Comparative News: News Coverage on Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Written by Farah Hanani Binti Sukri

In early December 2017, there was a controversial issue regarding the Capital of Israel, where the President of United States announced that the Baitulmaqdis (Jerusalem) as a Capital of Israel. Donald Trump planned to move US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The issue became controversial and lots of media give a huge attention to this matter as the issue has been conflicted since past decades ago. Another issue that has been getting huge media coverage is on the issue of Malaysian couple has been jailed in Sweden for the child abuse.

From the analysis in BBC News, mostly the headline portrayed Palestinian condemned Israel for the war. One of the content that obviously showed is “Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he would not accept any US peace plan in the wake of Mr. Trump’s move”. From the observation, there is no single article regarding the Palestinian suffering from the war, but somehow the articles are more about Israel wanted to defense their territory. United State has been involved in this conflict because the state became a main contributor for Israel military and has a strong diplomatic relations. This article also stated the number of donor from US for the Palestinian, which is “The US Provided $260m of bilateral aid for Palestinian in 2016”. Why does it need to be mentioned? It is maybe BBC News wants to portray that the Palestinian did not appreciate the US contribution for helping them. It is obviously showed that BBC News has their own propaganda or agenda in publishing the news. They might use Media Framing Theory of what needed to publish in shaping readers’ mind.

However, Astro AWANI also has reported the news regarding the conflict between Israel and Palestin. After the conflicting on the issue regarding the capital of Israel, some of the articles headline highlighted on “PM Yahudi terus angkuh, mahu palestin terima kenyataan Baitulmaqdis ibu Negara Israel”. It is obviously that Astro AWANI showed supported towards the Palestinian’s suffering from this conflict. It is because there also have some news that showing Palestinian is being brutally attacked by the Israel. In addition, Astro AWANI reported the news that “Dunia Islam bersama rakyat Palestin”, which the content showed that the Trump’s decision in recognizing Baitulmaqdis as Capital of Israel has make Islam all around the world become more aggressive in protecting Baitulmaqdis as an Holy place for Islam. Besides that, Astro AWANI also reported “Dua terbunuh sususlan Amerika Syarikat iktiraf Baitulmaqdis’, which the news highlighted on two (2) palestinian died and 14 injured during the protest in front of Baitulmaqdis with Israel’s Army. From the observation, it showed that Astro AWANI have their agenda to inform people on what is actually happened to the Palestinian and to show how they suffer from this conflict.

As for the conclusion, the comparative news regarding the Israel-Palestinian conflict from BBC News and Astro AWANI have a different coverage as they are not from the same country and both of these news agencies holds different perspective yet they still managed to get an accurate information from relevant sources.



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