posted online. Hence, in order to have a first-class mentality, we should start using the social media wisely and avoid posting something that can lower down our dignity. Think of the consequences and only post or share something that you really understand.

Parents do play an important role in shaping the children’s behaviour online as mentioned above. We better be safe than sorry. Besides that, it is advisable for all users to be extra careful when dealing with online community. This is because we just look at the online personality of a person instead of their real self. Let’s work towards being a social media user with a first-class mentality. Start shaping ourselves to be one and if other users are using it negatively, why don’t we start using the facilities wisely. Let us portray that we Malaysians are on our way to be a nation with a first-class mentality.

Learning with Mobile Phone

by Hariz Zakuan Zainal

Since mobile phones’ explosion in quality, many colleges have resisted or perhaps illegal, their use within the room. However, associate in nursing increasing variety of educators are currently turning to cell phones so as to bolster students’ engagement and learning. While mobile-phone use ought to be restricted to things wherever the technology genuinely enhances instruction, the advanced practicality of today’s cell phones makes them ideal for 21st-century lessons. For instance, many colleges use the devices to poll students at school via text messages. “If I tell [students], ‘Okay kids, do away with your cell phones, we’re visiting poll in our answers for variety 7—everybody plow ahead and text,’ i purchase ninety to one hundred pc participation,” New Milford (NJ) high-school mathematics teacher Jeff Fiscina told CBS big apple. As additional and additional faculties adopt a mobile-friendly room philosophy, opportunities to use the devices are increasing.

Cell phones are completely different from a PC science lab full of computers or a cart of netbooks as a result of the cellular phone is personal technology. Most students have endowed a good deal of your time learning regarding the options of the cellular phone, the way to navigate and also the limitations of the phone. The opposite reason to essentially rethink the cellular phone discussion is a result of learning on the cellular phone will extend on the far side the walls of the college or the scope of a category amount.

Some folks might want to ban cell phones from school rooms, however I disagree. We tend to didn’t ban pens in our faculties as a result of students will pass notes throughout category. The pencils have conjointly survived while you’ll poke somebody within the eye and also the quantity of paper that’s generated in most colleges is sort of criminal. This can be a brand-new time in education and with dwindling budgets, thus we’d like to rethink potentialities, stretching each dollar. These mini computers are walking through the doors every day, let’s place them to figure. Before you think about making an attempt any of those ideas, do confirm that you perceive the policies that are in situ and you have checked along with your administrator.

Some faculties encourage students to use their phones’ cameras to snap photos to be used as inspiration in art categories. Others enable students to capture pictures of a post-lecture whiteboard. In seconds, children will grab an in depth image of a teacher’s notes on the board and email it themselves, leading to an out of this world study tool. On field visits, students will participate in scavenger hunts by snapping photos of things on a teacher-supplied list.

Mobile phones can even facilitate category discussion. Lecturers may raise students to run a Google look for data on a specific topic. An alternate to presenting the data via lecture or having students browse it from a textbook, discussion-integrated internet searches are doubtless additional partaking, increasing the percentages that students can retain the data. At museums, children will use their phones to seek out further exhibit data that they then enter on a visit activity sheet. Yet one more idea: The bold tech-savvy teacher will use his/her transportable to access any variety of classroom-appropriate websites. As today’s cell phones are effectively miniature computers capable of browsing full versions of websites, lecturers will leverage these resources into a whole-class session.


Source: Fazlin Zulkifli

by Fazlin Zulkifli                                             

Let’s just say if you are an avid concert-goer like me, you will understand why KL Live is chosen as one of the preferred location for any musical events. It is a very well-known event space located at the heart of Jalan Sultan Ismail, which will surprise you with the ultimate live music experience you will need to encounter at least once in a lifetime.

Estalished in 2010, the concert hall have held over 63 concert events featuring local and famous, international acts such as Marshmello, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Zedd, Dua Lipa, and the recent uprising American singer that makes highschool kids be feeling proud of their young, dumb and broke self, Khalid.

