Written by Diyana Khairron

Child abuse and neglect is an increasing social problem. The effects of child abuse and neglect are not limited to childhood but cascade throughout life, with significant consequences for victims on all aspects of human functioning, their families, and society. Child abuse is defined as “non-accidental physical injury, minimal or fatal, inflicted upon children by persons caring for them”. In a simpler word, child abuse is the mistreatment or maltreatment of a child by an adult. There many types of child abuse such as physical, sexual, neglect, and emotional or psychological abuse.


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While children are the ones who are very vital for deciding how the world is going to be be after some years. Therefore, it is important to treat and caress them better physically and psychologically. So if one can do some good in the life of a child then there can be change, at least a slightest change, in the world to come. And if most of them think on the same lines then it can be hoped for the better future ahead. Therefore, it is important to discuss and be aware of child abuse issue. Due to this reason, the chosen issue for this comparative news reporting between the local media and international media would be the child abuse issue.


The local media to look upon for child abuse issues is ‘The Star Online’, that is the online version of The Star printed newspaper. The Star is an English Language tabloid format of newspaper in Malaysia. When The Star printed version made available online, it has become the most popular news sites in Malaysia. While for the international media chosen is the online version of ‘The Guardian’. The Guardian is a British national daily newspaper. It was first known as The Manchester Guardian until 1959, and now known as ‘The Guardian’. In recent 2009-2010, the Guardian has significantly developed and expanded its digital operations. Guardian News & Media announced plans to become a digital-first organization, placing open journalism on the web at the heart of its strategy.

Throughout the comparison between the local media, The Star Online and the international media, The Guardian. It is discovered that The Star Online has propagate four (4) approaches while The Guardian propagate three (3) approaches but unique in their own ways to persuade and influence the people for together to curb the child abuse issue and to help in preventing child abuse from continually happening.

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Among the approaches by The Star Online would be its ability to transmit implicit or hidden message and knowledge child abuse issue when The Star Online posted an article of “Mum, boyfriend held after toddler dies of injuries” on 12th August 2016. This is to show and to deliver the message that when it comes to children, do not put our fully trust on anybody as we will never know exactly how they felt for our children. This also proved that even the mother to the child could do such thing. Another article posted by The Star Online on “Send children to registered children centres to prevent untoward incidents” on 8th November 2016 and to tell the people out there that there are registered childcare centres by the authorities under the Ministry of Women, Family and Community that provide full trained staff and would be prepared to handle any emergency and top priority to have the children centres to vet the background of all applicants thoroughly before taking them in as permanent staff regardless of what position the individual is employed. According to records, there are 4,240 childcare centres registered with the ministry as of July 2016. This article as well is an effort to invite all parents to send their children to registered children centres to prevent child abuse done by the outsider.


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The content of The Star Online is as well found to be very informative and effective in reporting update cases on child abuse with matters relating to it. This can be seen through many of its news reporting article. Among of The Star Online’s news reporting article on the child abuse cases are “Mum, boyfriend held after toddler dies in injuries” posted on 12th August 2016, “Principal denies any abuse of kids at welfare home” posted on 13th August 2016, “Toddler left by roadside recovering in hospital” posted on 19th August 2016, “Cops yet to identify boy left to die” posted on 20th August 2016 and “Cops: Deceased toddler had burn marks and torn scalp” posted on 31th August 2016. These cases are among the cases of childe abuse that happen in August 2016 and the date posted is not far from each other. Such numbers of news reporting article will absolutely create the awareness among the Malaysian people on child abuse situation in Malaysia and it is very important for them to be aware so that the be concerned.


The Star Online has also reported news article on “Send victims of domestic abuse to hospital first” posted on 26 August 2016. This is to inform the public on what should they do to help the victims and that includes child abuse’s victim. Another news reporting article that includes additional information of child abuse by The Star Online would be on “Psychiatric test for woman charged with child abuse”. This article is to alarm the public that even the doers of child abuse pleaded not guilty, he or she will not be tolerated where psychiatric test will then de done tests on him or to show that this is a very important and to ensure that the doer will receive ample punishment with what he or she has done.

