Paris Attack

Written by Najiha Zainal

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The world is getting so much unsafe now. Sometimes, we are too afraid to go out from the house because of what he heard or see on news. Due to irresponsible and cruel actions of certain people, they had actually given a huge impact towards the civilians and in their daily lives. Recently, on the 13th November 2015, the incident of Paris Attack had given a shock and horrified the world on this news. Due to this, Muslims and Islam are accused of cruelty, brutality and terrorist activities as well as creating chaos to Paris. News by news spread all over the world with their own perspectives and opinions. The news on Paris Attack can be obtained from the traditional or the new media to be specific. It is undeniable that the style of reporting of the local traditional and the new media are different compared to the traditional and new media in by the international media. In Paris Attack incident, the New Straits Times and The Guardian are the chosen media to compare the style of reporting.

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The case of Paris attack happened on 13th November 2015 where it involved terrorist attacks at the football field during a football match. There were three suicide bombers who struck outside the Stade De France in Saint-Denis. After that, it was followed by shooting and suicide bombings at cafes and restaurants. At the same time the attackers also did hostage taking. There were 130 people who were killed, 368 people were injured and the other 100 were seriously injured during the incident. After the incident of the attack, Paris had made a response from what had happened. The country declared a three months emergency and banning of public demonstrations, blocked websites that enhance terrorism and many more. There were many assumptions made by the civilians regarding the case. Many of the

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media had numerous and variety of information. As readers, we need to understand that we need to be critical and analytical in reading the cases from different sources of media. This is because the style of reporting differs from one source to another; basically that is what making the media different from one another. The readers cannot depend solely on one source because the readers need to compare the news reported to identify the most credible source.

Here is the chronology of Paris Attack incident:-

  • 20 P.M

State De France

During a soccer match between France and Germany, an explosion was detonated outside the stadium north of Paris.

  • 30 P.M

State De France

A second explosion was detonated outside the stadium. The body of a second suicide bomber was found later, with an explosive vest identical to the first, according to Molins.

  • 32 P.M

Rue de la Fontaine au Roi

Five people were killed in a shooting outside a bar in Paris’ 11th district, according to the prosecutor.

The attackers arrived in a black car, the prosecutor said.

  • 53 P.M

Stade De France

A third explosion at the stadium was detonated. The body of a suicide bomber was discovered later, according to the prosecutor.

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In conclusion, the style of reporting is a vital thing that needs to be taken care of to approach the readers to read the news. The reporters play the role in delivering the news efficiently and effectively so that the news will reach the readers well. At the same time, they have to capture the readers’ attention so that the readers will agree with whatever the media is reporting. On the other side, one of the benefits of the news reported is actually to shape the people’s attitude, beliefs and behaviors. The news reporting in local scene is far different than news reporting in the international scene. With the freedom of press that they have and practice, they can write anything that they want with limited restrictions. Therefore, their news are more reliable, trustworthy as well as credible in nature.

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