Written by Farahin Mustafa

On 8th November 2016, the whole United Stated went for poll to select their 45th president. It was a match between Mrs. Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state and U.S Senator (Hillary Clinton for America) and Donald Trump, a millionaire with zero knowledge on politics. Before this, Barrack Obama held the presidency for eight years and passed the position to Donald Trump after he won the U.S election 2016. Hillary Clinton represented the Democrats at first was seen to win the election when she got support from many celebrities (Scott, 2016) however, Donald Trump who represented the Republican passed the 270 electoral college votes and won the election even though there is no support from the celebrity. It was argue that the lost was caused by lower number of voter this year. Approximately 130 million America did cast their ballots according to the statistic. . In order to win the election, both Trump and Clinton need to achieve 270 college votes and in this election, Trump secured majority college votes, 360 votes while Clinton lost with only 232 votes this time (Duncan & Levett, 2016). Trump was popular with his propaganda “Making America Great Again” seems like the only factors that led him to win.


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Six weeks before the election, a debate was held between Trump and Clinton on September 20, 2016 at Hofstra University in the city of Hempstead on Long Island. The debate was hosted by Lester Holt, 57, the respected anchor of NBC’s evening news program and has been watched by 80.6 million viewers. The main issue for the debate was gender and national security. In this debate, it seems that most of the time Clinton hit Trumpt using all the statement that was made by Trump especially on the war and middle east country.  However, Trump manipulated it by saying that he against the war while the moderator agree with Clinton, Trump just igonored it. Trump won seats across the rural midwest, but he also won several swing states, including Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Trump collected 276 Electoral College votes, compared with Clinton’s 218 (Al-Jazeera, 2016).


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After going through all the articles and the headlines, I must say that Al-Jazeera is the best news reporting ever as they fear none in searching for the truth. They have much information and have the ability to relate all the events happen and come out with assumption. The assumptions then try to reveal the truth. Howeve, no exact sources was mentioned this is because they are not seeking for interview instead they are trying to match the puzzle. Even though Al-Jazeera failed to practice reasonable journalism but they succeed in pursuing the public interest and revealing the truth.


Al-Jazeera however cannot run from its nature to be protective when it come to Islam. Their articles are more onto putting hatred towards Trump. All the predictions also talk about whatever happens, U.S. will still screw the Middle East country. Differs than Free Malaysia Today, which the article keep the words selection to make the article wise, not to blame anyone, there is predictions but not showing hatred to Trump. Free Malaysia Today trying not to be biased because this issue have no relations with them, it just that it relates to Muslim country.

The truth is that no matter what Trump decided on the Middle East Policy, Palestine would be screwed. Trump actually considers his work as a play and war is deemed peace (Warren, 2016). Trump is actually was not consistent with his decision with his global vision. He wanted to fund the Israel but at the same time want to be with the Russian and making a deal with the Saudi Arabia. No one can predict what will happen next. Trump has no background in politics, what he knows is to manipulate people and get the power. He wants power and money rather than being respected. With his propaganda making America Great Again, Trump wanted his races to be great without taking into account how lazy the white man in America. They are at their comfortable level and Trump is trying to raise the lazy bone of whites.

In a nutshell, I must say that both newspaper have their own propaganda in searching for the news to be published for the readers. Al-Jazeera is seeking for the truth while Free Malaysia Today is just a news portal trying to publish news regarding the current issues. Both predicting what Trump will do when it comes to Middle East policy but none of them can really predict what will happen because the truth is Trump is inconsistent person, his global vision did not match with what he did now. Whatever happened is, Trump would screw the Muslim country. Even though he try to manipulate his statement during the presidential election debate, but that just only for seeking support. He still hates the minority.



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