KL Live is Kuala Lumpur’s fastest growing entertainment venue located at the heart of the city. With the standing capacity of 2500 pax, it is a multipurpose entertainment duplex event hall, with two fully licensed bars, KL Live is known to have hosted some of the most explosive live concerts, DJ parties, dance competitions and corporate events.

KL Live is located on the 1st floor of Life Centre at No. 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. Through its conveniences, the event space is also easily accessed by car and taxi. If you are commuting using the public transport, the closest stop would be the Raja Chulan Station. It is around 5-minute walk from the preferred station and it is also on walking distance from both KLCC and Pavilion.

If you decide to attend any events at the venue, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. Upon the entrance, there will be security body and bag checks. In order to enter the venue, it is advisable to only bring your wallet and your phone to the venue because there is a restriction towards drinking bottles, medications, packed cigarettes, anything flammable, foods as well as beverages. Extra points if you are ready to display your Identification Card (IC) in order to get the line going smooth and moving before gates starts to open for the show to happen. P.S, during event days, basement parkings are at RM25 per entry, however, there are other alternatives to park your vehicles nearby the venue.

And here I attach videos taken from attending concerts at KL Live. Enjoy!

Liberation : Media and Casual Sex Culture

by Nur Baizura Bt Roslan

The media in Malaysia has some of the toughest censorship laws bounded whereby the media authorities exerts a substantial control and impose a strict restriction in national security. The Malaysian government is kept to insulate the majority Muslim population from the things that are considered harmful and have foreign influences. For example, the News is censored, and entertainment output can fall foul of the authorities. However, all these do not stop the population  to get influenced by the international media, especially towards the explicit content that has widespread produced. With high advance of technology, the media is able to be captured and retrieved by the citizen easily. One of the influences brought by the international media especially western countries are the hookup culture has emerged from more general social shifts taking place during the last century. As early as 1920s, with the rise of automobile use and novel entertainment venues throughout North America, traditional models of courting under parental supervision began to fade. Young adults became even more sexually liberated in the relationships. In addition to that, with the rise of feminism, growth of college party events, widespread availability of birth control (condoms and oral contraceptives) and deposing of parental expectations as central to mating and marriage. Popular media, including television, has become a source of sex education, filled with (inaccurate) portrayals of sexuality. Many popular representations suggest uncommitted sex or hookups, can be both bio-physically and emotionally enjoyable and occur without “strings.” Recent entertainment media have highlighted uncommitted sexual encounters and the more-common-than-not experimentation with this type of behavior. The film Hooking Up, released in 2009, details the chaotic romantic and sexual lives of adolescent characters. The film No Strings Attached, released in 2011 and staring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, featured the uncommitted element of uncommitted sex as two friends attempt to negotiate a sexual, yet non-romantic, component of their relationship. Popular television shows often portray hooking up as acceptable, entertaining, and perfectly sensible. The hit British series Skins, which began in 2007 and was remade in North America in 2011, often highlights the uncommitted sexual exploits of adolescents. The popular reality show Jersey Shore, which started its run in 2009, glorifies hookups among strangers, acquaintances, friends, and former partners. Popular pro-hookup same-sex representations have also emerged in television series like Queer as Folk and The L-Word. Several popular books on hookups have hit the shelves with unscientific yet racy claims. These include, The Happy Hook-Up: A Single Girl’s Guide to Casual Sex, The Hookup Handbook: A Single Girl’s Guide to Living It Up, Hooking Up: A Girl’s All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality, Making the Hook-Up: Edgy Sex With Soul, and 11 Points Guide to Hooking Up: Lists and Advice About First Dates, Hotties, Scandals, Pickups, Threesomes, and Booty Calls.

In a conclusion, the hook up relationship has been a culture or ethics in the western countries, whereby the young teenagers think of sex rather than the essential of the relationship. They are more comfortable in the terms of hooking up rather than pure love. Even though these often happen in the western, but, as a country who easily adopted with the western media will slightly influenced our youngster to behave that way. There are alot of teenagers and youngster begins these type of relationship which later leads to unmarital sex, illegitimate, foundling abortion and others.