Further on that, The Star Online has also use the approach of legal perspective to show that child abuse issues is very important and people should take the issue seriously. The article of “Ministry wants direct access to police criminal registry” posted on 12th August 2016 showed that The Star Online has reported clearly every on-going process that relates with child abuse. In the article, The Women, family and Community Development Ministry wants direct access to the police registry for criminals so it can conduct background checks on those who want to set up or work for children-related facilities. This collaboration is important to ensure those convicted of committing crimes against children would not be allowed to be in close contact with the young. This should consider as firm warning to those who intentional or unintentionally to commit crimes against children.

Another article of “Child sexual crimes Bill includes obligation to report abuse” posted on 3rd November 2016 stated that a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Azlina Othman proposed the obligation for third parties to report suspected child abuse cases through the new Child Sexual Crimes Bill. This is indirectly to show that the Malaysian government take this child abuse cases seriously and once the Bill has been approved by the A-G’s Chambers and tabled in the Parliament, the doer of child abuse should be really watch out as the public will have the power to report and the reported cases will be investigated by authorities.

Last but not least, it is great to found that The Star Online news reporting article has gone beyond culture belief. This is proven through the article of “Break the taboo on keeping silent to hide ‘shame’ posted on 22 July 2016. This article urges the people to break the malu-malu (shame) culture when it comes to child sexual abuse. It is known that the topic of child sexual abuse, especially when it happens in the family, is long deemed taboo and sensitive. However, people have to start the conversation on a topic that has been taboo for far too long. In realizing this, the parents are called to communicate more with their children so that they can easily spot differences in their behaviour that may suggest signs of abuse. It is also believed that by reading this article, it will somehow create new perspective of how people in Malaysia are looking at taboo and sensitive topic such this so that prevention and action can be taken.

As for the international media, The Guardian. It is discovered that its information spread on child abuse cases is inadequate as it is hard for to find news reporting articles on child abuse’s cases. Therefore, it is indefinite to tell whether is there any child abuse case going on in the United Kingdom. However, it is then has been clarified through an article of “Up to 85% of child abuse in England remains undetected, study says” posted on 24th November 2016. This article emphasizes on urgent action needed from the people to identify and prevent child abuse, especially if it happens within the families’ members. According to a major new study under this article, it suggests only one I eight victims in England comes to the attention of authorities. In reflecting the above situation, it is important for the authorities to know the cases of child abuse that happened so that action can be taken and the children right can be protected and they can live as the way they should live.

In term of legal perspective, The Guardian has reported a news article of “UNICEF wants family courts to check child abuse” posted on 4th November 2016 which stated that the United Nation’s Children Fund (UNICEF) has called on the three tiers of government to establish family courts as enshrined in the Child Rights Act (CRA) to protect the child from abuse. This article is hoped to bring awareness to the people and for the government to take this matter seriously so that the law for children protection can be strengthen.

Lastly, through The Guardian of news reporting article, it is found that The Guardian has been transparent in reporting news on child abuse where through its article of “Edward Heath child abuse allegations: two arrests made” posted on 14th November 2016. The case arose when Sir Edward Heath who is the former prime minister of United Kingdom which is also a British politician was named as a suspect in an investigation into historical child sex abuse. This shows that no matter of what position individual are in and how important you are, if the individual commit such offence, The Guardian is still reporting the case. To be transparent especially matters that has got to do with power politician is really something bold to do and The Guardian has done it.

Always bare in mind that children need parental care and love. Nothing can replace this as a good childhood and upbringing well ensure the child grows up to be a responsible adult. Child abuse issues are very important issues and should not be overlooked and taken for granted and should involve law in order to control and to curb the issues. Through this comparative studies of news reporting articles between The Star Online and The Guardian, it can be seen that there are so many cases involving child abuse. These children do not deserve to be treated this way, they have the right to live peacefully and to be caress.

In comparing both local and international media, it is noticed that the most significant difference between the local and international media is that the local media, The Star Online has more coverage on news reporting articles on child abuse and using more types of approach in persuading the people’s attitude, beliefs and behaviours to play their roles in curbing child abuse issues. This is also to say that the local media had done better work in reporting child abuse cases that happen around Malaysia which is believe to have affect on the people and the authorities to take this matter seriously so that we can deliver the best outcomes for children and to have the concern of letting every child to be a wanted child.



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Written by Fikri Ajlan

When we speak about animal violence in Malaysia, even though people don’t perceive this social disease as serious as others, it somehow managed to attract and intrigued people’ curiosity towards this matter. Since almost newspapers in Malaysia have reported animal cruelty cases throughout the years, does it gain a sense of empathy in one to help those animals or are we even aware of it? Only we can answer it for ourselves for sure.

