My Convocation

Written by Atikah Rusli

One would not expect to feel sad during a period of joy in one’s life. Since, this is the convocation week; I would like to share my convocation story. On 24th April 2016, it was the day that I was waiting to accept my scroll as a Master’s Degree student. However, this was the day that I will never forget; I lost my father on this beautiful day. Other companions received flowers from their loved ones on their historic day, but I had to lay flowers on my father’s grave.


My father passed away in the morning of 25th April 2016 due to cancer. This was the day that changed our family’s entire life. Nevertheless, I became stronger and motivated to fulfill my father’s last wish; to get PhD for myself. Life must go on, but the memories of a loving and supportive father will forever remain in my heart. For the rest of the world who are receiving their scrolls for their hard work, I want to congratulate and advise all of you to keep on moving forward no matter how hard life hits you, always stand up and smile as the saying, never fully dressed without a smile. =)


Written by Siti Atikah binti Rusli


Faculty hospitality, tourism and entrepreneurship

University Malaysia Kelantan