Written by Putera Muhammad

There are many languages around the world for thousands of centuries. People from different zones of the world have made interaction sometimes without sharing any common language with the advancement of technology and human interaction levels. How does the people communicated long ago, before the presents languages even existed? Believe it or not, music and communication are closely related since centuries ago.

In the early stages of human evolution, music was used mainly for communication rather than as entertainment like today. Drums, horns and bells are some example of the instrument used by the people from centuries ago to communicate with each other. Some researchers consider the early forms of human interaction and language is developed from their interaction through music, and it continues to accomplish many functions in different cultures today.

Credit : www.musicalbridges.com

Music is one way for the people to express themselves and interact with each other without language as well as a platform in which cultures can identify themselves and also connect with each other and find the same interest. The sights and sounds can give a powerful impressions on us. We can get a mental picture of the people of some culture when we hear their culture music and perhaps have some impression of their language, art and other details too.

After few centuries, music and its industry is now a part of the commercial world, musical stars are in limelight on today’s world, they have the power to change public opinion because music is frequently used as a way of expressing something without any action so it can relate to many people. Nowadays, if there are any disaster happen in the world, it is in high possibility that the people in the music industry will come up with their own song to raise money or awareness about the disaster.

Music and communication are linked together, remember the times we share a song link to a friend or loved one through the web to express our mood and the times when we remember old memories when we listen to certain music or sound. We are definitely using music as a medium of communication, and for millennials on social media, we can learn a lot about them from the genre of music they listen to in one of the categories on their profiles in called “Favourite Music”.

Looking at how it can be use by individuals to express themselves and connect people, that is why people who create music and has the power to change public opinion should be responsible in creating a good content in order to spread positivity to people. It can be said that maybe music is even more essential than language in terms of helping person from other cultures to connect and understand another.

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