Chemical Attack in Syria: Worth Concerning and Be Given Attention

Written by Khadijah Ibrahim

Recently on 4th April and onwards, the incident of the chemical attack in Syria has been discussed highly across the country and internationally. The chemical attack intended to kill the victims slowly, without mercy, hence leaving them to suffer before they die. This was the attack; an airstrike released the poisonous gas on the city of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province, and after a few hours, another airstrike bombed one of the clinics treating the victims. What happens to the victims were, after breathing in the poisonous gas, the victims were left squirming, choking, troubling to breathe or foaming at the mouth.  Masses were killed and these include the children. Even the rescue workers became sick dealing with the victims.

PIC - Syrian Attack Twins Died (Dja)
Syrian Attack Twin Died – (Source:

There are many chemical attacks in Syria before, but as reported by New York Times, it is the Worst Chemical Attack in Years in Syria. Not saying that the past attacks are not important, they are still considered as cruel, damaging and extremely inhumane. However, this recent attack has managed to gain the attention of people around the world. It is very paradoxical in a sense that fortunately, people start to give their attention to the crisis in Syria and give support and aid, yet unfortunately the attention, support and aid most come by when the situation has become worst. Yes, it is understandable that being humans, we can’t help ourselves from forgetting certain things, even though there are times we choose to forget and ignore. Here, the media play a massive role to inform and remind us of what happen. That is why most of the time, people’s attention, support and aid are seasonal, because the media reporting is seasonal too.

Still, the media have been a good platform to share information as well as to encourage support from people across the world. For example, if not because of the viral videos and photos of the attack on social media, the Malaysians would not have known the news soon enough.  At the same, the media report a lot of finger-pointing from different sides. Some headlines are … U.S. Blames Assad, and … Russia ‘failure allowed Syria chemical attack’. All hat and no cattle.

“Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.”

 – Benjamin Franklin

The chemical attack in Syria is indeed cruel and extremely inhumane. It is worth concerning and to give attention. Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Even though, people’s attention, support and aid, and media reporting are seasonal; we should be critical in getting ourselves involved in this issue, not just the crisis in Syria, but also any kinds of social crisis and problem like human trafficking, poverty, etc. Let’s get involved, teach, preach and spread information, donate, give prayers and more efforts can be made. Together, let’s make this world a better world!


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