Written by Farahin Mustafa

On 26 August 2008, Manohara and Tengku Fakhry tie the knot. After several months of marriage, Manohara Odelia Pinot, Indonesian 16-years old model were being sexually abused by Kelantan Royalties. Manohara escaped from Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Sultan Ismail Petra with the helps from Singapore police during the Singapore trips to see Sultan Ismail Petra receiving medical treatment. Manohara’s mother, Daisy Fajarina, claimed that she has been barred access to see her daughter after getting married with Tengku Fakhry. After flee from Singapore to Indonesia, Manohara organized a press conference said that she was being abused sexually and was treated like an animal locked in her room (Perianin, 2009).

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Tengku Fakhry has succeeded in sueing both Manohara and her mother Daisy for defamation and since Manohara was in Indonesia, she decided to ignore the court order as Malaysian law limited to people in Malaysia only. The issue brings more hatred towards Malaysian. Indonesian domestic worker started to voice out their experience being sexually and physically abused by their Malaysian employer. This is to relate what being experienced by the Indonesian socialite; Manohara, is what the domestic worker has experienced. The love-hate relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia always become one of the important issues in global media.

Based on the news reporting, emphasized on the issue of Manohara experienced sexual and physical abused by Tengku Fakhry while The Star Online focus on the defamation suit made by Tengku Fakhry against Manohara. Both newspapers have their own propaganda and what differs them is the way they publish news reporting. After going through all the news article and headlines, we can conclude that Manohara claimed she was being abused by Tengku Fakhry however, the statement mostly were made by Daisy Fajarina, Manohara’s mother and it was supported by Manohara once she “escaped” from Tengku Fakhry in Singapore (, 2009) . She claimed that she escaped but Tengku Fakhry friends, Soberi, claimed that she fled voluntarily. Both are the statement made outside the court (The Star Online, 2009).

However, according to the court, Tengku Fakhry sued Manohara for defamation. Meaning that all the statement made by Manohara is untrue. People might say that Tengku Fakhry won the cases because he had money but the truth is Manohara is the one who did not gave cooperation along the proceeding. She did not go to the hearing session, her lawyers withdraw, she did not go for health examination to prove that she experienced abused and many more. From here we can say that Manohara is making a story. The best part is when she ignored all the court order and chooses to stay in Jakarta to run from the court sentence (Mageswari, 2009).

Looking back at the timeline, I must say that Daisy Fajarina and Manohara are actually planning on something. As a normal person, if royalty like me, I would do whatever it takes to make sure the royalty marry me. In this cases, Daisy claimed that they are not agreed to marry Manohara and Tengku Fakhry because of excuses like not illegal in Indonesia for girls age 16 to get married, no permission from her father and so on. Daisy had the chance to make a press statement on that issue and they had the chance to lodge a report police regarding the issue of raping but they did not instead they agree on the marriage. Looks like Daisy were happy that they finally could have the royalty as their relatives (Perianin, 2009). After she was escaped for Tengku Fakhry, instead of go for health examination to prove that she experienced such abused, they went to the media making press conference and create drama. Daisy who was known as the sexiest mum suddenly wore hijabs and tries to look decent and gain sympathy. Even OC kaligis, Manohara lawyers withdraw from the case, as Manohara did not want to go for health examination and lodge a police report. Manohara seems not serious about the case (Yusof, 2009). After that her next lawyer also withdraw because of the issue of Manohara kissing another man and the spread news about Manohara and Daisy wearing sexy and having a party. Everyone started to doubt Manohara (UTUSAN, 2012).


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The truth is Daisy is trying to take advantage on the royalty however, Tengku Fakhry who own other agenda like he was gone too far by having sex with Manohara needs to be responsible, the marriage things was not for him but for the family sake, he did it but later it turns to a fight and Manohara succeed in running away. The fight might be because of Manohara was young and she wants to have fun and go clubbing and get a life but she forgot that royalty freedom is limited, they cannot go anywhere they want without any guard and so on. She forgot that fact before marrying Tengku Fakhry. About the issue not getting in touch with her mom, Manohara create drama by saying that she was being scolded by her husband and was locked in her room (here we can see that how brilliant Manohara is in manipulating things), Daisy became angry with Tengku Fakhry and wanted to take away Manohara however, Tengku Fakhry who sees Daisy as irresponsible mom (with her clubbing life, sexy attire and unhealthy lifestyle) did not want to let Manohara go. After Manohara escaped, Daisy who feels that she cannot get anything from the royalty, try to bad mouth Tengku Fakhry but end up they were sued for defamation and lastly decided to ignore the cases. Here we can see that those newspapers headline, and how Tengku Fakhry can win the case, shows that Manohara is a liar and her mum is the mastermind. This summary can be rationalized through all the news report, the gossips, the background of Tengku Fakhry, Manohara and her mum, Daisy. It is based on what reasonable man would do.



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