Written by Farahin Mustafa

On 8th November 2016, the whole United Stated went for poll to select their 45th president. It was a match between Mrs. Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state and U.S Senator (Hillary Clinton for America) and Donald Trump, a millionaire with zero knowledge on politics. Before this, Barrack Obama held the presidency for eight years and passed the position to Donald Trump after he won the U.S election 2016. Hillary Clinton represented the Democrats at first was seen to win the election when she got support from many celebrities (Scott, 2016) however, Donald Trump who represented the Republican passed the 270 electoral college votes and won the election even though there is no support from the celebrity. It was argue that the lost was caused by lower number of voter this year. Approximately 130 million America did cast their ballots according to the statistic. . In order to win the election, both Trump and Clinton need to achieve 270 college votes and in this election, Trump secured majority college votes, 360 votes while Clinton lost with only 232 votes this time (Duncan & Levett, 2016). Trump was popular with his propaganda “Making America Great Again” seems like the only factors that led him to win.


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Six weeks before the election, a debate was held between Trump and Clinton on September 20, 2016 at Hofstra University in the city of Hempstead on Long Island. The debate was hosted by Lester Holt, 57, the respected anchor of NBC’s evening news program and has been watched by 80.6 million viewers. The main issue for the debate was gender and national security. In this debate, it seems that most of the time Clinton hit Trumpt using all the statement that was made by Trump especially on the war and middle east country.  However, Trump manipulated it by saying that he against the war while the moderator agree with Clinton, Trump just igonored it. Trump won seats across the rural midwest, but he also won several swing states, including Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Trump collected 276 Electoral College votes, compared with Clinton’s 218 (Al-Jazeera, 2016).


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After going through all the articles and the headlines, I must say that Al-Jazeera is the best news reporting ever as they fear none in searching for the truth. They have much information and have the ability to relate all the events happen and come out with assumption. The assumptions then try to reveal the truth. Howeve, no exact sources was mentioned this is because they are not seeking for interview instead they are trying to match the puzzle. Even though Al-Jazeera failed to practice reasonable journalism but they succeed in pursuing the public interest and revealing the truth.


Al-Jazeera however cannot run from its nature to be protective when it come to Islam. Their articles are more onto putting hatred towards Trump. All the predictions also talk about whatever happens, U.S. will still screw the Middle East country. Differs than Free Malaysia Today, which the article keep the words selection to make the article wise, not to blame anyone, there is predictions but not showing hatred to Trump. Free Malaysia Today trying not to be biased because this issue have no relations with them, it just that it relates to Muslim country.

The truth is that no matter what Trump decided on the Middle East Policy, Palestine would be screwed. Trump actually considers his work as a play and war is deemed peace (Warren, 2016). Trump is actually was not consistent with his decision with his global vision. He wanted to fund the Israel but at the same time want to be with the Russian and making a deal with the Saudi Arabia. No one can predict what will happen next. Trump has no background in politics, what he knows is to manipulate people and get the power. He wants power and money rather than being respected. With his propaganda making America Great Again, Trump wanted his races to be great without taking into account how lazy the white man in America. They are at their comfortable level and Trump is trying to raise the lazy bone of whites.

In a nutshell, I must say that both newspaper have their own propaganda in searching for the news to be published for the readers. Al-Jazeera is seeking for the truth while Free Malaysia Today is just a news portal trying to publish news regarding the current issues. Both predicting what Trump will do when it comes to Middle East policy but none of them can really predict what will happen because the truth is Trump is inconsistent person, his global vision did not match with what he did now. Whatever happened is, Trump would screw the Muslim country. Even though he try to manipulate his statement during the presidential election debate, but that just only for seeking support. He still hates the minority.



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Written by Mia Bazilah

i-Robot Ads

In 21st century the nation and society are becoming more matured and the mentality of the human thinking are too much different rather than previous ago. This is because the existence of globalization were brought a new phenomenon to all the nation and society to think beyond the boundaries.The cause of the globalization impacts, the whole world have their own thoughts, views, ideas, and also their own belief into a certain issues and every country has their own language as well as the way of they speak as well as the way they interpret and understand the meaning of it and also called as an international communication.

The way of media portray the issues by viewing for local media and international media regarding the crisis of the advertisement; i-robot ads.

The local media 

  1. The Star Online – “Malaysia Comes under Fire from Indonesian Ahead of Jokowi Visit”- Insulting ad against Indonesian maids triggers stern protest from Jakarta.; February 05,2015.

According to this article was explained the feedback and the emotions of the Indonesian that reflects with the advertisement of i.robot and also remind of Malaysian to ban the advertisement of irobot on the advertisement words “Fire your Indonesian maid now!” (thestar, 2015)

  1. Malay mail online – “Print apology or face lawsuit, Indonesia tells Malaysian robot  vac firm over “fire maid” ad”; February 06,2015

According to this article was explained the serious of the Indonesia ministry according to the insulting advertisement that make a bad image of the Indonesian maid and the representative of the Indonesia itself was demand request by telling the Malaysia must make apology to the Indonesian party by published the apology statement to the three local papers and to convince the Indonesian that Malaysia also concerned with the Indonesian emotions as well. (malaymail, 2015)

The international media

  1. Cirebontrustcom news and business – “Iklan Malaysia Hina Warga Indonesia, Menaker Tersinggung” , February 04,2015

According to this article was explained how the Indonesia portrayed this issues turns to make a chaos of the Indonesian of emotions and they was so mad with the advertisement that will tends to make a “crack” on the international  relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia. (cirebontrustcom, 2015)

  1. CNN Indonesia – “ Di Tengah Kontroversi Iklan Hina TKI, Jokowi ke Malaysia Esok” , February 04,2015

According to this article was explained the progress of the hot issues between Malaysia and Indonesia and regarding to this news as well explained the Prime minister of Indonesia; Jokowi  will face to the Najib regarding to the controversial advertisement. (cnnindonesia, 2015)

  • Indonesia News Online Tainment – “Lawatan Jokowi ke Malaysia , Inilah janji Malaysia pada Jokowi” , February 06,2015

According to this article was explained Malaysia was responsibility by taking an action to the controversial issues by doing an apology to the Indonesia nation as well and will take further action on the advertisement of Irobot Company that were located in Malaysia. (online, 2015)



Written by Atiqah Ramli


Water source is the important element to human life. Clean water supply also will improve the quality of live such as avoid us from any diseases. Today, water supply will be considered as a part element that helps to generate the economy in each country. Water resource also has the high of commercial values in each country. Each country should take some action to control the use of water resource for long-term planning. Singapore is one of the countries that will consider as a water-stressed country as having lack of water resources. Singapore is highly depending on Johor in order to obtain additional water supplies to distribute to their citizen (Ruhana , 2007). Singapore’s water resources are very limited in where almost 50% of the Island Singapore used as a catchment area for this country. Share meets the needs of clean water sources in Singapore, the country gets water resources of the catchment area of Johor estimated 98,000 acres or 70% of the land area of Singapore.

Basically, Singapore and Johor problem is referring to an agreement between the governments of Malaysia and Singapore. Water supply to Singapore has always been a political burden to Malaysia because it is regarded as advantageous in many ways, particularly Singapore extreme-cost, extremely low. This is mainly because Singapore only pays 3 cents per thousand gallons, while Melaka buy water from Johor at the rate of 30 cents per thousand gallons (Asyraf, 2013). However, in 2011 the first agreement with Singapore will expire, and Singapore does not intend to renew it. Singapore authorities rejected the renegotiation of the agreement as consider it a challenge Singapore’s sovereignty as an independent state. The Malaysian government also considers it does not challenge the sovereignty of Singapore, as it is contained in the terms of the original agreement.


