World Hub Global Carrier Services Sdn Bhd connecting people around the world

Written by Amni Ahmad


The main entrance of the World Hub

World Hub Global Carrier Services Sdn Bhd is a company that deals with telecom network. It was established in 2004 and was known as World Hub Communications Limited. The office is located in Puchong, Selangor. The company is an international voice service and solutions provider. It is a wholesale carrier which owns and operates a telecom network and sells network capacity to other telecom service providers. World Hub Global Carrier Services Sdn Bhd are serving over 400 of their partners which include major telco, major carriers, mobile network operators, private route operators, calling card operators, resellers and ISP’s whom benefit from competitive rates and an individual approach and highly responsive service.

World Hub Global Carrier Services Sdn Bhd has an international network and their services reach out to more than 150 countries. Example of the countries are Singapore, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. This company provides long distance, IP Voice services to carriers, CLECs (competitive local exchange carriers), resellers, ISPs (internet service providers) and businesses. Furthermore, they also responsible in terminating calls into International Gateway Carriers, local PSTN, and GSM networks. The company also supports both traditional TDM (SS7 and PRI) and packet based (ITU H.323 and SIP) interconnects.

There are several types of products offered by the company such as White CLI routes, premium routes, and wholesale standard routes. White CLI routes is suitable to for operators whose subscribers need the highest voice quality with CLIPs display. Apart from that, premium routes are the best choice for operators whose subscribers expect good voice quality at competitive prices with stable performance. Besides that, wholesale standard routes fits the requirement for wholesale partners who request for competitive rates in the wholesale voice industry.

Working environment in the World Hub Global Carrier Services

Based on an interview conducted with a telecommunication engineer at World Hub Global Carrier Services Sdn Bhd, Mohd Tasnim Ahmad, he stated that the competition in this business industry is to provide a competitive rate without compromising the quality to their clients. His role is to ensure that they able to meet SL1 customer target. He need to make sure that the route quality is at the optimum level. Apart from that, he also mentioned that his responsibility is to monitor and report the network condition so that the user able to enjoy their services.

In addition, Mohd Tasnim added that he need to ensure that special customer’s traffic meet the specified target. The trouble ticket that occurred must be responded immediately so that it runs smoothly. Besides the services, he also need to make sure that the equipment and hardware used is maintained and at the optimum level.

According to Mohd Tasnim, the challenges in this business are to ensure that the traffic runs smoothly with assured quality around the clock. They need to solve the dispute in the traffic so that people can stay connected. In order to with the challenges the company need to provide a better than average industry standard availability. This can be done by offering a highly redundant Tier-1 switching, routing, support, monitoring and billing infrastructures to support even the most stringent quality requirements from Tier-1 operator.

In conclusion, the World Hub Global Carrier Services is trying their best to provide a quality service in order to achieve their motto “to serve and to connect” people around the world. In order to stay in the competition, the company always keep updated with the current technologies and ensuring their staff stay committed in doing their job.

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