Written by Erda Khursyiah Basir

There are full of differences and diversity in this world. The way people look and see others may influenced by their own cultural perspectives as well as the way they were brought up.   When it comes to communication between different cultures, the questions arise is about how people in different cultures able to understand and make the communication success and achieve its goals? This kind of questions mostly take place in the workplace as there are many people from various background including race, ethnics and culture who work together  under one roof to achieve the company objectives.

The issues of how to work, manage and cope with the diversity of different cultures always arise in many organizations especially when it comes to the international companies who operates locally and involves local citizens and foreign people as well. There must be a different on how local people and foreign workers manage their works. For example when it comes to their approach to the rules, either they are rigid or flexible, the way they manage time and also about their informal and formal behavior.

Since we now move forward to the international and global business environment, there is a necessity even compulsory to learn about others cultural landscapes. The understanding on how different cultures trade and do their business as well as their marketing approach and strategies is important because it will contribute a lot to improve the people even organizations and make them able compete in the global world. The ability to learn on how different cultures communicate and manage their people will also provide better understanding on how to manage diversity of people accordingly. Once people can develop their cultural intelligence, therefore it become easier for them to communicate and mingle even understand across cultures. Therefore, it will help them for the betterment of their task for example in managing approach and marketing strategy for the organization.


Image credit: notredameonline Image source