Malaysiakini News Portal

Malaysiakini was published in 1999. Malaysiakini is one of the independent media that always been used by the public in order to get some latest information that happened around them. The advancement of technology have given some impact on the way people find and received the information. This independent media news portal was believed that their media agency will able to inform the citizen with current affairs, helping them to holds the government of the day accountable through the citizen, participation and voting decision. Since Malaysiakini was established from 1999 until now. Today, this independent news portal was grown up into Mkini group which includes business news portals, online video site which is, electoral information,, exclusive digital marketing advertising agency FG media, Kinibooks which is independent book that have launched this year and

Malaysiakini always takes such a great pride in its independence. This organisation strives their independently without depending by government or corporate influence by asking the readers to pay their subscription fee and a place that give some availability to other company to promo their product through online advertising. Both contribution from their readers and other organisation will helps this media organisation to stay established and grows up as media news portals among readers in Malaysia and worlds.

The Straits Times Singapore News Portal

This online news portal have supported the reader with the comprehensive coverage the worlds news such as East Asian News, Southeast Asian news, home news, sport news, financial news and news that related to the lifestyle. The updated information about the current issues that happen throughout the world make The Straits Times Singapore have the visitor that visit this portal.The style of reporting of the news such as the quality of the news, in-depth analyses and supported with breaking news will give the overview of the issues or event that happen in Singapore and also in worlds. The Strait Time Singapore also their own strength that have been consider as the world class coverage especially the current issues that happen in and out of the country.



Headline is the first elements that play such a huge role in attach the audience and also attract the audience to read the news article. Basically, most of people who are want to know the issues that happen around them by read the headline only and the percentage of the reader that read the whole article are less. Due to this problem the journalist need to find the effective way in order to attach their audience with journalist headline. The most effective headline news article is simple and short but the headline can give overview and references to the reader (Kevin , 2015).Based on this news article, the headline that have been written by the journalist is more catchy because the words that have been used is try to highlighted and try to portray on the truth situation that happen between Singapore and Johor. As example “Singapore supplies more water to Johor amid dry spell” (Malaysiakini, 2016). The writer has using that kind of words in order to attract reader to reads this article. The words actually simple but it gains the huge impact.


Chronology also the importance element that journalist need to highlighted in portraying the incident that happen. Through chronology, the readers will get the overview on the timeline of the cases that happen although they do not exist in the place where it happened. There are several aspect that journalist need to follow such as factual, objective, clear and complete with timeline. Basically through observing through both article between Malaysiakini and The Strait Time Singapore, both news portal have explain clearly regarding the issues that happen from the past few years until now. All the history of agreement also been stated in this news portal in order to make the reader understand the core of this issues.


The interview quotation in news article also the important the element that will grab the attention of the readers to read the news article. Basically, the interviewee in news article that suitable for journalist to interview is people who are become the victims in this issue and the responsible people to this matter. The expertise towards this issue also suitable because readers will interested towards the opinion from them based on the issues that happen. Malaysiakini news portal also being balance and also have gain some opinion from the opposition parties regarding this problem. Through this interview or quotes that have been made by journalist, readers also will compare and value the statement that has been given by the both parties. Compare to The Strait Times of Singapore, the journalist also gain some interview from responsible people towards this issues.


In news reporting, journalist has their freedom to express their opinion about any issues in writing the news article. But the message that have disseminate should have their limit and avoid from dropping any party. Message also the information that has been written by the journalist to make the reader aware with the situation. Malysiakini news portal have explain that to the reader in their news article that, if this situation cannot control properly it will give the huge tendency to give the impact towards the relationship between Singapore and Malaysia. In Malaysiakini article with the title “Johor need expertise to run and manage water resources. In this article, the journalist try to give some opinion on the issues the happen between this both of country and also try to state some solution towards this matter for the both country.


In reporting the news article, the journalist also has their own agenda and propaganda that need to arcived by using their readers. Propaganda which is the information that has been written but there are hidden agenda that the readers does not know. Sometime propaganda will become positive and negative. Basically, the words of propaganda always refer to the political journalist or nationalist setting. The words of propaganda have been use start from World War II in order to promote the ideas (Shamsiah & Ahmad Sufian , 2014).Propaganda also the medium that have been used by the journalist to exposed the factual of the cases and opinion of the journalist that will influence the readers to motivated them in order to make any action or change the behavior (Renee & Sandra , 2015).  In other words, propaganda sometime depends on the motives of the journalist write up or raise up that issues (Cunningham, 2002). The propaganda that have shown by both news portal is to highlight on the people that involved in this issues and try to maintain and take care the reputation of the both countries. Both news portals have play the huge role to represent their country and become the mediator towards the issues that happen in their country to the readers.


Based on the observation and comparison from this two news portal, Malaysiakini are being balance in reporting this issues and the issues that have been highlighted basically on the action that have been taken in order to settled this matter and o voice out the problem of water supply on behalf of Johor citizen compare to The Straits Time Singapore that unbalance in reporting because all the statement that come out from this issues is all about to defend the Singapore and the same time to blame Malaysia. This is to show the propaganda that will used by the newspaper in order to give the bad reputation to Malaysia.


In conclusion, through observation and analyses for both newspapers from both side is the leaders of the two countries, Malaysia and Singapore are using the water issue is to raise the spirit of patriotism and strengthen the public support to the respective governments. Self-interest controversy exists regarding this, which does not provide any benefit to the people of many if not resolved. Unfortunately, this controversy is compounded further by other problems, such as the demands of the White Hill, the railway land in Tanjung Pagar, the reclamation of the Tebrau Straits and savings of Malaysian workers in Singapore. As a Malaysian citizen, we hope that this situation will be control properly from this situation became for the both countries and also for the sake of good relations between Singapore and Malaysia as well as peace in the ASEAN region, we urge the leaders of both countries submerge sentiment and act rationally. We sincerely urge the leaders of Malaysia and Singapore put aside their egos and immediately tries to find a solution through negotiations.


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Written by Diyana Khairron


Elective abortion that is the elective termination of pregnancy by women’s own request and desire is unjustly takes the life of an innocent human being and it is a moral wrong either through science, history and human rights. Whereas from science concluded that the pre-born is human. Abortion says some humans are not persons while from history stated that we must not separated humanity from personhood and human rights says that the pre-born has the right to life.

Not only that abortion is a moral wrong, but it also has the after effect where many potential complications have been associated with abortion. Nevertheless, though that it is a moral wrong, yet many women are somehow conflicting and be relate to as they are two different kind of perspective that cause the conflicting towards abortion issues as both are clearly being separated into “Pro-Life, the right to give life’ and “Pro-Choice”: The right to take life.

While abortion is a never ending issues as different people have different perspective about it. Not to mention, the women who are in desperate position to do abortion. Thus, all of this will result in different action. Due to that, abortion issues has been chosen in comparing how the local media and international media portray the issues and to what extend.