Co-Working Space: The Next Generation Office

Written by Laila Wahidah Iskandar

Millennial have been labelled as many as the Gen Y with creative entrepreneurial talent and skill. Some may have referred the youngsters as “The Start-up Generation”. The future of work is evolving. As the e-commerce industry allows businesses to operate from anywhere as long as there is Internet connection, many new business founders have challenges to work and organize meetings without a proper office. It would be nice to be able to work from home but it may not be very conducive to get some serious work done.

The Klang Valley has had a recent influx in awesome co-working spaces, so there are endless options for any freelancer or entrepreneur looking for a change or scene, or networking opportunities. Multinational companies are beginning to discover the appeal of co-working spaces as a flexible office solution. Companies aspire to have smarter workplace design which can provide the flexibility to attract and retain talent and help increase productivity.

As predicted by global property consultant Knight Frank, in a report by the News Straits Times, co-working footprint in Malaysia will continue to grow in 2018 as businesses consider new ways to manage their real estate. Office market in Kuala Lumpur continued to struggle with oversupply of new buildings and subdued leasing activities during the last quarter of 2017. Knight Frank’s Asia Pacific Head of Research, Nicholas Holt said the lacklustre leasing activities was due to continued growth in demand for co-working and technology-related spaces.

This opens the door for co-working providers to attract multinational companies into flexible and creative spaces. Real estate is typically the second largest operating expense a company may incur, excluding salaries and wages. Co-working providers can offer a tailor-made office solution with no upfront capital expenditure costs which address a platform of work based challenges.

Owing to the initial investment needed to set up permanent office space, self-employed entrepreneurs and small start-ups were the initial users of co-working space in Malaysia. Recognising the unique offering of community, collaboration and higher transactional flexibility, a growing multinational client base has emerged. Co-working now boasts a range of users across different industries, a trend we expect to accelerate moving forward.

For many businesses it is critical to be in an environment that has access to start-ups and technology innovators, elements that can be found in the “community” within the co-working ecosystem. Likewise, traditional teams that are mobile on a daily basis and do not need a permanent desk can work in different locations. These businesses are attracted to a network that allows mobility throughout the city.

According to an article by The Edge Markets reported that the shifting trends of co-working spaces may benefit the reposition of the demand and supply of office spaces in Malaysia. Real estate firm Savills (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Chairman Datuk Christopher Boyd explained this is because traditional office buildings which meet tenants’ criteria for modern facilities, can easily be deployed as co-working space. They added that it has helped alleviate the oversupply situation of the office property market, which is true because most of the co working spaces are now renting at old renovated buildings, corporate buildings and even shopping malls.

“It is also not aimed at just the Golden Triangle, but [office spaces] out in the suburbs and other cities such as Penang, Kuantan, Johor Bahru,” Boyd said at a forum today.

“Today, you have medium-sized range of co-working space [tenants] that takes up starting from 20,000 sq ft to as high as 60,000 sq ft. And that’s very good, it helps with the filling up of the office buildings,” Deputy executive chairman Allan Soo said.

As flexible working is becoming more common, rentable working spaces are also on the rise here in Klang Valley. If you are looking for a change of scenery and somewhere new to draw inspiration from, here are some conducive, tech-savvy, state of the art co-working area that are rentable for businesses, start-ups and even students!

  1. WORQ

WORQ provides a co-working space that utilises natural light with its large windows, providing a gorgeous view while you work on one of their comfy beanbags!

It is definitely recommended for those who need a visually-stimulating and colourful environment to perk up your mood and get creative at work.

  1. The Co

The Co gives a futuristic, minimalist feel yet provide tenants with spacious area. The interior decoration looks very edgy and definitely suits those who are working on elegant tech-savvy projects.

One of its spaces is located at The Row, which is situated right above a ton of cafes so this is the perfect place for coffee addicts!

