Early Exposure of Smartphone to Kids

Credit photo: http://www.androidguys.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/pipsqueek-the-first-bluetooth-smartphone-for-kids-video-4a96716cce.jpg

Written by Shafiaina Izhar

Have you ever notice that nowadays, kids are becoming more attached to their smartphones compared to their childhood life. Now, it is such a normal view when we see kids are always with their smartphone in any place and any time. Some parents might even use a smartphone as an excuse to ensure their kids behave and in manner while they are in public place.

But do the parents realize the negatives of early exposure on smartphone towards kids? How are their brain development progressing by just using the smartphone without a limit time every day? How about their eyes condition by watching a videos or playing a games through the smartphone?

If these devices become a predominant approach to calm and distract young kids, will it make them to be able to develop their own internal mechanisms of self-regulation?

A question by question will be point out once we are aware of the effects of using a smartphone towards kids.

Without we realize, the radiation from the smartphones can affect the kid’s brain. Not only that, screen time takes away from learning and physically exploring the world through play and interactions. Doctors and educators noticed that it is worrying that the overexposure to touch-screen technology like smartphones may impact the developing brains.

To add a point, it is reported that kids sleep near a smartphone for average 20.6 fewer minutes of sleep every night. That is why kids’ todays seems tired and weak in their daily life. We will see few kids fall asleep in class during the school time. This happens because of the high levels of blue light emitted by the screen time at night which depletes a hormone linked to circadian rhythm.

As to ensure this generation use a smartphone in a better way, parents especially should monitor their children’s time of using smartphone. Early education starts from the home itself, which means the parent should play a main role to reduce the using of smartphone at home.

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