Image credit: quotesgram Image source

The local media to look upon to for abortion issue is Utusan Online. Utusan online is the online version of Utusan Malaysia printed newspaper and it is a Malay language newspaper published in Malaysia. Utusan Malaysia was first published as Utusan Melayu in romanised (Jawi) version in 1939. In the year of 1997 is the launch of “Utusan Malaysia On-Line”, it is the Malaysia’s first Online Newspaper in full text and visuals. The service is provided in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia, enables pay-subscribers to read online. While for the international media chosen is the online version of ‘The Guardian’. The Guardian is a British national daily newspaper. It was first known as The Manchester Guardian until 1959, and now known as ‘The Guardian’. In recent 2009-2010, the Guardian has significantly developed and expanded its digital operations. Guardian News & Media announced plans to become a digital-first organization, placing open journalism on the web at the heart of its strategy.

Throughout the comparison it has come upon that the local media do play its role effectively by being very proactive and committed in disseminating issue on abortion and explicitly to tell that abortion is a moral wrong and clearly stated the consequences the doers will have to face if commit such act.

Nevertheless, it can be seen that both media has done great work in portraying the issues of abortion and has fulfilling their media responsibility as the fourth estate successfully. However, there are significant difference in how both medias portray the issues. These may be due to different of government policy, religion believe and culture.

As for the local media, Utusan Online has shown its ability to transmit implicit or hidden message and knowledge through its news reporting on the article of “Pengguguran – Bukan cara merancang keluarga” posted on 9th August 2005 which further explains that abortion does not only happen among teenagers or women who are pregnant as a result of adultery, but also happen among the married women who do not want the child she carries. Based on this article, Utusan Online has successfully deliver information that maybe most of Malaysian people do not aware about as we usually may think that abortion only become a problem among the unmarried women who became pregnant, but it turns out abortion also occur among the married women and perhaps this matter can be highlighted as it should not be happening among the married couple.

Utusan Online also has reported many news articles on abortion. Among the news reported articles are “Pengguguran – Isu yang makin kiritikal” posted on 20th October 2016 that stated abortion is becoming more critical issue, but still this problem has been ignored. This article calls the people to be more concern on abortion issue and take this matter seriously.

Throughout this news article searching, it is discovered that Utusan Online has been very informative and effective in disseminating information not only on abortion cases that happened in Malaysia, but as well as letting the public know the after effect of it and how the situation really is in Malaysia. With all the reported articles, it should have given the people in Malaysia the awareness to act and do something in order to avoid abortion from continually happen among the Malaysian especially the teenagers.

Towards the legal practices, Utusan Online has reported one article of “Gugur bayi penjara tujuh tahun” that stated the offender of abortion will be sentenced to prison for 7 years. This is because from the legal perspective, the act of abortion is very serious as it causes death. Not only that, the legal practices in Malaysia also stated that abortion cannot be done without reasonable reason. This in a way to tell the people the consequences of abortion and in what situation only abortion is allowed to be make.

In the matter of religion aspect, the local media, Utusan Online is discovered to not have that much news reporting article on abortion issue that relates with religion sentiment. This may due to that Islam is the official religion in Malaysia and the fact that Islam forbidden the act of abortion unless it threatens the life of the mother. Therefore, people in Malaysia know that elective abortion is not allowed. However, there are news reporting articles on “Pegguguran – Bukan cara merancang keluarga” posted on 9th August 2005 translated as “Abortion is not a way for family planning” and “Akses mudah lakukan pengguguran” posted on 27th April 2011 translated as “Easy access to do abortion” stressed that abortion is clearly stated as illegal in Islam and is considered as a great sin.

Utusan Online has also posted another article towards the recent case of Zika with abortion titled “Subra: No abortions allowed for Zika-infected pregnant mothers” posted on 6th September 2016, whereas in the articlet, the Malaysia Health Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniamsaid that he welcomed Federal Territories Mufti Datuk Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri’s approval for abortion in such cases but said that the law only allows abortion if the mother’s life is at risk and not the child’s. According to him again, this is what is allowed in our system which had taken into consideration the religious stand and reminded all that not all pregnant mothers infected with Zika would end up delivering babies with disabilities. Thru this article, we can see see how religious sentiment is being taking into account, even though the law of abortion in religion aspect has been known. This has showed the effort of Utusan Online in giving awareness to the public on the dangerous of abortion and support the people to avoid abortion.

It is also discovered that Utusan Online has been transparent in reporting news regarding abortion. This can be seen when Utusan Online provided the exact and real image of death fetus in most of news reporting on abortion. Another article of “Akses mudah lakukan pengguguran” posted on 27th April 2016 showed how the local media, Utusan Online has shown transparency as the content of the article is stated in a form of conversation between a doctor and the writer. The conversation is the original conversation between a doctor and an offender in which writer disguised as a woman who want to make an abortion. The conversation includes the explanation of abortion process, several ways that are made available for abortion in most of the private clinics in Malaysia and the fee charged.

Based on the above mentioned article, it can be assumed that it is very easy to make an abortion and women can even choose which way they like and comfortable with. This has indirectly acted as an additional information for those who never knew that there are privates’ clinics out there that run a service like this. This may even lead for more abortion as people have known that there are places to do abortion. However, if we look at the perspective ways, Utusan Online is actually trying to tell people by emphasizing on the fact that it is just so easy to get medical help for abortion from private clinics, therefore, parents and community should be alert on this matter and be more cautious especially on their teenagers and to never think that in this era, the youngs will not dare to reach to this level as cases of abortion is getting increased.

Moving to international media, it is found that there are not much cases on abortion reported by The Guardian. Therefore, it may be indefinite for the people to see what is the current situation is like. Though the international people especially in UK have more freedom in speech and they do fight for what they believe in which some are pro right which accept abortion and some are pro life which go against the abortion. They do get to voice out their opinion, but it would have been better if cases of abortion are being reported in public so that the public are aware. However, this may be not that crucial to them as abortion is legal in the UK, therefore, it may seem like it is not such a big critical issue.

In term of legal perspective, abortion is legal in England up to 24 weeks under the Abortion Act 1967. However, if there is a substantial risk to the woman’s life or fetus abnormalities, there is no time limit. There is also no age limit for treatment. This legal aspect that has been portrayed has lead to the situation in the article by The Guardian that stated “Irish woman live-tweets journey for abortion in Great Britain” posted on 20 August 2016. This shows how the people in other country willingly and excited to come to Britain to do the abortion to the extend to live-tweets the actions due to abortion is legal in UK.

In the perspective of political, there is political influence through the article of “Why It Matters: Abortion in U.S. presidential race” posted on 17th October 2016. It is known that the United State of America is among the country that hold the biggest power in the world, therefore somehow, what happen in the U.S.A does matter and may affect another country as well. In this article, the democrat Hillary Clinton supports access to abortion, while Trump been inconsistent but now appears against abortion. This article highlighting and examining the issue at stake in the presidential election and how they affect people whereby if it is a Clinton victory, it could strengthen the court’s current 5-3 majority that supports abortion rights and this will be supported by the people who are pro right. While if it is a Trump win who is a pro life and against the abortion could lead to a reconfigured court that would uphold tough state laws restricting abortion and possibly consider overturning Roe V. Wade, the 1973 decision that established a nationwide right to abortion.