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We live in the modern era where the technology has become so advanced and almost every human on earth utilized its functions. The rapid growth of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide an unlimited medium and access for all of us to benefits. Back in the old days, they would never be able to feel this kind of advancement and for one to expressing one’s opinion is not as easy like today and the medium is very limited.


Through social media, we can express almost anything, from our thoughts, political views, sensitive issues and even our personal rants, and with the power entrusted in the journalists, they could make a change in spreading the awareness and provide information to the public. Animals cannot speak for themselves and it’s very terrible to witness and read all of the violence that had been done the animals.

More than two decades of psychological and sociological research reveals that barbarous acts toward animals often lead to brutality toward humans. Such violence has been observed in serial killers, who often began their sprees of violence by practicing on animals, but is well-documented in cases of domestic violence and child abuse as well. There are also several outer factors that might be triggering the act including the likes of wrong media influences, lack connection to the natural forms or even sometimes, behavioural or psychological disturbances.


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Back in 2013, The Star has reported a list of shocking animal cruelty cases in Malaysia and from there, you can see a lot of distracting stories and newspapers in Malaysia begin to cover this issue. One of the cases is about a baby elephant embracing its dead mother. This case has caused a lot of commotion when it was discovered that 14 pygmy elephants in which 10 of them are females and four males aged between four and 20 years were found dead at Gunung Rare Forest Reserve in Sabah. The saddest part about this story is the elephants’ deaths were caused by poisoning, allegedly by workers in oil palm plantations bordering the reserve. Thus, the news portrayal makes us think some people can be so mean and evil in order to get what their profits and didn’t bat an eye at all to this poor animal.

Another heart breaking story tells us about 14-year-old female Malayan sun bear and Arabian stallion at Malacca Zoo and Night Safari died due to the food poisoning that was given by an elderly businessman from Johor. Based from the CCTV footage, it shown the man was feeding the animals fruit that had been combined with toxin. Later, we have found out that the man used to owned a zoo that was shut down and the reason he poisoned those poor helpless animal was out resentment and he wanted to take revenge. So it’s really upsetting to see why people can be so selfish and didn’t even think about the consequences of their actions.

Image credit: The Petition Site Image source

In 2014, an article titled “Apathetic authorities to blame for animal cruelty in Malaysia, observers say “ that was published by MalayMail Online on  May 15 suggested that  the reason why animal abuses keep happening was  due to the authorities’ lack of concern .

“It is the enforcement of law, law is there to punish but the authorities are not taking animal abuse in this country seriously. Even in court, nothing is ever done on serious abuse,” Lawyer N. Surendran said.

Fast forward to 2016, New Straits Times Online reported The Animal Welfare Act 2015 is in plan to be implemented next year. According to Veterinary Services Department (DVS) director-general, Datuk Dr Kamarudin Md Isa, the new law would possibly make the animal abusers to think twice before commit animal cruelty as stricter punishments will await them

In Mac 2015, The Guardian reported a couple who kept more than 40 pets in neglected conditions at their home have been arrested and jailed, and the most sickening part is that the presiding magistrate describing it as the worst case of animal cruelty he had seen in 30 years.

June Harding, 46, and her husband, Paul, 45, left their 31 dogs, seven cats and four guinea pigs to sleep in their own feces in tiny rooms with no natural light. Moreover, they were not given with clean water supplies and many of the animals were infected by eyes disease, rotting teeth and ulcers in which two of them had to be put down when they were found by police and animal welfare inspectors.The married couple were each sentenced to 12 weeks in prison after pleading guilty to a total of 28 charges of animal neglect, thus they are banned from life from keeping animals.

Meanwhile in April 2015, RSPCA expressed their concern on the increasing cases of animal cruelty as people continuing to abuse them in disturbing ways. The animal welfare charity received 159,831 complaints in 2014, compared to 153,770 in 2013.

RSPCA chief veterinary officer James Yeates stated that it was extremely concerning that RSPCA is still receiving more than 20,000 complaints about animals being deliberately abused.

“Most of the complaints we receive involve animals being neglected or not receiving the right care and often we can put that right by offering welfare advice. However, it is shocking that in 2014 people are still being deliberately cruel in what can be disturbingly inventive ways”, he added.


