Dealing with New Media in Marketing.

By Razween binti Md Rashidi 

In this era of technology, everything in this world is moving rapidly towards a betterment. The most highly appreciated technology that had been invented is the Internet. Many people were very thankful with the emergence of the Internet due to the way that the life of each and everyone of us has been eased. The Internet has changed the way people communicate, consume information and many more.

Social media provide platforms for people to speak about their brands as well as the programs that they are going to market. In addition to that, researchers also informed readers that social media enables a business to reach a worldwide customer population. Besides, social media also provide instant platforms for public to communicate with marketers regarding an issue, which seems to be quite practical to all of us.

The participation of electronic and digital media enterprises started to involve in the marketing in order to deliver their products and services. In addition to that, marketing also can be thought as an ability for organizations to know the needs of their costumers and at the same time managed to serve them with specific products that they want.

The four main keys of marketing are The Four Ps of Marketing which are product, price, place and promotion. The elements of The Four Ps stated are also known as the marketing mix. One of the reasons why the marketing mix is important is because firstly, it helps marketing managers to match or attend to the customers’ needs. Secondly, it will create a competitive environment between the marketers whereby everybody will come out with the best product, for instance, in order to compete in the industry. Thirdly, marketing managers also need to make sure that all the marketing mix of an organization is well blended with current demand. Lastly, another importance of marketing mix is that it will help to match with corporate resources.

On the other hand, talking about new media marketing, it can be seen that the power of new media especially social media in bringing the impact to the marketing industry is very significant to the industry. Abundance of marketing campaigns were carried out in social media received a lot of feedback from millions of social media users in the country.

Besides that, social media sites have been actively used in marketing industry to enhance advertisements and promotions in order to be able to generate more revenue to an organization. The platforms provide in any social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram manage to help an organization to publish and receive instant feedback from people all over the world.

Social media websites give opportunities for many companies to engage and interact with potential and current customers. Through the platform of social media, customer relationship can be maintained well because customers will feel close to the organization and at the same time, any enhancements can be made by that particular organizations because any comments or suggestions can be sent directly to the organization through social media. Business is getting easier through the emergence of social media.

In conclusion, it can be concluded that the emergence of new media has helped to ease the life of many people including the media organizations in this country. Traditional way of marketing was also useful but it might not help an organization to receive much feedback as what is happening now. In addition to that, it is also said that new media is the best marketing channel to be used by marketers nowadays due to a few advantages that the technology bring.

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