Why Smiles Are Contagious

Written by A.Azim

Humans have lots of facial expressions; however, the most notable are the ‘smiles’. Believe me, when you smile at someone even if it’s a stranger, 80% of the time they’ll smile back at you. They will be triggered to smile back either consciously or unconsciously.

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Smiles are considered as a body language, which tells how happy you are at the moment. They also act as a universal understanding which could be as simple as a form of greetings. We were taught as kids to always smile at others to show how friendly we are. Plus, they also make the surrounding feel better.

Smiles are contagious because they act as a never-ending chain that will keep on going. It is called as “emotional mirroring.” You somehow reflect back at what you saw as a quick response. That is why a person has to keep on smiling to make others feel happy too. Remember the ‘life vest video’ where one good deed will be a continuous chain to others. If you have not seen it, you should take a moment of your time to do so.

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People need to smile all the time to make this world a better place. Imagine seeing someone who is frowning or having a bad day, and you give them a huge beautiful smile, it will surely make them feel warm and safe. Acting as a body language, it tells the other person to take a moment and enjoy life as it is. There’ll never be enough time with all the work and stress; however, a smile can change all that and somehow brings life back into you.

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So, stop getting all stressed up. Enjoy life to the fullest and share that beautiful smile of yours to the whole world.  Stop for a moment and take in all the small details by your side and start appreciating them. You’ll never know when they are going to disappear.

A simple smile gesture can lead to huge things. Keep that smile on your face and let others copy that expression and set the smile chain ongoing. Smile! 🙂