Further on religion sentiment, one of the reason why the Northern Ireland’s abortion laws are different to the rest of the United Kingdom is due to its religious belief in which Northern Ireland’s status as the most religious part of the UK. Therefore, though abortion is legal in Northern Ireland but only under strict criteria and actually has never applied in Northern Ireland. Perhaps because of abortion is legal in UK, there is not much cases that have been reported by The Guardian. According to this one article in which The Guardian classify as Northern Ireland’s shame, titled “Northern Ireland woman takes NHS to court over abortion law” posted on 2rd November 2016. This article mentioned about a Northern Irish teenager who as a fifteen year old had to go to England to terminate a pregnancy, and is challenging the NHS’s refusal to fund abortions for women from the region in the supreme court. However, the health service has so far refused to pay for abortions for women from Northern Ireland who travel to England for terminations. This can be concluded that though abortion is legal, however, the desperate action taken by the people to do abortion is viewed as a shame.

Finally, The Guardian has been found to be transparent and fair by reporting any view and event on every parties as well as individual. Most of the news reporting articles display the protest rally made by the women in the United Kingdom as to preserve their rights to do abortion.

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In overall, the local media, Utusan Online has the inclination to use the approach of persuading the people to not do abortion by keep updating on abortion cases happen in Malaysian and keep reminding the people on the religious and law perspective as well as the after effect of abortion. These approaches are alternately being used in news reporting so that to put public on the alarm state and ne aware of the issue.

While for the international media, they are more lenient and reports views and event on different party or individual as they have greater freedom in speech and that the law they hold legalize abortion. They also are very transparent and fair in delivering the message even when involving the politicians as they let the public to decide.


Therefore, both local both local media, presented by The Star Online and international media, presented by The Guardian has successfully fulfil their duty as the fourth estate for abortion issues.


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Written by Fikri Ajlan

In the modern advancement of technology today, internet plays a major role in our lives in many aspects. It give us the unlimited access of information and it brings a lot of advantages such as seeking information for our assignments, bettering our lifestyles and gaining relevant knowledge. Same goes with journalism, we used to read or watch news story on television and newspapers but as time passing by, online journalism has emerged and it has bring a whole new perspective of journalism.

New media bring with them new opportunities for news organizations to participate in unique storytelling experiences and audience engagement. The interactive nature of these new information and communication technologies (ICTs) has challenged news organizations to rethink their traditional journalism roles and practices (Chung, 2008).


Image credit: Stacksocial Image source


Malaysia has numerous publications and newspapers such as Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Sinar Harian (and many mores) and to keep up with the current trend of technology, they have created their own online platforms and come up with their own target audiences. These online platforms have proven to be one of the main sources for news story because accessibility of the platforms. Not to forget, new news online portal such as Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider have also established because the amount of internet users keep increasing year by year.

The existence of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twiiter and Youtube have opened up many possibilities in which sharing opinion can be done in a broaden audiences (as anything on the Internet can go viral) moreover when the news story is linked between any of them. On the other hand, social networking sites (SNS) has become a huge phenomenal in Malaysia and almost every internet users have their own SNS. Compared to before, our ancestors didn’t have this advantage to voice out their opinion freely and vastly, so through SNS, we can share our opinions and use it as a medium of discussion as it is more efficient and people (sometimes, even the authorities) seems to take more notes when something being posted on social media. SNS can be a very good and safe medium as long as it’s safely used by everyone.

On September 16 2016, a video of a schoolboy being violently assaulted has gone viral on social media and the terrible part about that video is that instead of helping the victim, the other classmates were seen rooting for the bully. In the two-and-a-half-minute clip, we can see the victim was punched, kicked, slapped and had a plastic chair thrown at him as well as put in a chokehold in a classroom. Some of the classmates sat around and watched the fight, while some were seen recorded the intense brawl on their smartphones.

Most of the netizens were left to frustration and angered by the video and questioned the whereabouts of the teachers. The video has received over 90,000 views and over 5,000 shares since it was uploaded.Based on the statement given from Bukit Aman spokesperson,the incident took place at a school in Putatan, Sabah and the victim’s father had lodged a police report on September 6.

On the other hand, due to the power of social media and instantaneous response from the users, it has proven that it could help in fasten the work process for the police. Based on the article posted by FreeMalaysiaToday on October 25 2015 titled “Two nabbed after snatch theft video goes viral”, two brothers were arrested in Kampung Rantau Panjang, Klang, for an alleged snatch theft involving a 56-year-old lady after the recording of the closed circuit television on the incident was widely spread on social media.

Huffington Post is one of the biggest online news portals in America and I have came across a lot of social media-related news story.  One of them which was posted 13 April 2016, titled “You Are Special’: Judge’s Emotional Speech To Troubled Teens Brings Courtroom To Tears” tells about a County Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin in which her speech has gone viral while speaking to the group of youngsters as part of “Consider the Consequences,” a program organized by the local sheriff’s office in reaching young people who’ve had a history of discipline problems or crime.

Another article came into light when Joe Liu was photographed walking in soaked office attire while his umbrella protected his small son from the pouring rain. The picture, posted across SNS with the headline “Dads,” quickly went viral in the U.S. as well as in Liu’s origin native, China. Liu aka “Umbrella Dad,” is a former diplomat who currently works on Wall Street where he leaves his office at 5pm every day to pick up his son, Rhodes in Flushing.

Due to his recent fame (thanks to social media), Liu has set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for “Umbrella Dad,” by posting articles relating to education and parenting. But that is not the main reason for the webpages as his ultimate goal is to use media exposure as a platform to set up a charity to help children in China, particularly in the rural areas.

In conclusion, from what I’ve read from both local and international coverages regarding social media, I would say that there are a bit of differences on how Malaysian media and American media highlight the importance of social media.


Image credit: Image source


For example, the portrayal of social media news story in Malaysia is more on how the users interacted with each other on virtual space and how social media is fully utilized by Malaysians. The writer usually put users’ comments and thoughts in the article and how the story can bring everyone together in solving the issue. Whereas in Huffington Post, the social media news story is more about telling the story itself in hopes it can catch the readers’ eyes and ears, and somehow create a sense of empathy to the audiences. They usually use a lot of emotion when it comes to writing a news story that related to social media.

Both local and international newspapers seem to acknowledge the power of social media and as long as the journalism industry and we as the users know how to benefits the usage from SNS, it forever will be a powerful tool in discussing, exchanging and spreading information and awareness about anything.



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FMT. (2016, October 25). Two nabbed after snatch theft video goes viral. Retrieved November 13 from Free Malaysia Today.

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Vale. P. (2016, April 19) . How The ‘Umbrella Dad’ Is Using His Viral Fame For Good. Retrieved November 13 from Huffington Post.


Written by Mahathir Ahamad

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch devices. The game is the result of a collaboration between Niantic and The Pokémon Company, and was initially released in selected countries in July 2016. In the game, players use a mobile device’s GPS capability to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on the screen as if they were in the same real-world location as the player. The game supports in-app purchases for additional in-game items.

The game’s extended launch began on July 6, 2016, with releases in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Due to server strain from high demand upon release, Niantic CEO John Hanke stated that the release in other regions was to be “paused until Niantic was comfortable” fixing the issues. European releases started on July 13, and the game became available to most of the continent over the following ten days. Although the game was proposed to be released in France on July 15, it was postponed until July 24 out of respect and due to safety concerns following a terrorist attack in Nice on July 14.

