The Forgotten Plight of the Yemeni

Written By Balqis Ariffin

It is irrefutable that the world has forgotten the ongoing civil war in Yemen as the current chaos of political conflicts in various parts of the globe has subsequently lead to the shift of attention and effort from resolving the crisis in Yemen.

Even though the war in Yemen has destructively torn its nation apart to the extent that it has triggered the worst famine in the decades and added with the cholera outbreak, the plight suffered by its people seems to be in the dim light.

The World Health Organization has predicted that a total of one million cholera cases will be recorded by the end of this year, in which more than 2,000 of casualties has been reported due to the epidemic. Hence, the number has indicated that it is the worst epidemic in the contemporary history.

Besides that, an astounding number of 49, 963 of injuries were recorded since the war occurred in 2015, however, it is believed that the casualties reported were much higher.

More than 50,000 of death tolls involving children has been reported due to the starvation and illness, in which the remnants that suffered from severe malnourishment are on the brink of death.

It must be known that the current political landscape in Yemen has significantly shifted between two of the enemies particularly with the death of its former President, Ali Abdullah Saleh who was recently killed by the Houthi rebels for switching sides.

The complex historical event of the civil war in Yemen also derived from the involvement of several foreign countries in the conflict due to their political interest, in which ISIS also has exploited the crisis as it has paved a way for them to dominate Yemen.

Most of all, the actual victim of every war in the world is the civilian, who tends to suffer the most as it was inconsiderate by the parties that engage in the conflicts who was merely driven to achieve their political ambitions.

Although some of the nations have urged the humanitarian aids being given to the Yemeni, that includes the United Kingdom as they have recently promised to provide aids for the area held by the rebels, however, such assistance could only last for a month.

Therefore, it is crucial at this very moment for other foreign nations to also contribute by providing sufficient aids to restore and prevent Yemen’s humanitarian crisis from deteriorating.

If only equal attention and effort are given to Yemen, then the world has not yet failed the Yemeni people.


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