  1. Common Ground

This is one of the more popular co-working spaces on this list due to its presence across Southeast Asia. CommonGround has work spaces in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

CommonGround in fact has their own mobile app, which can connect you to other members with whom you can gain feedback on ideas and plans in real-time. With its eye-catching interior decor, this is definitely a great space to work and get creative!

  1. CO3 Social Office

Looking for a space to get the creative juice flowing? Fret not! This awesome co-working space will give you a colourful vibe and a fun working environment.

It has an indoor slide and a built-in aeroplane for those looking to think out of the box!

  1. Colony Space

Colony Space is definitely one of the more luxurious-looking co-working spaces in this list. With a simple yet elegant black-and-white theme, this space looks professional yet laid-back thanks to its comfortable furniture.

On top of that, the space is also equipped with its very own gym and swimming pool! Perfect way to de-stress whenever a mental block comes on!

Malaysia’s Publishing Industry: Through Notorious Evolution

Written by Nur Dalila binti Rusilan

Lately, the publishing industry has started to gain back its popularity through the advancement of digital technology, all thanks to social media platforms! It is guaranteed that many of the industry players use these tools to market their books. In Malaysia, the awareness and enthusiasm of producing books are exhaustively in tight competition with other markets. One of the notable events that showcases the Malaysian books internationally is the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Frankfurter Buchmesse or Frankfurt Book Fair is one of the largest book exhibitions. This event is held annually and the media industry from different countries around the world will be invited to negotiate a business deal or to look for inspirations. Materials ranging from novels, children books to film and games will demonstrate their most advantageous features during the event. As said by Claudia Kaiser, the FBF Business Development Vice-President, “Malaysian book titles will be a key attraction at this year’s event”.

During the 2017 FBF forum, Director of National Book Council Malaysia, Abdul Wahab Ibrahim, who is also the Head of Malaysian Delegation to FBF said that it was a business opportunity in match-making with international publishers including Turkey, Vietnam and Taiwan. Surprisingly, the Malaysian delegation achieved their goal by sealing more than 8 million sales contract deals. What’s more exciting is that four Malaysian books have made it to the final list. It was definitely the highlight of the event and the proudest moment for Malaysia.

Author: Zamri Mohamad.
Publisher: Legacy Publishing.
Image source: Google
Author: Herman Abdullah.
Publisher: ITBM
Image source: Google
Author: Mat Luthfi. Publisher: PTS
Image source: Google
Author: Wael A Yousef Mousa.
Publisher: Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
Image Source: Google

Besides that, the event became more momentous when its 2017 theme was Faces of Malaysia. It showcased the Culture of Mah Meri, where a group of Orang Asli tribe was exclusively flown from Carey Island, Banting to Frankfurt, which eventually became an attraction for international exhibitors. With over than 31 Malaysian publishers, they have listed a few book titles that have the potential to win this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, which will be held for five days from 10th-14th of October 2018. What makes Malaysia more thrilled with this year’s participation is that they were invited by the representatives of London Book Fair, Seoul International Book Fair and Turkey Book Fair to participate in their country’s book festival this year.

“The future of Malaysia’s book industry looked promising”, said by Arief Hakim Sani Rahmat, Vice-President of Malaysia Publishers Association during the forum prelude in FBF 2017. It is said over 70% of Malaysians are categorized in “working age” and deemed as educated mainly because they read book for self-development and to educate their child. However, local publishing brands should strengthen more on the quality of the books to encourage more Malaysians to buy and grow interest in reading it. As a matter of fact, the industry should be given more financial inducement in the upcoming budget because the number of young Malaysian authors, writers and illustrators are growing and has caused an increase in sales value record in the industry.

In case if you are wondering, while we are enjoying this little treat, other local publishing companies are dying to survive and make up their best outcome for the consumers. This year, the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair will come out with all sorts of activity and optimistically welcome more visitors to look around for fresh new publications. The event will be launched in two weeks time, starting from 27th (Friday) until 6th May (Sunday) 2018. So, what are you waiting for, book-lovers? Let’s support and celebrate our local brands!