In South Korea, the game was not officially released as major restrictions on the use of online mapping data exist. However, due to a glitch, a small area around Sokcho in the northeastern part of the country was considered a part of Niantic’s North Korea mapping region, making the game fully playable in that area. Numerous people took advantage of the gap to play the game. Bus tickets from the capital city of Seoul sold out and people living within Sokcho shared information on free Wi-Fi areas to tourists. In mainland China, Google services are banned by the Great Firewall. Players of Pokémon Go in China bought Australian App Store IDs and used a GPS spoofing app to use Google services. Many Chinese people downloaded a clone app called City Spirit Go, which was released shortly after Pokémon Go’s beta test in Japan.

When launched July 6,  Pokémon Go proved from the start that it could be much more than a global pop culture craze for gamers. There’s more behind this game than searching Pokémon’s at your local landmarks, firing red Poke Balls, sprinkling stardust and capturing points on a smart phone. The real take-away from Pokémon Go is that it shows market transitions can come from anywhere; even a game meant for kids of all ages.

Days after the game’s launch in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, players shared images and tales on social media of dangerous encounters, such as Pokémon popping up near subway tracks. In O’Fallon, Mo., four teens waited at PokéStops in order to rob arriving players, police said. Law enforcement has warned people to be mindful while exploring. Looking at the scenario mention above, the writers have decided to pick The Star Online for their local news on Pokémon Go and Cable News Network (CNN) for their international news on Pokémon Go. Thus, we will able to see the evidence related to the coverage, issues and social implications among the society whom affected to this global craze.

The Star Online views: According to a news publish in the Star Online, citizen, Lum Choi Yan, 24, said she was shocked to see a man at her front door, pointing his mobile phone to the roof of her house, believe to be playing Pokémon Go. The guy said he was chasing after a ‘Pokémon’, which had flown over the roof from the playground nearby. This has created a serious safety issues as many people were already hooked and if not careful, the game could be a safety hazard and public nuisance as reported in several countries.  Pokémon Go players could easily be detected especially at crowded areas, while targeting place such as mosques and temples, high-rise buildings or secluded areas.

Another issues that infected societies due to Pokémon Go as reported by The Star Online was how it decreased moral value and competencies. For example, player would go to secluded places with a damaged signboard or behind a public toilet may be suddenly swarmed by people, all because of the game, and somehow ignored public and personal safety. People should not wander onto properties where they are not allowed. Another citizens, Tieu Chect Hou, 28, said a teenage girl, who was so engrossed hunting Pokémon, almost walked into him while he was having lunch at a restaurant in Pudu. The girl walking up and down with a mobile phone in hand and smiling by herself. She was so oblivious to her surroundings, bumping into people without apologizing.  He said since Pokémon Go was launched, many people had been acting strangely, gathering at certain spots to play with their phones and causing traffic jams.

Pokémon Go has led to some being fired. The game has proven to be a huge hit here, but it is game over for some who persistently played it during working hours. Six employers have dismissed workers for playing the popular location-based game while at work, reveals a survey by the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF). As it continues to “level up” on popularity, the game has spawned a culture of people walking around in search of cyber monsters in their homes, parks, workplaces, commercial areas and even places of worship. But the addictive, augmented reality game is worrying the MEF to that employees will not be giving their best at work.

Any issues can be used as the weapon in persuading the publics and automatically, enhance the user’s image and shaping the audiences opinion. The Star Online highlights few individual and organizations in giving their opinions, which sometimes can be seen as the strategies in gaining political influences. The Government should ban the release of Pokémon Go in Malaysia as it would only promote social ills among the youths, said Abdul Rani Kulup Abdullah, president of Pertubuhan Martabat Jalinan Muhibbah Malaysia (MJMM). He add that the augmented reality game would also destroy the faith of Muslims, as it could lead to obsession and could be detrimental to children’s development as their minds would be filled with cartoons.

The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) also has urged all Muslims in the country to refrain from playing Pokémon Go. They does not allow Muslims to engage with the game based on a variety of factors including its harmful effects. This decision is in line with the view of law in other Islamic countries proving Pokémon Go game causing harm leading to incidents that claimed lives. The game also has significant negative impact on children and teenagers,” 

CNN views: There is actual measurable data now that suggests reckless Pokémon hunting really does distract drivers and pedestrians. The research, published Friday in JAMA Internal Medicine, analyzed tweets and news items to piece together a picture of Pokémon-related traffic incidents. The results showed that, within a 10-day span, there were 14 crashes reported to involve Pokémon Go. Even scarier, pedestrians and drivers distracted by the game sent more than 100,000 tweets during that time. The researchers reviewed 4,000 tweets between July 10 and 20 and decided whether the tweets showed driver distraction, pedestrian distraction, or other traffic-related Pokémon topics like safety warnings or even humorous tweets from passengers.

The foreign media has diverse opinions on the issue of Pokémon Go, where mostly they will highlights the guidance issues on players, especially on minors.  The most desirable Pokémon destinations are called Pokestops and Pokémon Gyms, and they are often found in public or community places such as parks and churches. Because of their popularity, this is where your child will most likely encounter other players, both children and adults. And when we talk to our children about being aware of their surroundings, they will keep an eye on trespassing private property. Police are reminding the public not to trespass, as some Pokémon Go players are wandering off paths and over fences.

Instead of reporting the negative impact upon this global craze, they might have uncover some potential outcomes in dealing with Pokémon Go issues. The game’s augmented-reality feature and method of rewarding players who go to Pokestops located at popular landmarks in their communities have led people to be more interactive than normal while playing video games. Lenore Koppelman is the mother of 6-year-old Ralphie, who has autism and hyperlexia, which is associated with verbal language difficulties. She has also found “Pokémon Go” useful in helping her son socialize with other kids. (‘Pokémon Go’) involves a finite set of interesting characters that is consistent, stable. Kids with autism often like things that are like this that are list-based or concrete or fact-based. They’re very good at learning about things and memorizing things, so not only is this a shared area of interest, it’s an area in which the kinds of strengths with autism can shine.

No one right now knows the staying power of Pokémon Go. It might be popular for a week, a month or a year.  Some people feel like its popularity is already on the decline. During the middle of July, no one could stop talking about Pokémon Go. It was the hottest trend around. Comparing to the international media and the local media, there’s a similar approach and perspective highlighted by the author which is mostly the negative impact towards Pokémon Go craze. This might be due to the consequences that arise among the societies which suddenly behave weirdly when they engaged with this applications. Also, due to this issues, national securities and the breach of private space is among the highest story reported in both news portal. This might be the reason why the editor or the journalist try to help and encouraged the government by publishing such issues in order to enhance control measures upon this phenomenon.


Written by Siti Murni

HINDRAF or Hindu Rights Action Force (Malay: Barisan Bertindak Hak-Hak Hindu, Tamil: ) with its slogan of People’s Power began as a coalition of 30 Hindu non-governmental organisations committed to the preservation of Hindu community rights and heritage in a multiracial Malaysia. HINDRAF has made a major impact on the political landscape of Malaysia in staging the 2007 HINDRAF rally.

Background of the Media

Local media: Utusan Online      

Utusan Malaysia (literally translated from Malay to English as “The Malaysian Courier”) is a Malay-language newspaper published in Malaysia. Distinctive for its blue masthead as its logo and trademark, Utusan Malaysia was first published in Jawi in 1939. Utusan Malaysia became an influential medium for the people to voice out their opinions towards the ruling of the British Government in Malaya.

