Nokia 3310 is back!

Written by Syuhada

New Nokia 3310 – Image Credit: 

Do you still remember how we can type messages without looking at the phone? Don’t you feel like a professional composer when you can even compose a ringtone on your phone? It was a memorable moment in the early 2000s when we start to use mobile phone and the existence of Nokia 3310 was a phenomenon!

“… we can still assemble the phone once it is broken!”

Nokia 3310 was really trending during those seasons and everybody was feeling proud to carry the phone everywhere. The best part of the phone is; we can still assemble the phone once it is broken!

Now, Nokia is making a comeback with new specifications and come with various colours with some improvement on the design. It also maintains its identity with physical button but with modern touch. The upgraded design had made the phone thinner and lighter as well and it has 4 selection of colours including red, blue, yellow and grey.

Hafzan - Nokia (3)
Nokia 3310

The display is replaced with a 2.4 inches colour screen with a resolution of 240 × 320 pixels. With the latest version of Nokia 3310, we can also enjoy listening to music and watch video that we saved on it. It is also equipped with 2MP back camera with LED flash. Rumors said that Nokia 3310 will be selling in Malaysia at RM200! Thank you Nokia for bringing back our memory!