Bersih Rally on Utusan Malaysia and the Guardian

Written by Nazmi Suraya Ruslan

Identity of News Organization: Utusan Malaysia

Utusan Malaysia or literally translated from Malay to English as “The Malaysian Courier” is a Malay-language newspaper published in Malaysia. Distinctive for its blue masthead as its logo and trademark, Utusan Malaysia was first published in Jawi in 1939. Utusan Malaysia became an influential medium for the people to voice out their opinions towards the ruling of British Government in Malaya.

Practicalities and Agenda of the media

From the observation, the Malaysian media, Utusan Malaysia have limited views on the issue and maintain the same perspective of the government policies. The news reporting styles are more straight forwards with no additional information or support from other various sources to educate their readers on the harm of illegal rallies. The approach taken by the media is portraying the consequences of offence and punishment to advocates their readers by joining the Bersih rally. Utusan Malaysia own perspectives yet to be discovered as for now, there are not enough evidence to conclude their perception on the Bersih rally because of they stand as a pro government in this issue.


Identity of News Organization: The Guardian

The Guardian aims to serve the public interest and every article reported is based on the integrity, impartiality and independence not influenced by commercial interest and political pressure. Its principle emphasizes on the independence aspects of the newspaper by providing sacred facts in every article published. It also provided readers with comprehensive and breaking news coverage with in-depth analyses stories. The Guardian values the highest principle of truthfulness, objective and fair journalism in every news reporting.

Practicalities and Agenda of the media

The Guardian is focusing on the level of repression in Malaysia. As this news portal is international media, thus they are ungoverned by any particular law which gives them the opportunity to implement free writing and express their concern liberally. Rather than to emphasize on the reasons for the rally happened, they were highly questioning the action by the government and relate it with the freedom of speech and expression in the local scene. Therefore, this shows that The Guardian is more liberal and practices a high level of freedom in their writing.


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