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On 19th November, Amazon Kindle celebrated its 10th anniversary. Amazon Kindle was first launched in 2007, with 6-inch screen and 250MB of memory expandable by SD card, initially introduced at $400.

David Naggar, vice president of Kindle content indicates that people want to read on phone, thus, Kindle made it easy and just as seamless as reading on digital devices. Amazon announced its first Kindle app on 2009 before Naggar joined the team. Apple users can now freely use Kindle on iPhone and iPod Touch from Apple Store.   

Kindle Oasis provides its users with 7-inch screen instead of 6-inch when it was first launched. Surprisingly, Kindle Oasis is getting good reviews by Kindle users, come out with physical page-turn buttons, 8 gigs storage in its US$249.99 model. It has an Audible app built in with Bluetooth to let people stream sound to headphones or a speaker. Oasis connects over Wi-Fi and 4G LTE.  

“I’ve been reading on the Oasis now for a while,” he says, “and the larger screen is fabulous. I like the form factor. I’m a convert. I’ve given up my Kindle Voyage for the Oasis.” – Kindle user

While the world is critically debating between paper and digital reading, Kindle is succeeding the next level of digital publishing. Digital will continue to grow, and continue to exist because it becoming part of the world. However, paper is still having a place in hybrid upcoming. Digital book, on the other hand is still ugly and irritating to interact with. Reading on screen somehow is not good to someone’s eye. Given that more people are using digital devices to read, some may prefer books printed on a piece of paper instead of digital.

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