International Media: Reuters

Reuters is an international news agency headquartered in Canary Wharf, London, England, United Kingdom and is a division of Thomson Reuters. Until 2008, the Reuters news agency formed part of an independent company, Reuters Group plc, which was also a provider of financial market data.

Image credit: Image source


Between propaganda clear in this issue is the relationship with the political Hindraf demonstration is illegal demonstration involving racial issues in Malaysia. According to the newspaper, this press jug questioned Hindraf demonstration as a struggle or to retard the country’s political system. Statement Utusan Malaysia could lead to anger by the Indians as they be little their efforts. While according to Reuters, Hindraf demonstration occurred because businesses Indians who want to defend their rights while they want to complain there is racial discrimination in the society. In addition, there is a statement in which they declare Hindraf demonstration intended to incite Malaysia because there are allegations of ethnic cleansing practices. There are statements exaggerating because Hindraf demonstration associated with Islam and mosques. There are charges that can make the issue more distant when they began to use religion to maintain their rights. In a BBC interview, Mr Najib promised further measures to tackle the problems of the ethnic Indian minority.

Voters want change His arrival will follow a turbulent period in Malaysia, which has seen an opposition electoral revival, growing political conflict and protests from angry minority groups. Hindraf chairman today present the RM100 million suit against Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, six local media and three others for allegedly publishing the defamatory article and the organization, a few months ago. Six media is also being sued Makkal Osai Sdn. Bhd., Tamil Nesan Sdn. Bhd., The Malaysian Nanban Sdn. Bhd., MalaysiaKini.Com Sdn. Bhd., The Malaysian Insider Sdn. Bhd. and Star Publications Berhad named as defendants fifth to 10th. In his statement of claim, the plaintiffs alleged that the first defendant had to write and publish articles about false defamatory in Makkal Osai newspaper dated August 11, 2009, entitled Where is the money that has been collected RM700,000, its accounts show, Dr Ramasamy challenge the self-exiled leader. The charges were dropped as prosecutors could not provide a translation of their allegedly seditious comments. “It is a victory for the Indian community in Malaysia, but there is still a lot more work to do, he said. P Uthayakumar, one of those charged, told reporters he and his colleagues had been “maliciously prosecuted”. They charged us for sedition when we spoke the truth, he said. Activists say that policies granting jobs and economic advantages to the ethnic Malay Muslim majority leave many Hindus in poverty. Under Malaysian law, gatherings of more than five people require permission from the government.

Malaysia is gearing up for political shifts in 2009. It comes after protests by ethnic minority groups precipitated an electoral drama in 2008. He showed me around palm oil plantations in his home state, Perak, where Indian workers hack at prickly palm oil fruits with machetes. Why temples? He argues that temples were simply used to fire up sentiment for a wider Indian rights Struggle they’ve been called religious extremists but Vasantarao points out that temples are just one of several demands. There is exaggerating statement in this news where they relate religion and politics. Other than that, officials earlier confirmed they had stopped granting visas to Indian workers, in a move said to be linked to rallies by Malaysian Indians last year. If the prohibition is put in place it will affect about 140,000 Indians currently working legally in Malaysia.”There is no such thing as banning workers from India and Bangladesh, he told the BBC”. I have talked to the minister of human resources. We have never made such a decision. ‘Hindraf link’ News of the apparent ban emerged after leaders of Malaysia’s ethnic Indian community complained that Hindu priests and musicians had been denied visas. Lingering ethnic divide Authorities had already stopped issuing work visas for Bangladeshi migrant workers, arguing that labour agents were bringing in more workers than there were jobs.

Chronology of the Event

In AUGUST 31: HINDRAF lawyer, filled a class action suit on behalf 2 million ethnic Indians against the British Government at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Then, in NOVEMBER 25: HINDRAF organized a rally, as planned, to submit a 2 page memorandum to the British High Commission. Then, in DECEMBER 11: All 3 HINDRAF leaders who were charged with sedition were acquitted by the judical courts. Besides, in the year of 2008 OCTOBER 15: HINDRAF was officially banned. Moreover, in the year of 2009 MAY 9: HINDRAF leaders were release from ISA detention, after 514 days. Then, in the year of 2013 JANUARY 25: Putrajaya finally lifted its over 4-year ban on HINDRAF.

Evidence of the Event


Image credit: Image source

Image credit: Hindraf evidence of impact is when the arrival of Dr Zakir Naik to give lectures. Dr Zakir Naik is an Indian Muslim who came to Malaysia to carry out his mission. When his arrival, there was a controversy in which he was not allowed to deliver the message because he was an Indian. As is known, Hindraf is an association of India. Public lecture at UTeM initially canceled following protests from Hindraf and other Indian groups. However, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today the government has allowed the college to continue serving Zakir change the topic. Other than that, speaker religion of India, Dr. Zakir Naik, who is scheduled to deliver a lecture at the University of Technical Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) on April 17, is expected to be forced to drop the matter. This follows the direction of the Chief of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the police felt that the council cannot continue for the sake of public order and religious sensitivities in Malaysia.


Image credit: astroawani Image source



Written by Farahin Mustafa

On 26 August 2008, Manohara and Tengku Fakhry tie the knot. After several months of marriage, Manohara Odelia Pinot, Indonesian 16-years old model were being sexually abused by Kelantan Royalties. Manohara escaped from Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Sultan Ismail Petra with the helps from Singapore police during the Singapore trips to see Sultan Ismail Petra receiving medical treatment. Manohara’s mother, Daisy Fajarina, claimed that she has been barred access to see her daughter after getting married with Tengku Fakhry. After flee from Singapore to Indonesia, Manohara organized a press conference said that she was being abused sexually and was treated like an animal locked in her room (Perianin, 2009).

Image credit: tekhnorati Image source

Tengku Fakhry has succeeded in sueing both Manohara and her mother Daisy for defamation and since Manohara was in Indonesia, she decided to ignore the court order as Malaysian law limited to people in Malaysia only. The issue brings more hatred towards Malaysian. Indonesian domestic worker started to voice out their experience being sexually and physically abused by their Malaysian employer. This is to relate what being experienced by the Indonesian socialite; Manohara, is what the domestic worker has experienced. The love-hate relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia always become one of the important issues in global media.

Based on the news reporting, emphasized on the issue of Manohara experienced sexual and physical abused by Tengku Fakhry while The Star Online focus on the defamation suit made by Tengku Fakhry against Manohara. Both newspapers have their own propaganda and what differs them is the way they publish news reporting. After going through all the news article and headlines, we can conclude that Manohara claimed she was being abused by Tengku Fakhry however, the statement mostly were made by Daisy Fajarina, Manohara’s mother and it was supported by Manohara once she “escaped” from Tengku Fakhry in Singapore (, 2009) . She claimed that she escaped but Tengku Fakhry friends, Soberi, claimed that she fled voluntarily. Both are the statement made outside the court (The Star Online, 2009).

However, according to the court, Tengku Fakhry sued Manohara for defamation. Meaning that all the statement made by Manohara is untrue. People might say that Tengku Fakhry won the cases because he had money but the truth is Manohara is the one who did not gave cooperation along the proceeding. She did not go to the hearing session, her lawyers withdraw, she did not go for health examination to prove that she experienced abused and many more. From here we can say that Manohara is making a story. The best part is when she ignored all the court order and chooses to stay in Jakarta to run from the court sentence (Mageswari, 2009).