Image credit: Charleston Animal Society Image source

Based on the article posted by The Guardian titled “MP calls for tougher animal cruelty sentences amid link to domestic abuse” on 8 November 2016, a Member of Parliament (MP), Anna Turley is urging the government to sterning the punishment for animal cruelty offences, as research shows people who harm animals are more likely to commit domestic abuse.


After hearing about what RSPCA inspectors describing the most horrifying abuse they had seen and the offenders weren’t punished properly for it, It as a shocker for Turley to learn that the maximum jail term for such offences was six months, having not been changed since 1911.

In a nutshell, both local and international newspapers gave a lot of input in covering any cases that related to animal violence. Of course, the western media will give a bigger coverage since there were a lot of cases have been reported there compared in Malaysia. However, based on what I’ve read from the articles, both Malaysia and British government are trying their best in implementing the new rules and regulation in taking care of the animal welfare.

In Malaysia we can see Animal Welfare Bill 2015 and Animal Welfare Act 2015 are being enforced in the country to prevent any occurrence of the animal abuse cases and giving severe punishments to the abuser. While in the United Kingdom, they are still figuring out in improving their Animal Act but nonetheless, the government still doing their best in protecting the animal right and welfares.

The most disturbing part is that both local and international newspapers reported that people are still deliberately abusing animals and they even do it to fulfill their personal agenda. It’s a really disgusting behavior and for someone to commit any kind of cruelty to those animal needs to seek mental help from professional.  So at least with the help from the Act, animal cruelty cases can be lessen and the abusers would be punished accordingly.



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Written by Saraa Abas

Drug abuse has been an on-going global attention and recognised by the United Nation as one of battling epidemic affecting our societies. All countries participate and support the effort in regulating the substance and preventive measures overcoming the issue. For so many years, drug abuse effect has been prolonging in social problems, political and economic corruptions.

Malaysia always show its authority’s commitment by constantly reporting new cases involving drug abuse and raids. The Malaysian Police use media as their platform to update the public on the illicit activities and strong opinion in fighting against drug abuse. Drug  dispensary is highly regulated in Malaysia and the punishment related to drug trafficking is severe. In most Asian countries, it is not the media norms to openly discuss current social problems in public.

As for international discussion on drug abuse issue, they openly addressed the social problems arises from the substance abuse. It is treated as social and health issues and the freedom of media allows writers to express and shares their opinion and preventive suggestions. The uses of drugs are less regulated compared to Asia’s due to the development of western’s pharmaceutical industries. However, like any countries, they still faced the same epidemic of abused and addiction among societies.

In recent years, few countries have taken the step to revolutionise and revise government’s policies of drug restrictions, especially marijuana. The public demand of marijuana as recreational drug among westerners has spread its influence on several Asia’s countries that strictly opposed the ideology. Few other drug restrictions are pressured by the public to lessen on the regulations to give options of an alternative medication which are organic based.

The difference of countries methods of prevention and crackdown has been sensational debates over human rights and drastic measures. It is a global dilemma in fighting the drug established syndicates and implementing a standard suitable measure. The epidemic is vastly growing and all countries need to critically adapt to the situation.

Media Propagation

To understand the current status of refugee crisis today, we monitored the local and international mainstream media outlets that disseminate updates and current news relating to this issue. The reflections of world views upon this matter are much likely influenced by how these media portrays the situation (Gerbner, 1999) and agreement of a particular cause. We examined two media outlets, a Malaysia’s news media, The Star and an international news media, The Guardian. One month media monitoring is held in the month of October 2016 via online, collecting the related articles and extracting their perspective reporting upon this matter.

Malaysian Media: The Star

The Star is established by Star Media Group Berhad, formerly as Star Publication (Malaysia) Berhad, over 16 years and revamped in 2008, embracing digital news, The Star Online, integrate themselves along with readers demand, offering better access to news stories, channel and multimedia. Apart from news by local journalist, we’ve noticed that The Star subscribed to Reuters, a Russia’s based international media, for its foreign news.

i.          Drug problems as criminal offence

Malaysia is among countries that prohibited the substance abuse and regulates drugs problems as serious criminal offences. Governed under the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, it regulates the import, export, manufacture, sale and use of opium, dangerous drugs and related materials. Over the years, drug abused contributed to high social problems among the society. Therefore, the Malaysian authorities and media, pledge to overcome this epidemic, promoting the negative consequences of drug problems and restriction on substance.

