written by Eric Rosli

Do you realize that with only one picture can make someone become as famous as celebrity? With only one viral video can boost someone’s business to the peak? These are the few great things about internet that make us addicted to it!

However, internet is more useful and beneficial if we use it in right way. Business, for instance. The existence of social media really creates a miracle for those who are running online business. As we know, online business industry is booming from day to day thanks to social media and a good businessperson will fully utilize them to boost performance and profit.

Sometimes even without a proper advertisement strategy, one’s business still can be as grand as those who advertise theirs at television. How this is possible? It is a matter of ‘trending’ and ‘viral’ thingy that make this possible.

‘Nasi Lemak Pondan’, for example. Because of the nasi lemak is named with ‘pondan’, it makes thing crazy and people keep on making it viral by posting it everyday. The same goes to ‘Nasi Lemak Anak Dara’. ‘Anak dara’ brand makes a big difference for nasi lemak although the taste might be as same as nasi lemak made by any mak cik in Malaysia. Malaysian loves this kind of controversial things and luckily it has a huge impact for them. Their businesses are improving and getting more customers day by day!

image credit: followmetoeatla

Also not to forget, last year there was this one woman named Bella became viral after she lodged police report because frustrated with this one local slimming product she used. She claimed that the product wasn’t work on her and what made thing interesting was how she bashed all local, Malay products. Her video went viral and people keep on posting negative comments as a feedback to the video. Unfortunately, it turned out that the police report was a lie and she just did it to market the product to the public.

It is frustrating, right? That is how powerful viral contents are. Every online marketer dreams of having that perfect viral marketing campaign that reaches an incredibly wide audience, far beyond the brand’s own reach, and connects with people across the world. This is how online seller do their job every day.

In addition, media influencer such as vlogger and blogger are also the other reason of viral contents being spread in social media. If someone is famous enough and has her own group of followers, it means she/he is capable enough to make a product review and of course is paid for it. This is one of the fastest way to promote the product other than controversial viral issues such as nasi lemak and slimming product.

However, viral contents are not supposed to be looked as an ‘unhealthy’ way of marketing strategy. Sometimes, it also helps those who are running a small business such as small street cart when people spread about those businesses it will increase the number of customers.

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