Written by Fatin Amalina

The exclusive brand Honda currently stands as one of the top global automakers which not only provides a standout performance and comfortability, hence also costs a lot cheaper amongst its competitors. In Malaysia by far, 100,000 of cars are produced per year since 2015 as the sales have been steadily rising. However, only recently the world has been shocked by ‘airbag ruptured’ news which makes people wonder will it affect the very respectable name of Honda.

Hence, for a few years already, Honda had recalled thousands of mobile vehicles regarding on several accidents reported that had been linked with Takata airbag. However, the year 2016 doesn’t seem to be a decent year to Honda Malaysia as it involved several tragic issues. As much as it involved the lives of the loved ones, these types of accidents may defect the sales of Honda as well.


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As supposed, the function of designed airbags to vehicle is mainly to inflate extremely rapidly then quickly deflate at times when crash or impact with a surface or a quick sudden deceleration and today, the problem was,  many begin to worry as airbags do not work as how they should. In fact, people’s lives are at risk. Airbag is prompted by great velocity and open up at more than 200 miles per hour which are much faster than a car crash, hence due to its strong pressure could cause bodily harm. It was reported on, children who are riding in rear-facing car seats are at the highest risk for harm from supplemental restraint system (SRS) systems.

The tense force of airbag has the ability either to break the car seat or shove on it with a great force that can lead to harm or death. Since children are regularly placed in a position of forward-facing car seats are at risk from airbag injury too, since these types of seats are a lot farther forward in the seat than an adult would normally sit. In reality, any child age below 10 should never sit in a seat equipped with an SRS system as the potential for injury is merely too high (, 2013).


The table shows a chronology of car accident in 2016 which the drivers died because of the Takata airbag ruptured.

Since this issue involves two big brands name; Honda and Takata Corporation, the news obtained a massive coverage by local and international media.  Here are a few variances that were found between these two local media Astro Awani and Reuters.

Propaganda: Does Reuters only cover on what would bring benefit to them?

We can never argue the fact that a good headline is the difference between encouraging someone to read the story and skipping over it to read something else. Hence, the entire point of a headline is initially to inform readers what the story is about and encourages them to find out more by reading the story. However, some reporters or editors have missed the entire point of headlines to what shall benefit them in return.


The table shows how Reuters only interested more on sensational stories although there are many other actual options. It seems like Reuters strives to pick issues that can provide a massive over-hyped reaction by audiences.


In the table, Astro Awani on the other hand, it was reporting stories that mattered more than just sensationalism. Based on the three headlines, Astro Awani was taking their opportunity as an informer to acknowledge and spread the right information through a right manner.



Many has misquoted that ‘sensationalism’ is the most important criteria that could sell their news however, what they have forgotten is the fact that informative news attract audience too. Although this may sound very cliché but mass media should minimize the damage by correcting mistakes quickly and completely. Hence every corrections of significant mistakes should be published without delay in a visible place.

In an article titled “Honda Malaysia compensates customers for Takata airbag recall” by Astro Awani; it had provided a very helpful yet informative information of hubs location of Honda in Malaysia.


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Apart from that, Astro Awani also attached videos in their news which could be more than just sharing practicalities as some audience are more attracted to visuals. Apart from that, it shall bring an effective technique of disseminating news from Astro Awani to the people because people are easily attracted to visual and sound; remember last time when TV was the “in” thing?


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In conclusion, what can be concluded by the news coverage made by Astro Awani, it really proves that Malaysian media is not that bad at all despite the fact that this country is still to be considered as a developing country to be compared to the coverage made by other international news agency; Reuters from England which has been established for more than 100 years. In fact, every inspection that has been carried out throughout this investigation and observation has made it clear that sometimes we as the locals would really look up on the westerners. Everything that is given by them, we always believe that it is so much better than what we already have to offer.

Reuters in other sense had used the element of sensationalism in covering the issue; however, it is essential to remember that sensationalism in the media is not always a bad thing. There are times where a story may be important to the general public but the topic is otherwise boring. Hence, to make it more exciting, the press may choose induce sensationalism in the presentation of the information that is important to the public but through the righteous procedure

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