In news reporting, in several The Star news headlines, it emphasises on the criminal doings related drug abuse and trafficking. The headlines use of words describing as ‘menace’, ‘gangland’ and ‘caught’, portrays that the Malaysian authorities commitment in confronting this problem.

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ii.        Against drug legalisation revolution

Encountering the drug policies revolutions in few western countries, The Star disseminates news related on policies and laws are that against the normalisation and decriminalisation of drug issues. This showed the agreement by The Star, along with concurrent government mission to educate their readers on the restrictions and regulations on drug abuse supported by international bodies and foreign countries.

iii.      Philippine drug crackdown

The Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte launched a drug war in Philippine to encounter the severe drug epidemic, drastically, instructing the authorities and civilian to execute any drug trafficker in plain sight. This shocking move resulting a staggering increase of offender’s casualties and raises concerns from international human rights movements. The current events lead to media attention to focus on Philippine’s president, on his bold criticism towards United Nation and United States, who disagree with Philippine drug’s war.

International Media: The Guardian

For the international media, The Guardian, is part of the Guardian Media Group, owned by The Scott Trust Limited which was created in 1936. In recent 2010, the Guardian has significantly developed and expanded its digital operations. Their objective is to secure the financial and editorial independence of The Guardian in perpetuity and to safeguard the journalistic freedom and liberal values of The Guardian free from commercial or political interference.

i.          Treat as social and health problems

The Guardian is keen on educating their readers to understand the epidemic as social and health issues instead of criminal perspectives. It addresses health concerns and prevention measures to the society by statistical fact in convincing their readers on the effect of drug abused on health. The articles published mostly featured article to educate the public to be aware of the substance use and their social responsibilities in the society.

Image credit: New Bridge Recovery Image source


ii.        Acceptance of drug substance

The drug revolution movement demanding for Marijuana legalisation has become one of global discussion where more and more countries began to legalise few substances. Few European countries, Australia and several states in United States have now normalised and decriminalised several drug policies especially the usage of Marijuana. Numerous articles published by The Guardian shows on the support of marijuana legalisation compared to drug restrictions or demoting drug abused.

iii.      Drug problems versus human rights

Reporting the global efforts in fighting drug abuse and trafficking, The Guardian gives a fair coverage in discussing the contradiction of current drug regulations and human right’s principles. It is important to address both issues in finding suitable agreements on the current policies in fighting drug problems in a suitable manner.  Whilst the media reports on the support of marijuana legalisation, it also highlighted government efforts in battling the epidemic which involves other substance that could harm the public. In series of events on drug abuse crackdown, The Guardian portrays the government affirmation in combatting drug abuse.


Image credit: Harm Reduction International Image source


From the observation, the Malaysian media, The Star have limited views on the issue and maintain the same perspective of the government policies. Being rigid on the criminal consequences of drug abuse, the advocacy implemented on the public showed the authorities commitment battling the issues. The news reporting styles are more straight forwards with no additional information or support from other various sources to educate their readers on the harm of drug abuse. The approach taken by the media is portraying the consequences of offence and punishment to advocates their readers on drug abuse issues. The Star own perspectives yet to be discovered as for now, there are not enough evidence to conclude their agreement on the drug abuse, where they stand in overcoming these issues related to drug abuse.

In contrary, The Guardian implements a different approach in reporting the issue. Not reporting any personal criminal offences, it focuses on the discussions of opinion leaders upon the society’s concerns related to drug abuse and other interest parties’ efforts in encountering the current changes policies and demand of drug substance. The Guardian showed its commitment in educating the public of the harm of substance and general knowledge of this problems status around the world. By advocating and educating, they believe in influencing its public in reducing drug abuse problems. Contradicting to their values, by showing their support on drug legalisation also promote drug substance usage among its public.



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Written by Applefadila

The entertainment industry often brings fame to those involved in it. For example, the actors involved in Hollywood movies are often under the spotlights and gain instant popularity. Thus, reporters would always lay eyes on their latest stories, and the most favorite are their relationship stories.

