Written by Halimatul Nabilah

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. However, busy people often miss this important meal due to hectic work schedule, laziness to prepare breakfast in the morning and take-out meal ideas in the morning. Due to this, some people might simply grab food at 24/7 stores or any street stalls without considering the calories in it. The most common breakfast menus for Malaysians are the “Nasi Lemak” and “Roti Canai”.

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Lunch. Working adults usually do not have time to find healthy food within the 1 hour lunch-break given to them, hence; they will simply consume any food from any nearby store. This is one of the reasons that caused the Malaysians to face lots of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol problems. However, businesses have considered this health problem as an opportunity to start a new business of healthy breakfast meals and even create delivery services to people who are unable to drop by their store.  Today, there are many healthy food delivery services that can deliver your meals directly to your doorstep with small delivery charges or even for FREE!

One of the stores that has this kind of services is known as “DAH MAKAN”. This food store provides healthy food deliveries without any charges!

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Another well-known healthy food delivery store is “THE NAKED LUNCH BOX”. Wide range of choices are available from raw, vegan, paleo to dairy-free, eating healthy has never been easier with The Naked Lunchbox! In fact, customers can even order online and have their food delivered to them.  There is a wide array of dishes to choose from and only the best ingredients are used to prepare their meals which are also sugar-free, low in sodium and without any artificial sweeteners. However, this store has chargers for their delivery services where they charge RM5 for Petaling Jaya (PJ), RM8 for Kuala Lumpur (KL) and non-PJ areas.

Hence, fret not if you feel that you are unable to eat healthy and stay fit since these kinds of stores are widely available in Klang Valley. Practice daily in changing the way you eat and approach these healthy food deliveries and for sure your body is going to thank you for that!