Online Shopping Trend in Malaysia

Written by Nur Izzyan Roslan

Since the advancement of the technology and the introduction of the first internet in Malaysia way back in 1999 by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, the Internet usage of Malaysia has rapidly grown. Rapid developments in telecommunications have set the pace for an electronic revolution leading to the emergence of e-commerce and influence the consumer behaviour of the shoppers.

The expected growth in e-commerce is due to a rapid rise in the number of online shop in Malaysia which provides the opportunities to Malaysians to conduct their new business in the fashion industry. This embarks the new paradigm in Malaysian fashion whereby more young and local designer were born in this era of e-commerce.

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At first, local companies appear to be lagging and afraid to join in a new venture of fashion business through online retailing. The Fashion Valet founder found this as an opportunity for them to start the online fashion shop in a serious way. When Vivy Yusof and his husband (then boyfriend) Fadza Anuar back from their studies in London, they found that Malaysia did not have such thing as online consumerism such as in the UK.

Then they came up with the idea of having an online store and became a pioneer for the e-commerce trend in Malaysia after being frustrated at the lack of online shopping options available in Malaysia. Fashion Valet has changed the culture of consumerism in Malaysia whereas the shoppers now prefer online shopping than to go to the physical shop.

With the introduction of Fashion Valet more online shopping retailers in Malaysia like ZALORA, LAZADA, Pop Look and CAROUSEL join in the trend. Since then, the online shopping in Malaysia is poised for significant growth, given its rising popularity and relatively new adoption rate among local customer.

The consumers in Malaysia are now prone to shop at home because they have put their trust on the available online store in Malaysia. The e-commerce concept has totally changed how Malaysian consumer chose to shop as they are now can do it with one click at their fingertips.

So why wasting your time going through the hustle bustle of the city while you can do it at home?