Taking a couple of examples (whereby they were a couple themselves); let us talk about A-List actors, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who are also well-known as “Brangelina”. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt began their romance on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” but Angelina was reported saying she did not chase the male actor because he was married to “her best friend”. She also told Vogue magazine she never wanted to ruin Pitt’s marriage to actress Jennifer Aniston, but it just happened that way (FoxNews). However, as the saying goes “the sky is not always blue”, after being married for 2 years and 12 years of relationship, and six children later, their bond broken.

It was only in July 2015, that the InTouch Magazine started to report on the marriage of the lovebirds that was hitting rock bottom. It was first reported on July 6, 2016 that Brad Pitt was alleged to have had enough with Angelina Jolie because she was always controlling him since the first day they had relationship together. The July 6 cover of In Touch Magazine’s headline reads, “Brad And Angelina Shocker: Divorce Announcement – How It All Went Wrong After 10 Years” also talked about what could have possibly gone wrong only after just one year the couple exchanged their vows (Austin).

Image credit: InTouch Magazine Image source

However, only in the second half of the year 2016 that the news of Brangelina’s actual divorce started to circulate on the Western media. In July 2015, an article made headlines by InTouch Magazine stated Jolie has gotten furious that her husband of two years had reunited with his ex, Jennifer Aniston following the death of her mother. The actor was said to contact his ex to show his sympathy but Angelina did not take that in a good light (Sitzer). The headline was exactly a year after the magazine’s first revelation on the couple’s shaky marriage in July 2015.


Image credit: Image source


Following the shocking news by InTouch magazine, our local newspaper in its spread and also online portal reported with the headline “Tangguh Cerai Kerana Filem” on how Brangelina decided to postpone their divorce due to their then on-going movie together, “By The Sea” in which they play as a romantic couple (Utusan Online: Gareet Dawum). Utusan Online on September 22, 2016 with the title “Brad Pitt Berang Jolie Fail Cerai” reported on Brad Pitt’s anger towards Jolie’s allegation that he neglected their children that caused her to file for divorce.  (Utusan Online).

As this is the new media era, the emergence of blogs and websites especially on local and international gossips had caused a shift on the citizens’ preference in gaining information, whereby they now make as “netizens” which are the crowd of people who seek and search for information online. A famous local entertainment website, BeautifulNara, did not miss the chance to report on the sensational issue of Brangelina’s broken bond.

Quoted from the website which reads “Dunia hiburan antarabangsa hari ini dikejutkan dengan berita Angelina Jolie yang telah memfailkan penceraian terhadap suaminya, Brad Pitt. Pasangan Hollywood yang terkenal ini telah pun berkahwin sejak tahun 2014 (namun telah  bersama lebih kurang 10 tahun) dan memiliki 6 orang anak termasuk 3 orang anak angkat” (


“The international entertainment world today was shocked over the news that Angelina Jolie has filed for a divorce from her husband Brad Pitt. The well-known couple has been married since 2014 but has been staying together for 10 years. The couple has six children 3 of whom are their biological ones”.


Image credit: BeautifulNara Image source



On the other hand, local newspaper, Harian Metro through their online portal, MyMetro published an article titled “Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt bercerai” on 20th September, 2016 which stated “Angelina Jolie fail perceraian daripada suaminya   Brad Pitt selepas 2 tahun berkahwin secara rasmi. Dia juga dilaporkan menuntut hak penjagaan terhadap enam anak mereka, lapor portal berita selebriti TMZ, hari ini. TMZ mendakwa, Angelina, 41, memfailkan  tuntutan cerai di mahkamah pada Isnin lalu atas alasan tiada persefahaman dengan tarikh perpisahan dinyatakan bermula 15 September lalu” (MyMetro).

Translated as “Angelina Jolie has filed for a divorce from her husband Brad Pitt after being officially married for 2 years. Angelina was also reported to file for custody over their six children- TMZ celebrity news reported today. Angelina, 41, filed for a divorce on last Monday on the grounds of lack of understanding and the date is alleged to start from15 September 2016”.

There are some examples of reports from the western media on Brangelina’s split issue. Inside Edition interviewed Jolie’s father, who is also an actor on his daughter’s divorce. It was clearly seen from the tabloid’s action that it tried to gain more readers by doing “something more” which is by interviewing someone apart from the couple in concern.

