A Revolutionary Cure to End HIV

Written by Balqis Ariffin

The most anticipated discovery in the medical field to find the cure for the incurable disease of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) may come to a conclusion with the unexpected breakthrough of an engineered antibody that can attack 99 percent of the HIV strains.

Basically, the revolutionary cure derived from a resistance that was known as ‘broadly neutralizing antibodies’ which was only developed by a certain HIV patient after the infection occurred.

Image source: http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/new-breakthrough-could-one-day-lead-to-aids-cure/

The research which was a collaboration between Sanofi, a pharmaceutical company and US National Institute of Health managed to create a ‘tri-specific antibody’, in which it powerfully attacks three fundamental parts of the virus thus making it curable.

Primarily, the infamous virus was defensible due to its distinctive characteristics of mutation and ability to transform its shape.

The natural antibody which was tested on 24 primates prior to the injection of the HIV virus found that absent of infection was recorded on the samples.

Meanwhile, a clinical trial on the human was expected to start next year which will involve both non-infected and infected groups.

Most of all, the new discovery promises bright future particularly for the patient and the scientist, who has endlessly sought the cure for the stigmatized disease.

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