Advertising Industry in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Case Study of Pizza Hut Malaysia

Written by Nik Nabilah Nik Aziman.

The term of fourth industrial revolution was introduced by Klaus Schwab, Founder of Word Economic Forum that explains how this recent revolution is fundamentally different from the previous industrial revolutions that are transition to the new manufacturing process that made mass production possible by the usage of electronic and technology to automate production. Recently, fourth industrial revolutions build up on previous revolution; occurring digital revolution and are characterized by a combination of technology between physical, digital and biological spheres. This review concentrates on the advertising industry in the fourth industrial revolution focus on Pizza Hut Malaysia as a case study. As such, the nine pillars of fourth industrial revolution will be discussed to ascertain on how Pizza Hut Malaysia adapting several pillars for their marketing purposes.

Nine Pillars of Fourth Industrial Revolution

According to Liverpool City Region 4.0, it revealed that there are nine pillars in modern technology that are the main foundation of fourth industrial revolutions. The pillars are big data, augmented reality, simulation, internet of things (IOT), cloud computing, cyber security, system integration, additive manufacturing and autonomous systems. All of these pillars had created massive uncertainty in which government, educational institution and business enterprise had to look on the best way to reach towards this recent revolution. Fourth industrial revolution is basically on thought of cyber physical system upgraded from computer and automation industrial.

Nine Pillars of 4th Industrial Revolution – Source : LCR 4.0

Media Industry: How 4th Industrial Revolution Changes Advertising Industry

Media industries as well as other industries are findings the best possible ways to adapt to the fourth revolution industry. In recent year, media industry developed from the traditional to digital technology that transforms certain operation that require a knowledgeable and highly skilled human resources that enable to compete with each other. Abd. Rahim (1996) stated that the developments of advertising industry in Malaysia took similar steps with revolution happened in England and consist of advertising agencies, media agencies and publication agencies. The Star (2017) reported that media sector in Malaysia will face tough environment in 2018 due to ineffectual digitalization undertaken by certain media company in decreasing the adex rate.

In recent year, advertising field became undoubtedly advance due to the development of internet. However, this had brought a profound transformation in the ways of marketing and advertising. Some of the media companies adopt several pillars in order to help them transforming their operational potential. Augmented reality made popular worldwide and some of the business enterprise used it to make an interactive marketing strategies.

Pizza Hut Malaysia introduced their first digital restaurant adopting an augmented reality menu which can interact with customer. The interesting part is that the menu displaying food with animations that serve customers with better experience. Medium involving the connectivity through IOT is being a big help for marketer in sending, received and process the data. This pillar is adopted by Pizza Hut Malaysia since they are currently made a deal with customer through online purchasing. Online purchasing involves big data that the company will used it for improvement and further actions. Through online purchasing, the company can used collected data to identify trends, pattern and enable them to seek for improvement of their menus and services.

Source : Pizza Hut Malaysia

Source : The Ministry Experience

Corresponding to the World Economic Forum, it shows that Pizza Hut Malaysia are able to adapt with the fourth industrial revolution since they are regulating new technologies and adapting three pillar which are augmented reality, IOT and big data that can capture their benefits in order to promote their products. In summary, Pizza Hut Malaysia in promoting its restaurant and menus utilized technologies via their first digital concept store at Sunway Pyramid that used augmented reality, big data and IOT as a method of their promotional and services strategies. As cited by Churchill (2018), for manufacturer, technology is moving fast but new technology is what makes us successful.


Abd. Rahim, M. H. (1996). Perkembangan Industri Pengiklanan di Malaysia. Jurnal Komunikasi, 12, 1-18. Retrieved April 3, 2018, from http://www.ukm.my/jkom/journal/pdf_files/1996/V12_1.pdf

Churchill, A. (2018, March 5). The fourth industrial revolution is coming – here’s how to thrive. Retrieved April 15, 2018, from https://www.raconteur.net/business/fourth-industrial-revolution-coming-heres-thrive

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