How to overcome your anxiety / fear / phobia

Written by Wan Anis Aqilah Bt Megat Zambri


Whatever it is that panics you, here are 10 approaches to enable you to adapt to your everyday feelings of fears and anxieties.


Each person must have no less than one sort of nervousness where it can be social uneasiness, anxiety towards animals, phobia and so forth. These tips are for individuals who are adapting to regular feelings of anxiety.


  1. Make some time for yourself

It’s difficult to think plainly when you’re overwhelmed with anxiety or nervousness. The primary activity is investing significant energy so you can physically quiet down. Occupy yourself from the stress for 15 minutes of strolling around the square, making some tea or having a shower.


  1. Breath calmly when panic attack

In the event that you begin to get a speedier pulse or sweating palms, the best thing isn’t to battle it.

Stay where you are and basically feel the frenzy without attempting to occupy yourself. Place the palm of your hand on your stomach and inhale gradually and profoundly.

The objective is to enable the brain to get used to adapting to freeze, which takes the fear of fear away.


  1. Challenge your fears and face it

Maintaining a strategic distance from fears just makes them scarier. Whatever your dread, on the off chance that you confront it, it should begin to fade. In the event that you freeze one day getting into a lift, for instance, it’s best to get again into a lift the following day.


  1. Let yourself to imagine the worst

Have a go at envisioning the most exceedingly terrible things that can happen – maybe it’s freezing and showing at least a bit of kindness attack. At that point attempt to think yourself into showing some kindness assault. It’s recently impractical. The fear will flee the more you pursue it.


  1. No one is perfect, so do you

Life is loaded with stresses, yet a significant number of us feel that our lives must be great. Terrible days and difficulties will regularly happen, and it is important to remember that life is chaotic.


  1. Imagine the place that could make you happy

Pause for a minute to close your eyes and envision a position of quiet and safety. It could be a photo of you strolling on a delightful beach, or cuddled up in bed with the cat with you, or a cheerful memory of youth. Give the positive emotions a chance to mitigate you until the point when you feel more casual.


  1. Speak about it

Sharing anxieties take away a considerable measure of their frightfulness. In the event that you can’t converse with an partner, companion or relative, call a helpline. In the event that your feelings of fear aren’t leaving, you can approach counsellor, psychotherapy or help through an online mental health service, such as FearFighter website.


  1. Back to basics

Lots of individuals swing to liquor or drugs to self-treat tension, yet this will just worsen the situation. Straightforward, ordinary things like a decent night’s rest, a healthy feast and a walk are regularly the best cures for anxiety.


  1. Give yourself some reward

At long last, give yourself a treat. When you’ve decided you’ve been fearing, for instance, fortify your prosperity by treating yourself to a massage at spa, a supper out, a book, a DVD, or what small amount blessing makes you glad.

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