Written by Illyana Helmy

It begins from the mid of 20th century where the Dutch biologist known as Nikolaas Tinbergen has discovered an odd quirk of animal behaviour. The animals in his experiments seemed to be flashier, prettier and most important was more attention grabbing versions of their natural environments. This situation defined the supernormal stimuli in which the stimuli were not precise. Apparently, the exaggerated imitation can develop a stronger pull than the actual thing, and this is the essence of the supernatural stimulus. As human, we can produce our own like candy that can become even sweeter than any existing fruits. The fact is that this comparison makes sense. People love sugar and people love sex as well. Both candy and pornography are super concentrated and have more natural sensory experiences.

In depth examination has been conducted and the results indicate that the pleasure of eating sugar is delivered the same way in terms of taste whether it comes from a fruit like strawberry or a piece of strawberry taffy. However, with pornography there is different sensory experience than the real thing since it is relying on sight and sound in place of touch. Hence between those two it is another distinctly supernormal stimulus in human which is called as food porn.

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The image is carefully arranged and filtered nicely that show a meal whether it is home cooked or restaurant served at its most appealing than ever.

anything that makes me drool – Amanda Simpson

The definition of food porn is part of senses that its visual experience of something which can make other people can smell and taste the meal. Based on the creator of the site Food Porn Daily, Amanda Simpson the word food porn represents ‘anything that makes me drool’. It is something that should create a desire that can never be satisfied. Throughout the years, in September 2004 photo-sharing website Flickr launched a “Food Porn” as one of the category. The images of food can only trigger the strong desire for real thing. By just looking at the images it may enough to cause an uptick in ghrelin, which is a hormone that causes hunger. As a conclusion food porn is more immediate and more visceral which makes us sit for hours thinking, ‘What turns your palate on?’ and ‘What is porny?’. Plus until today, in the case of food porn the researchers is still not sure what is the appeal in ogling of something that you can’t have.