Looking back at the timeline, I must say that Daisy Fajarina and Manohara are actually planning on something. As a normal person, if royalty like me, I would do whatever it takes to make sure the royalty marry me. In this cases, Daisy claimed that they are not agreed to marry Manohara and Tengku Fakhry because of excuses like not illegal in Indonesia for girls age 16 to get married, no permission from her father and so on. Daisy had the chance to make a press statement on that issue and they had the chance to lodge a report police regarding the issue of raping but they did not instead they agree on the marriage. Looks like Daisy were happy that they finally could have the royalty as their relatives (Perianin, 2009). After she was escaped for Tengku Fakhry, instead of go for health examination to prove that she experienced such abused, they went to the media making press conference and create drama. Daisy who was known as the sexiest mum suddenly wore hijabs and tries to look decent and gain sympathy. Even OC kaligis, Manohara lawyers withdraw from the case, as Manohara did not want to go for health examination and lodge a police report. Manohara seems not serious about the case (Yusof, 2009). After that her next lawyer also withdraw because of the issue of Manohara kissing another man and the spread news about Manohara and Daisy wearing sexy and having a party. Everyone started to doubt Manohara (UTUSAN, 2012).


Image credit: Rumahmodernsederhana Image source

The truth is Daisy is trying to take advantage on the royalty however, Tengku Fakhry who own other agenda like he was gone too far by having sex with Manohara needs to be responsible, the marriage things was not for him but for the family sake, he did it but later it turns to a fight and Manohara succeed in running away. The fight might be because of Manohara was young and she wants to have fun and go clubbing and get a life but she forgot that royalty freedom is limited, they cannot go anywhere they want without any guard and so on. She forgot that fact before marrying Tengku Fakhry. About the issue not getting in touch with her mom, Manohara create drama by saying that she was being scolded by her husband and was locked in her room (here we can see that how brilliant Manohara is in manipulating things), Daisy became angry with Tengku Fakhry and wanted to take away Manohara however, Tengku Fakhry who sees Daisy as irresponsible mom (with her clubbing life, sexy attire and unhealthy lifestyle) did not want to let Manohara go. After Manohara escaped, Daisy who feels that she cannot get anything from the royalty, try to bad mouth Tengku Fakhry but end up they were sued for defamation and lastly decided to ignore the cases. Here we can see that those newspapers headline, and how Tengku Fakhry can win the case, shows that Manohara is a liar and her mum is the mastermind. This summary can be rationalized through all the news report, the gossips, the background of Tengku Fakhry, Manohara and her mum, Daisy. It is based on what reasonable man would do.



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Written by Mia Bazilah

In order to get the attention from the readers or viewers as well, the media have to do something that might be dangerous to their career or just keep in safe by doing a secure issues only with care to their career. For sure in Malaysia, there are no escape term by doing a story that might be dangerous of their career. And for sure also the government have their power to control the progress of the media itself rather than just give a fully powers to the media itself to published their issues by themselves. The reason why the government need to be monitored the media and also the progress of the issues that was created from the media practitioners as well is because of the serenity in the country itself  and trying  do not make any confuses about any issues that will manipulate the viewers’ minds. According to this study also were focused on the issues of El-Nino within year 2015 that were affected the whole world as well. This study will focus on the local media and also the international media that relates with the same issues with the different of perspectives.

The way of media portray the issues by viewing for local media and international media regarding the issues of El-Niño

The local media 

  1. The BeritaHarian(BH) Online – “El-Nino 2016 Bukan Sekadar Panas, Kering”; February 04,2016.

According to this article was explained how serious of the El-Nino phenomenon were affected to the whole of life in Malaysia in terms of the surrounding, the ecosystem of corals, the effects with the tourism as well, and also the media was explained the situation in a local area that faced with the El-Nino phenomenon and also the media how to prevent of the El-Nino and educate the readers in Malaysia to always get prepared on this coming El-Nino. (BH, 2016)

  1. Free Malaysia Today online – “This isn’t just El-Niño, it’s punishment from Allah ”; April 22,2016

According to this article was explained the attribution of the El-Nino phenomenon was a signal of the wrath of Allah on Muslims. This statement was given by the Kelantan deputy Mufti Nik Abdul Kadir Nik Muhamad and on his statement also mentioned the El-Nino phenomenon was cause of certain people refused to follow the Islamic law that will implementing the Quran. (fmt, 2016)

The international media

  1. Oxfam – “Global El-Nino and Extreme Weather – helps save lives” ; January,2016

According to this article was explained how the situation of the living of human that lives at the areas of the dry because of the El-Niño and this media was portrayed the sadness of the human faces as well as the bad situation by facing the El-Niño and need some attention to the world by doing a donation for helping them those are facing with the El-Nino phenomenon. (oxfam, global el-nino and extreme weather, 2016)

  1. DW top stories online – “ El-Nino – induced floods ravage East Africa ” , May 24,2016

According to this article was explained the sadness of situation in the country that had an extreme the El-Nino phenomenon and the media also exposed the picture of dry land, flood that effects the El-Nino phenomenon, the heavy rainfall and also exposed the need of donation to the country that had an extreme of this phenomenon. (DW, 2016)

The conclusion

The propaganda that used to the media as well sometime will ruin the nations as well and all parties in terms of the media, the society and the government must be tolerate by giving and receiving the information as well. The local media and international media needs to be matured somehow to deliver the message and have a huge responsibility to bring the readers by having the high level of knowledge and always has a positive minds as well.



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(2016, may 24). El-nino – induced floods ravage east africa.

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oxfam. (2016, january). global el-nino and extreme weather. america.

thestar. (2015, feb 2015). malaysia comes under fire from indonesia ahead of jokowi visit. malaysia.


Written by Atiqah Ramli


Masjidil Haram is the place that most of the Muslim people to perform the haji pilgrimage. In each year there are several cases that happen during the Haji. Through this situation, the Saudi authorities take some action by renovate several place in Masjidil Haram in order to some comfortable place to all people around the that to Mecca to perform the haji. Mecca have situated in Saudi Arabia. On 11 September 2015, all people around the world have been shocked by one incident in Mecca when the crawler crane collapses to Masjidil Haram. The crawler crane has been estimate 1350 ton have been collapse because of the strong wind during the incident day. This incident were killed 111 and 394 are injured. Most of the victims in this incident are from twelve different nationalities and with huge contingent are died from Bangladesh and Egyptians This incident have been classifies the worst case after the crane that have been collapse in New York City with eleven people are died.

Each year, the number of people become the victims during perform haji have increasing drastically because every year the number of people that come from different country are increased. Due to this problem, Saudi Arabia Government has taken some action by give each country certain quota in order to reduce the issues of stampede during perform their haji pilgrimage. The Saudi Arabia governments also sub some contract to Saudi Bin Laden Group for construction in Masjidil Haram. This construction company have been recognize the largest construction firm in world (Al-Jazeera, 2015).But the situation become worse when one of the crane in Masjidil Haram have collapse and this project have been responsible under Saudi Bin Laden Group. All the constructions under Saudi Bin Laden Group have been stop for investigation.