It was made headlines with the title “Jon Voight On Daughter Angelina Jolie’s Divorce From Brad Pitt: ‘Say A Little Prayer”.  According to the 77-year-old actor he was saddened by the news. He thought that something very serious must have happened for Pitt to make a decision like she did. Moreover, it also quoted from TMZ that Jolie does not want Pitt to have any physical custody of their kids, only legal custody because Jolie “was extremely upset with his methods” of parenting (Inside Edition).

Some media outlets had also become a bit extreme when they reported on cheating allegations involving both Pitt and Jolie. As an instance, ITechPost published an article titled “Reason Of Divorce: Angelina Jolie Cheating On Brad Pitt”. Even though further in the article, it had stated that the cheating allegation on Jolie was untrue, however the way the reporter put the words in headlines showed that it was not a question, but rather a statement. The absence of the “?” mark also indicates a voiced-out statement. This is a form of a negative reporting whereby they use direct and sensational words in headlines to allure readers to click on the posts or to read them. The words used in the headlines sometimes contribute to defamation, because they are often put in a manner which is confusing to the public or even carry multiple meanings and contain innuendos.

Quoted from the said website (ITechPost),

“A new report said that Angelina Jolie was unfaithful to Brad Pitt. Prior to her first divorce filing, Angelina Jolie is accused of having extramarital affairs with a billionaire while still married with Brad Pitt. The report also said that she’s now dating the billionaire”.

It did not stop there. Pitt was also accused on having an affair. They also stated, based from an unreliable report, the investigator to Pitt’s affair was even hired by Jolie herself.

Through the months the two has faced with allegations of having an affair between Pitt and his Allied co-star, Marion Cotillard. So when Angelina filed the divorce, people tend to blame Brad Pitt for what happened. In one report said that Pitt and Cotillard’s affair had been confirmed by an investigator hired by Angelina.”

Apart from that, the western media also has the tendency to twist the issues in concern. Instead of focusing on the issue of the couple’s divorce, some media tried to take advantage by exaggerating on other issues and twisting them to make the posts or reports more likeable. The Hollywood Gossip with the title “Brad Pitt’s Sons: You’re a Disappointment as a Father!” stated

Brad Pitt is not, perhaps, making the familial progress that he hopes.

It further stated, Pitt is slammed for being a “disappointment” in his sons’ eyes, and it also stated “it doesn’t get much bleaker than that”. Reports have emerged that Brad Pitt had an opportunity to take his sons to a Sublime/Offspring concert, but backed out at the last minute, leaving them heartbroken and devastated. Pax and Maddox, Brangelina’s two eldest boys, were said to be “crushed” when their dad pulled out of their concert plans last-minute. The report also claimed that the boys are not taking things between their estranged parents well at all (The Hollywood Gossip; Sarah Taylor).

A question to put in first; how is it relevant that the breaking of promise to go to a concert constitute to a major disappointment? Plus, the words used in the headlines show as if they were uttered by the children themselves while by right, they did not say anything. It was just the way of the media, and in this case, The Hollywood Gossip, to twist the issue, and manipulate the usage of words in the headlines or articles so as to become more controversial in nature. Moreover, in this case, Pitt was undergoing investigation with the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) and DCFS regarding child abuse allegation placed against him arising from his argument from their first (adopted) child, Maddox. However, an official press-release statement by the FBI had proven that Pitt did not abuse his child and that such allegations against him were cleared (US Weekly; Sierra M & Evan R.).

Hence, when The Hollywood Life published the article with such headlines, it added more “commercial value” on it, and obviously people or readerss had high tendencies to click on the post just because they thought that Pitt might really be a bad father after all. This type of reporting does not follow the journalist’s Code of Ethics. Such writing styles have a very high tendency to ignite defamation, and they may face the risk of being brought to court for civil offences.

In a nutshell, it was saddening to hear that Brangelina is no longer an “item”. What are the effects of the split? Well, there goes the “perfect relationship”, “fairytale” or “beyond romantic relationship” that public once viewed Brangelina with. A majority of the people has also set Brangelina as a “relationship goal”.

Just think about this phrase; there are not any oceans without tides, and beaches without waves. Some might say their “prefect couple” is now a memory, but those who truly know life would understand that not everything is sweet in life. While some might wish for them to reconcile and rekindle their romance, some might be eager to wait for what more the entertainment industry has yet to offer? And with that, thank you and the end.



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