The Benefits Of The Alternative Transportation Energy: Hybrid Cars

Written By: Raja Aqiff

Hybrid is defined as the combination of two different elements or mixtures as one and that has been produced to become as a new creation. While hybrid cars also refer to the combination of two engines that move the car with conventional engines and electric motors. However, the adaptation of the hybrid energy into the automotive industry has been mass-produced since 1997 by Toyota and followed by Honda in 1999.

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The productions of hybrid cars are mostly well-accepted by consumers as the hybrid cars support “green technology” because they do not release carbon dioxide in a high quantity compared to conventional cars that use petrol gas to power up the car engines.

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Hybrid cars have been widely being used these days through various car brands which are Audi, Honda, Toyota, Tesla, Ford, as well as other car manufacturers. The price range is almost near to other variants, while being more cost-effective towards the users. This is because a hybrid car reduces the usage of the petrol gas and changes it to the Eco-drive mode which is by using the electric motor while the driver drives at a slower speed.

According to Rinkesh (2009) from the Conserve Energy Future website, there are several advantages in using hybrid cars which would be able to benefit users and also towards the earth’s ecosystems as they would also reduce pollution.

Firstly, the issue of environment has been the main cause on the creation of hybrid energy cars so as to preserve the earth from being polluted with excessive carbon dioxide that causes the ozone layer to become thin in the future. Hybrid cars can also prevent or reduce global warming and other worrisome natural phenomenon.

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Secondly, financial cost is able to be reduced as the car will save gas usage when the electric mode replaces the petrol engine at times the driver drives at a slower speed. Thus, fuel consumption is reduced and the saving also includes a longer life-span on the battery that doesn’t need to be replaced annually as opposed to conventional cars.

Lastly, the cars would have high market values when the owners of the cars decide to sell them as the technology used by hybrid cars make them high in-demand from time to time as the gradual increase of the petrol gas prices would make the hybrid cars as one of the best options for those who plan to purchase vehicles in the future.

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In conclusion, hybrid cars offer a lot of benefits to the owners and also towards the surrounding as they would reduce pollution. They also act as the alternatives apart from conventional engines that contribute to pollution and they can also be maintained for a longer period of time. Furthermore, the hybrid technology is being supported internationally as it would ensure a greener earth in the future.


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