The Star Online

The Star Online is the property from Star Media Group Berhad and formerly known as Star Publication. Basically, The Star Online needs 16 years to establish the news portal online and publish to the readers. In 2008, this news portal has been rearrange back in order to give the reader are easier to navigate this news portal. The objective of this news portal is to disseminate the information to the reader by using the technology advancement. The strength of this newspaper company is they will provide the audience with many platforms in order to get the information such as print edition to online edition- paper and mobile devices. Due to the development of the internet connection among people around the world, this news portal online also supported the readers with a lot of interactive tool that give the opportunity to the user to access all the information that have been publish in this news portal freely. The interactive element that has put in this news portal is video, podcast, photo, blogs, and internet broadcasts of radio stations under The Star group. Some of the video have been posted together with the news article. This situation also helps the reader gain the overview of the case through watch the video.

The Guardian

The Guardian is the online news portal that founded by Manchaster in 1821. Before this this news portal are publish as the weekly Manchester Guardian but in 1855, it change to daily when British government lifted the stamps taxon this newspaper. In 1959, Manchester was from the name also has reflected the standing that have positive international reputation. Due to this issue, all the editors and staff also moved to Landon in 1964. Basically, The Guardian have familiar with investigative journalist, its dispassionate discussion of issues, its literary and artistic coverage and criticism, and its foreign correspondence. The paper was once called “Britain’s non-conformist conscience. The paper is owned by the Scott Trust, which also owns the Guardian Media Group. Income from the group supports the newspaper and allows it to remain financially secure. The trust ownership structure has prevented a buyout of the newspaper by larger media owners.



Headline is the important element in each news article. Basically, the headline that gains the huge impact is simple and direct to the readers. The readers will easily to understand the overview of the cases by only read the headline of the article. As the journalist or the writer of the news article, they need find the sample headline and catchy in order to grab the attention the readers to buy their newspaper. The headlines that catch attention of the readers also will help the news portal itself to grabbing attention in search engine. The readers only need to write simple words such as crane collapse, the readers will get a lot of news that related to this issue. The simple headline also gives the huge tendency to the readers to click and read the article.

Based on the headline of The Star Online and The Guardian, the journalists have using the number to describe people who are kills in incident of the Mecca crane collapse. This technique has clearly explained the overview of the main content in this article. The headline of The Star is “Crane collapse kills 107 at Mecca’s Grand Mosque ahead of hajj” by reading this headline only the reader also give the clearly information regarding the victims on the crane collapse in Mecca. The huge of the victims also will catch the attention of the journalist to read this article. It also same to the news article that publishes by The Guardian news portal with the title “Mecca crane collapse: 87 dead at Grand Mosque”. The Guardian title actually is simple are more straight forward compare to The Star.

Language and Tone

The good news article must use simple or complex language. If the writer want to use simple language, the journalist need to make sure the audience understand on the message that the journalist want to deliver to the audience. But if complex sentence, the journalist need to make sure the language will does not element of the double meaning because different people have different interpretative. Based on the overview from both news portals online, the languages that have been use are simple and easy to understand. The information regarding the Mecca crane collapse also have portray properly and also clearly to the readers. Even though the journalist used the simple words, the reliability of information also supported all the journalist statement. When it comes to tone of the news article, its good if the journalist will play with emotion of the reader but the journalist also need to be accountable towards the family victims that involved with this incident. Based on the analyses for both comparison for both article, The Stars online have used the sympathetic tone in order to describe the situation of the victim who are involve in this cases.


Chronology also the importance element that journalist need to highlighted in portraying the incident that happen. Through chronology, the readers will get the overview on the timeline of the cases that happen although they do not exist in the place where it happened. There are several aspect that journalist need to follow such as factual, objective, clear and complete with timeline. Based on this element, some analyses have make for all article by The Star Online and The Guardian. The journalist from The Star Online does not put any chronology that happen clearly compare to The Guardian that highlighted the time line of the incident with chronology time. The Guardian also provided the reader with the maps and the structure of the place that the crane collapse. Through this chronology also The Guardian also highlighted all the action that has been taken by the Saudi authorities in order to control this situation. Readers who are read this article will get the action that have been taken.


In news article, the writing skill that will attach the audience is the interviewer statement. The statements from people who are involve with the tragedy and also people who are responsible to the incident. The statement that has been highlighted by the journalist in news article will give the strength on the news article and also give the strong evident towards this incident. Based on the analyses that have made between The Star and The Guardian, both news portals have using this element in the news article. The Guardian has get the statement by the family victims towards the incident crane collapse. The valuable statement that The Guardian gets is from the King OF Saudi Arabia towards the action that has been taken by the Saudi Arabia Government towards this incident.


Journalist has their freedom to express their opinion about any issues in writing the news article. But the message that have disseminate should have their limit and avoid from dropping any party. Message is the information that has been written by the journalist to make the reader aware with the situation. The positive message that have been portray by the The Star news portal online and The Guardian portal is they keep on updated the information that happen in Mecca. Most of the readers who are following this incident are wanted to have the latest information. As example, the articles that have been publish by the The Star news portal online with the title.The positive message also been highlighted by The Guardian in the article with the title “Mecca: Saudi king vows to find cause of hajj”. This situation will give the positive information towards the reader when Saudi king come out with the statement that the incident of crane collapse in Mecca will be investigate. It also give some prove that all the victim will be defend and get compensation.


Propaganda which is the information that has been written but there are hidden agenda that the readers does not know. Sometime propaganda will become positive and negative. Basically, the words of propaganda always refer to the political journalist or nationalist setting. The words of propaganda have been use start from World War II in order to promote the ideas (Shamsiah & Ahmad Sufian , 2014). Propaganda also the medium that have been used by the journalist to exposed the factual of the cases and opinion of the journalist that will influence the readers to motivated them in order to make any action or change the behavior (Renee & Sandra , 2015).  In other words, propaganda sometime depends on the motives of the journalist write up or raise up that issues (Cunningham, 2002).

Based on some analyses on the article that have been publish The Guardian is on the article with the title “Timeline of tragedies during hajj pilgrimage in Mecca”. In this article, the journalist try to exposed all the tragic incident that have been happen towards the people who are come to Mecca in order to perform their haji. Through highlighted on the mount of the people that killed in Mecca will give the uncomfortable situation towards people who are planned to visit Mecca to perform the haji. Mind torture also happen here when the way the journalist deliver the message have shown that Mecca is not a suitable place to visit because it not safety to people. Compare to The Star Online news portal, the propaganda that have been show in this article is to show that Malaysia government have taken a lot of action towards this tragedy like our prime minister have make a deal with a Saudi Arabia government towards this matter. The journalist also portrays the compensation that has been given by the government towards Malaysia people who are become the victims towards this incident. This propaganda will consider as positive agenda in order to promoting the positive image and reputation of the Malaysia government.


Based on the observation and comparison from this two news portal, The Stars only portray on the issues towards Malaysia victims only and compare to The Guardian that cover the overall cases from all the victims from the different country based on the witness of the incident. The Guardian also manages to get the statement to Saudi King towards this incident. But The Star is more balance in reporting this case compare The Guardin that have element of propaganda which is try to prove all Muslim people by highlighted the incident and people who are killed every year during perform the hajj.

In conclusion, journalist should become the mediator to the society in order to transmit the latest information to the public. Due to this situation, information that has been received by the journalist should be verified in order to transmit the trusted information to the public. When the issues that have wrote are related to the sensitive issues such as incident that involved with a lot of victims, the journalist need to accountable will all element because all the issues that write up will catch the attention the reader.